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Last Winner   Lady Valerie (GB)
20/1, Robert Stephens
Southwell Sun, 10th Jul, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   5
Days Since Last Winner   13
Last Runner   Ann Maries Reject (IRE)
8th, 9/1, B Barr
Uttoxeter Fri, 22nd Jul, 16
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (N.H.)483106.25%€21682.50€-18.00
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
22Jul16 Utt 23G 4y+ 10-5[9/1] Ann Maries Reject 8th of 15, 39.25L behind Celtic Passion B Barr 79 5
21Jul16 Wor 23G 4y+ 10-8[8/1] Replacement Plan 3rd of 12, 8.00L behind Adam Du Breteau R M Woollacott 87 4
17Jul16 Str 19G 4y+ 11-7[7/1] Buy Me Out 5th of 9, 6.53L behind Ginjo Grace Harris 105 4
17Jul16 Str 22G 4y+ 11-10[16/1] Breaking Bits 5th of 12, 5.75L behind Policy Breach Jamie Snowden 113 4
16Jul16 Mar 17G 4y+ 11-10[7/2JF] Le Bacardy 4th of 6, 24.25L behind Ulis De Vassy Grace Harris 118 4
12Jul16 Wor 16G 3y+ Our Three Sons non-runner Jamie Snowden 104 4
10Jul16 Sou 16GS 4-6y 10-10[20/1] Lady Valerie 1st of 9, 5L to Gvs Irportensa Robert Stephens 6
10Jul16 Sou 20GS 4y+ 10-12[12/1] Be On Time 5th of 8, 85.38L behind The Outlaw Jamie Snowden 105 4
05Jul16 Utt 20G 4y+ 11-2[20/1] Miss Tiger Lily 8th of 9, 73.13L behind Whatsthatallabout Jamie Snowden 105 4
05Jul16 Utt 23G 4y+ 11-1[16/1] Fine Resolve 10th of 19, 26.63L behind Ereyna Grace Harris 99 4
04Jul16 Wor 23G 4y+ 10-6[8/1] Ann Maries Reject 5th of 16, 15.25L behind Bermeo B Barr 80 5
01Jul16 New 17GF 4-6y 10-12[5/1] Swift Decision 7th of 11, 79.00L behind Bagad Bihoue R M Woollacott 6
01Jul16 New 22GF 4y+ 11-11[4/1] Fine Resolve 3rd of 9, 5.00L behind Dun Scaith Grace Harris 99 5
28Jun16 Str 22S 4y+ 11-8[25/1] Caniver Queen 8th of 9, 91.75L behind Derrychrin B Barr 96 5
28Jun16 Str 16S 4y+ 10-7[25/1] Venture Lagertha 7th of 11, 22.00L behind Deauville Dancer B Barr 5
26Jun16 Car 21S 5y+ Carrigmorna King non-runner Philip Hobbs 141 2
19Jun16 Wor 16GS 4y+ 10-11[10/1] Ann Maries Reject 5th of 12, 16.78L behind Today Please B Barr 82 5
19Jun16 Wor 16GS 4y+ 11-7[14/1] Grams And Ounces 5th of 8, 13.00L behind Eddiemaurice Grace Harris 115 4
19Jun16 Wor 20GS 5y+ 11-11[4/1] Fine Resolve 4th of 13, 34.50L behind Shady Glen Grace Harris 99 5
16Jun16 Ffo 20GS 4y+ 11-6[6/1] Breaking Bits 8th of 9, 20.50L behind Zalgarry Jamie Snowden 114 4
16Jun16 Ffo 19GS 5y+ 11-12[10/1] Le Bacardy 5th of 9, 13.88L behind Relentless Dreamer Grace Harris 120 4
10Jun16 New 22G 4y+ 11-12[5/1] Buy Me Out 2nd of 7, 0.75L behind Midnight Sapphire Grace Harris 100 5
10Jun16 New 22G 4y+ 10-6[80/1] Caniver Queen 5th of 8, 13.50L behind Dun Bay Creek B Barr 4
09Jun16 Utt 20G 4y+ 11-4[6/1] Fine Resolve 1st of 13, 6L to Tudors Treasure Grace Harris 92 5
