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Last Winner   Diamond Cauchois (FR)
16/1, Mrs S A Bramall
Thurles Thu, 14th Jan, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   18
Days Since Last Winner   28
Last Runner   Unzing (FR)
8th, 7/1, Mrs S A Bramall
Naas Sun, 7th Feb, 16

A Ring
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Last 90 Days (N.H.)51141.96%€56905.00€-34.00
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
07Feb16 Naa 16SH 5y+ 10-4[7/1] Unzing 8th of 11, 21.31L behind Rogue Trader Mrs S A Bramall 115
04Feb16 Clo 16H 4y+ 10-7[16/1] Black Waterfall 10th of 16, 51.25L behind Cerca Trova P J Rothwell 80
03Feb16 Dow 16H 5y+ 10-3[16/1] Mark Me Up 5th of 7, 19.50L behind Finea P J Rothwell 90
31Jan16 Pun 24SH 4y+ 10-8[33/1] Shamiran 14th of 15, 62.00L behind Rathpatrick Dermot Anthony McLoughlin 122
30Jan16 Fai 20H 4y+ 9-5[33/1] Krissy's Kisses 6th of 16, 14.38L behind Coolaghknock Glebe P J Rothwell 91
30Jan16 Fai 16H 4-5y 10-12[66/1] Fiddle The Till 9th of 12, 111.50L behind Crafty Power P J Rothwell
28Jan16 Thu 16H 5y+ 10-12[33/1] Definite Soldier 4th of 9, 40.50L behind Westerners Son P J Rothwell
27Jan16 Thu 22H 4y+ 10-6[66/1] Get In Pat pulled up in race won by Luckyinmilan P J Rothwell 80
27Jan16 Thu 16H 4y+ 9-8[50/1] Its Friday pulled up in race won by Dragon Khan P J Rothwell 81
27Jan16 Thu 16H 5y+ 10-11[100/1] Jetantas 12th of 18, 64.50L behind Nine Stiches P J Rothwell
24Jan16 Leo 21SH 5y+ 11-0[7/1] Unzing fell in race won by Bearly Legal Mrs S A Bramall 115
23Jan16 Nav 20SH 5y+ 10-11[20/1] Gars Bar Dine 4th of 6, 28.00L behind Last Goodbye Mrs S A Bramall 120
21Jan16 Gow 17H 4y+ 9-11[12/1] Another Rattler 3rd of 10, 1.75L behind Page Turner P J Rothwell 90
20Jan16 Fai 16SH 4y+ 10-8[8/1] Summers King 4th of 16, 18.00L behind Cerca Trova Patrick Carey 82
20Jan16 Fai 21SH 5y+ 10-0[50/1] Diamond Shadow pulled up in race won by Sunsetstorise L Young 81
16Jan16 Naa 16SH 5y+ 10-3[50/1] Mark Me Up 10th of 13, 63.25L behind Eiri Na Casca P J Rothwell 93
16Jan16 Naa 16SH 4y+ 9-9[28/1] Notimetoserve 14th of 15, 67.69L behind Go Paddy Go P J Rothwell 99
16Jan16 Naa 16SH 4y 10-9[66/1] Krissy's Kisses 7th of 16, 34.88L behind Lagostovegas P J Rothwell
14Jan16 Thu 20S 4y+ 9-9[16/1] Diamond Cauchois 1st of 13, 6.5L to Followmeuptocarlow Mrs S A Bramall 108
10Jan16 Fai 18H 5y+ 11-0[66/1] Fiddle The Till 7th of 11, 115.00L behind Myztique P J Rothwell
09Jan16 Pun 20H 4y+ 9-5[50/1] Why Ask Me 10th of 11, 40.50L behind Elusive Ivy P J Rothwell 82
09Jan16 Pun 16H 5y+ 11-0[100/1] Gars Bar Dine 4th of 5, 47.75L behind Min Mrs S A Bramall 123
03Jan16 Naa 16H 5y+ 11-7[50/1] Saphir De Somoza 10th of 20, 64.28L behind Hurry Henry Mrs S A Bramall
