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HorseTrackerRobbie Kaydee (IRE)

b g 2005 Robert Emmet (IRE) - Kaydante (IRE) (Phardante (FR))

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Owner William P Murphy
Handler William P Murphy
Breeder Miss Kay Delaney & Rev M J Finneran
Last Win   The Pigeons Sun, 6th Mar, 11 4/1, S G Carey
Days Since Last Win   1967
Last Run   Grennan Sun, 2nd Nov, 14  7th, 5/1, J C Barry  William P. Murphy
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (N.H.)19040.00%€3715.00€-19.00
Lifetime (P2P Ireland)91011.11%
Form Timeline
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR
02Nov14 Gre 24Y Point to Point 12-2[5/1] 7th of 9, 39.00L behind Red Sunset J C Barry
12Oct14 Lou 24G Point to Point 12-2[7/2] 4th of 4, 11.00L behind Subtitle S G Carey
28Dec13 Lim 21H 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-0[25/1] pulled up in race won by Day Dream Boy N P Madden 90
21Dec13 Nav 20SH 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-5[16/1] 12th of 18, 43.25L behind Another Challenge B M Cash 90
24Oct13 Thu 22GF 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-8[7/1] 13th of 17, 39.00L behind The King Of Brega B M Cash 91
19May13 Lim 21SH 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-9[6/1] 5th of 17, 21.50L behind Slivegullion Girl B M Cash 92
13Apr13 Tra 21Y 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-6[16/1] 2nd of 16, 4.25L behind All Honours B M Cash 89
31Dec12 Tra 21H 4y+ NovCh(8K) 11-12[25/1] pulled up in race won by Unoccupied B M Cash
09Dec12 Cor 20SH 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-1[16/1] 13th of 20, 48.44L behind Tipped Up Harry C M Walsh 91
06Nov12 Pun 24H 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-9[14/1] 7th of 10, 50.25L behind Vic Chic B M Cash 92
25Oct12 Thu 22YS 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-10[10/1] 7th of 18, 16.75L behind Cool Oscar Mr S G Carey 92
13Oct12 Fai 20SH 4y+ HcapHdl(7K) 11-9[16/1] 3rd of 16, 6.75L behind Underdefloorboards B M Cash 92
15Apr12 Tra 16G 5y+ NovCh(8K) 11-12[16/1] 9th of 15, 47.00L behind Character Actor B M Cash
08Apr12 Cor 19G 4y+ HcapHdl(8K) 11-6[16/1] 13th of 20, 57.25L behind Doctor Henry B M Cash 96
07Mar12 Dow 22YS 4y+ MdnHdl 11-12[11/2] 4th of 9, 20.50L behind Undone B M Cash
23Feb12 Thu 22H 6y+ MdnHdl(7K) 11-4[25/1] 3rd of 13, 6.00L behind Howryafeelin B M Cash
01Feb12 Dow 20H 6y+ MdnHdl(7K) 11-4[50/1] 7th of 20, 17.63L behind Station Lane B M Cash
31Dec11 Tra 16S 4-7y NHF(7K) 11-7[12/1] 4th of 10, 11.50L behind Mini Vic Mrs J E Pugh
29Dec11 Lim 18H 4-7y NHF(8K) 11-9[20/1] 6th of 10, 35.50L behind Pride ofthe Parish Mr S G Carey
10Dec11 Nav 16SH 4-7y NHF(8K) 11-9[33/1] 3rd of 9, 29.00L behind Oscars Business Mr S G Carey
25Apr11 Cor 20G 5-6y NHF(9K) 11-9[12/1] 11th of 11, 115.00L behind Leave Him Alone Mr R P Quinlan
03Apr11 Mon 24YS 4y+ Point to Point 12-0[5/1] 2nd of 9, 15L behind Teri D Trixter S G Carey
06Mar11 The 24Y 6y Point to Point 12-0[4/1] 1st of 13, 0.5L to Tickatack S G Carey
26Feb11 Dur 24S 6y Point to Point 12-0[4/1] 4th of 10, 1.75L behind The Irish R M S G Carey
16Jan11 Tin 24S 6y Point to Point 12-0[2/1] pulled up in race won by Mount Benbulben S G Carey
20Nov10 Kir 24YS 5y Point to Point 12-0[3/1] fell in race won by Call Box S G Carey
07Nov10 Dro 24G 5y Point to Point 12-0[4/1] 4th of 14, 4.25L behind Fernhurst Lad S G Carey
09May10 Don G Point to Point [ ] 2nd of 9, behind Swallows Delight