07Jun16 Fon 17G 5y+ 11-12[9/4F] Le Bacardy 5th of 7, 15.00L behind Quadriller Grace Harris 120 4
04Jun16 Wor 16G 4-6y 11-0[6/1] Good Idea 5th of 10, 17.50L behind Gustave Mahler Philip Hobbs 6
04Jun16 Wor 16G 5y+ Le Bacardy non-runner Grace Harris 120 3
02Jun16 Ffo 20G 4-7y 10-11[10/1] Fine Resolve 2nd of 6, nk behind Gentleman Moore Grace Harris 92 5
01Jun16 Fon 25G 5y+ 11-4[3/1] Free Of Charge 3rd of 6, 32.00L behind Easy Street Philip Hobbs 97 4
01Jun16 Fon 22G 4y+ Caniver Queen non-runner B Barr 4
29May16 Utt 20G 5y+ 11-8[33/1] Carrigmorna King 12th of 13, 50.75L behind Minella Present Philip Hobbs 142 2
29May16 Utt 20G 4y+ 11-11[9/2F] Ebadani pulled up in race won by Ballinure Jamie Snowden 119 4
29May16 Utt 20G 4y+ 11-0[50/1] Tumshie pulled up in race won by Only For Love Polly Gundry 4
28May16 Ffo 21G 5y+ 10-8[10/3] Louis Phillipe unseated rider in race won by Kinari Miss L Blackford 80 5
26May16 Ban 20G 4y+ 11-10[13/2] Breaking Bits 2nd of 9, 9L behind Vedani Jamie Snowden 113 4
25May16 Mar 17G 5y+ 11-12[9/2] Le Bacardy 2nd of 8, 10L behind Sir Note Grace Harris 120 4
21May16 Str 22G 4y+ 10-11[25/1] Howya Buddy pulled up in race won by Jackfield A Wintle 80 5
12May16 Tip 17YS 5y+ 10-5[7/1] Venture Lazarus 9th of 10, 42.81L behind Winter Magic Vincent Laurence Halley 95
12May16 Tip 16YS 5y+ 11-4[20/1] Sea Buckthorn 6th of 18, 42.75L behind Conrad Hastings Vincent Laurence Halley
10May16 Sed 21GF 4y+ 11-3[1/1F] Ebadani 1st of 5, 8L to Boa Island Jamie Snowden 119 5
09May16 Tow 16G 4-6y 10-9[25/1] Kaspian Tern 8th of 13, 14.75L behind Skipthecuddles Jamie Snowden 6
08May16 Lud 24G 5y+ 10-12[11/1] Detroit Blues pulled up in race won by Wild Rover Jamie Snowden 115 3
07May16 Hay 16G 4y+ 11-12[25/1] Cheltenian pulled up in race won by Gwafa Philip Hobbs 150 1
05May16 Win 16GF 5y+ 11-7[14/1] Saint Elm unseated rider in race won by Nefyn Bay R M Woollacott 100 4
05May16 Win 25GF 5y+ 11-12[11/1] Ardkilly Witness 4th of 9, 43.00L behind I'm In Charge Jamie Snowden 130 3
05May16 Win 21GF 4y+ 10-5[50/1] Lir Flow 5th of 5, 85.00L behind Rainy City Miss Jessica Westwood 4
05May16 Win 20GF 4y+ 11-1[10/1] Breaking Bits 2nd of 6, 3L behind Crookstown Jamie Snowden 113 3
04May16 New 21G 5y+ 11-10[12/1] Carrigmorna King 5th of 9, 23.13L behind Art Mauresque Philip Hobbs 142 2
03May16 Fak 29G 5y+ 11-12[11/2] Thomas Wild 8th of 11, 26.75L behind Rebeccas Choice Philip Hobbs 124 3
30Apr16 Utt 21GS 5y+ 10-11[5/1] Louis Phillipe 3rd of 8, 14.00L behind Castletown Miss L Blackford 83 5
29Apr16 Fon 19G 4y+ 11-2[11/4F] Ebadani 2nd of 13, 0.5L behind Vaillant Creek Jamie Snowden 119 5
25Apr16 Tra 21GF 4y+ 11-12[16/1] Venture Lazarus 12th of 15, 43.75L behind Bye Bye O Bye Vincent Laurence Halley 95