31Dec15 Pun 20H 4y+ 10-1[11/1] Divine Rhapsody pulled up in race won by Oscar Sam P J Rothwell 105
31Dec15 Pun 16H 3y 10-2[20/1] Krissy's Kisses 6th of 10, 26.50L behind Jazz Ranger P J Rothwell
28Dec15 Lim 21H 4y+ 10-1[16/1] Why Ask Me pulled up in race won by De Glebe Star P J Rothwell 82
27Dec15 Lim 16H 3y+ 9-13[25/1] Black Waterfall 3rd of 12, 8.00L behind Black Ice P J Rothwell 80
27Dec15 Lim 20H 5y+ 9-10[7/1] Unzing 7th of 11, 33.50L behind Pairofbrowneyes Mrs S A Bramall 117
27Dec15 Lim 18H 4y+ 10-8[33/1] Fiddle The Till 8th of 16, 32.00L behind Marygale Bridge P J Rothwell
27Dec15 Lim 20H 4y+ 11-5[12/1] Seskinane 7th of 12, 29.50L behind Rebel Turn Brian M McMahon 114
22Dec15 Clo 16SH 4y+ 9-13[12/1] Summers King 2nd of 13, 0.5L behind Outofcologne Patrick Carey 80
22Dec15 Clo 16SH 4y+ 10-13[100/1] Brian The Rattler pulled up in race won by Bello Conti P J Rothwell
20Dec15 Thu 20SH 4y+ 10-1[14/1] Mark Me Up pulled up in race won by Ard Cregg P J Rothwell 94
19Dec15 Fai 16H 4y+ 9-8[12/1] Whispering Hope 9th of 11, 54.00L behind Blazing West Philip M Byrne 80
19Dec15 Fai 20H 4y+ 10-12[8/1] Gars Bar Dine 6th of 16, 52.50L behind Victory Mill Mrs S A Bramall
12Dec15 Tra 21H 4y+ 11-7[16/1] Rightback Atya 2nd of 12, 8.5L behind Cyprian Prince P J Rothwell
10Dec15 Pun 16SH 4y+ 10-8[50/1] Twiss's Hill 19th of 22, 72.19L behind The Brock Inn David Harry Kelly
06Dec15 Pun 22H 4y+ 9-11[16/1] Unzing 6th of 14, 13.75L behind Sumos Novios Mrs S A Bramall 118
29Nov15 Fai 20SH 4y+ 11-4[25/1] Definite Soldier unseated rider in race won by De Benno P J Rothwell 113
28Nov15 Fai 20SH 4y+ 10-12[16/1] Runyon Rattler 7th of 8, 53.00L behind De Name Escapes Me P J Rothwell 112
26Nov15 Thu 22YS 4y+ 10-9[16/1] Dane Sir Henery 11th of 13, 108.75L behind Candle Island J R Barry 80
21Nov15 Gow 18SH 4y+ 9-12[33/1] Notimetoserve fell in race won by Malt Gem P J Rothwell 95
21Nov15 Gow 16SH 4y+ 9-12[33/1] Its Friday 13th of 16, 33.50L behind Court Challenge P J Rothwell 82
21Nov15 Gow 16SH 3y 10-2[40/1] Krissy's Kisses 5th of 7, 24.56L behind Footpad P J Rothwell
19Nov15 Thu 16SH 4y+ 10-8[12/1] Summers King 8th of 15, 31.25L behind Micras Patrick Carey 80
19Nov15 Thu 16SH 4y+ 10-1[50/1] Black Waterfall 10th of 11, 51.76L behind Long House Island P J Rothwell 80
19Nov15 Thu 18SH 4y+ 11-7[150/1] Change The Rules 12th of 15, 135.81L behind Ttebbob Aengus King
15Nov15 Cor 17H 4y+ 9-5[16/1] Mark Me Up 5th of 5, 12.00L behind Pairofbrowneyes P J Rothwell 94
15Nov15 Cor 20H 4y+ 9-12[20/1] Rightback Atya pulled up in race won by Damut P J Rothwell 109
15Nov15 Cor 16H 4y+ 9-6[20/1] Gotadime 14th of 19, 90.28L behind All About Alfie P J Rothwell 80
15Nov15 Cor 16H 4y 11-2[100/1] Bermeo 8th of 13, 75.75L behind Bleu Et Rouge David Harry Kelly