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Last Winner   Ernest Shackleton (IRE)
7/2, Mrs John Harrington
Listowel Mon, 15th Sep, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   7
Days Since Last Winner   8
Last Runner   Akira (IRE)
4th, 20/1, J R Barry
Gowran Park Sun, 21st Sep, 14

Cork 8-9-05. Niall McCullagh (Jockey) Photo Healy Racing.
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Last 90 Days (Flat)1387325.07%€226350.00€-82.42
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
21Sep14 Gow 9GF 3y+ 9-5[20/1] Akira 4th of 8, 3.00L behind Brooch J R Barry 101
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 3y+ 8-10[16/1] High Hill Beauty 9th of 14, 5.38L behind Zelos Dream John Joseph Murphy 47
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 2y 9-5[66/1] No Way Jack 11th of 16, 12.75L behind Intransive Patrick Martin
21Sep14 Gow 8GF 2y 9-0[100/1] Queenlet 14th of 16, 21.41L behind Together Forever Miss Claire Simpson
19Sep14 Lis 9Y 3y+ 8-6[25/1] Crecora 8th of 15, 6.06L behind Water Sprite John Joseph Murphy 60
19Sep14 Lis 12Y 3y+ 9-0[100/1] Ringtone 13th of 14, 42.31L behind Asbury Boss Patrick Tallis
16Sep14 Lis 8GF 2y 9-0[5/1] Green Artist 11th of 11, 17.88L behind Hassah Mrs John Harrington
15Sep14 Lis 8GF 2y 8-7[7/2] Ernest Shackleton 1st of 6, Dht to Ernest Shackleton Mrs John Harrington 80
15Sep14 Lis 6GF 2y 9-0[7/1] Sauanna Belle 6th of 14, 3.19L behind Queen Anne J P Murtagh 78
14Sep14 Cur 12GF 3y+ 8-4[20/1] Rayna 14th of 15, 12.25L behind Adjusted John M Oxx 88
14Sep14 Cur 6GF 2y 8-13[50/1] Duca Valentinois 10th of 29, 3.21L behind Midterm Break J P Murtagh
14Sep14 Cur 14GF 3y+ 9-11[16/1] Royal Diamond 6th of 11, 12.38L behind Brown Panther J P Murtagh 112
14Sep14 Cur 7GF 2y 9-0[33/1] Jeanne Girl 8th of 10, 6.01L behind Cursory Glance Mrs John Harrington 100
14Sep14 Cur 6GF 3y+ 9-12[50/1] Farmleigh House 20th of 20, 14.35L behind Watchable W J Martin 104
12Sep14 Dow 18GF 3y+ 8-4[25/1] House Limit 13th of 13, 40.28L behind Notable Graduate J Larkin 53
12Sep14 Dow 7GF 2y 9-2[8/1] Royal County Boy 4th of 7, 5.28L behind Lady Mandeville J P Murtagh 66
08Sep14 Gal 12G 3y+ 9-5[16/1] Neverushacon 6th of 13, 10.88L behind Vivat Rex Mrs John Harrington
08Sep14 Gal 7G 2y 9-0[16/1] Green Artist 4th of 13, 4.75L behind Could Should Would Mrs John Harrington
07Sep14 Dun 8A 3y+ 8-11[9/1] Hazel Blue 5th of 14, 6.06L behind Havelock Ellis Kieran P Cotter 53
07Sep14 Dun 7A 2y 9-5[20/1] Zylan 3rd of 13, 5.00L behind Lola Beaux J P Murtagh
07Sep14 Dun 5A 2y 9-3[7/1] Arriana 3rd of 5, 2.00L behind Folk Law J P Murtagh 89
04Sep14 Lay 7A 4y+ 9-12[8/1] Acting Talent 3rd of 10, 10.00L behind Our Max M C Grassick 59
03Sep14 Gow 7G 2y 8-5[16/1] Texas Ruby 9th of 12, 7.66L behind Intenser Charles O'Brien 60
03Sep14 Gow 7G 3y+ 9-0[20/1] Mystical Past 5th of 5, 16.00L behind Crafted Mastery W J Martin 61
03Sep14 Gow 7G 2y 9-5[33/1] Private Party 11th of 16, 7.38L behind Baldonnel Mrs John Harrington
01Sep14 Ros 10G 3y+ 8-7[6/1] Calorie 4th of 10, 3.00L behind Queen Of Alba J P Murtagh 73
01Sep14 Ros 7G 2y 9-5[66/1] No Way Jack 13th of 15, 19.72L behind Vocaliser Patrick Martin
31Aug14 Cur 6GY 3y+ 8-5[16/1] Apache Gold 13th of 19, 9.06L behind Captain Cullen John J Walsh 62
31Aug14 Cur 8GY 3y+ 8-11[20/1] Strait Of Zanzibar 14th of 21, 4.26L behind Sretaw K J Condon 87
31Aug14 Cur 9GY 3y+ 9-7[33/1] Akira 5th of 9, 2.31L behind Carla Bianca J R Barry 94
31Aug14 Cur 8GY 2y 9-5[16/1] The Last Marju 13th of 18, 10.81L behind Ol' Man River J P Murtagh
28Aug14 Tip 7GF 3y 8-5[5/1] Succeed And Excel 8th of 11, 3.13L behind Kodiac's Back Charles O'Brien 47
28Aug14 Tip 7GF 2y 8-9[6/1] Puck Fair 6th of 8, 3.25L behind Fit For The Job J P Murtagh 82
28Aug14 Tip 5GF 3y+ 9-2[4/1] Acting Talent 3rd of 10, 2.38L behind Sweetest Taboo M C Grassick 59
27Aug14 Bel 5S 3y+ 9-4[8/1] Blueberry Gal 2nd of 10, 3.75L behind Calm Bay M C Grassick 62
27Aug14 Bel 5S 2y 8-4[20/1] Staccato Wolf 6th of 8, 2.54L behind No Fear Patrick Martin 57
27Aug14 Bel 8S 3y+ 8-12[16/1] Engage The Dance 8th of 15, 4.66L behind Hilary Patrick Martin 47
27Aug14 Bel 8S 3y+ 9-5[33/1] Noble Aussie 10th of 15, 13.13L behind Shemshal John C McConnell
27Aug14 Bel 8S 2y 8-8[10/1] Del's Delight 9th of 15, 10.50L behind Havanna Belle J P Murtagh
26Aug14 Bal 13G 3y+ 8-5[22/1] Par Three 7th of 14, 6.25L behind Bell Of The Ball Mrs John Harrington 57
24Aug14 Cur 16GF 3y+ 8-6[10/1] Gentry 15th of 15, 15.72L behind Kalann John M Oxx 81
24Aug14 Cur 14GF 3y+ 9-9[5/1] Royal Diamond 2nd of 5, 1.25L behind Leading Light J P Murtagh 112
24Aug14 Cur 7GF 2y 9-0[9/1] Jeanne Girl 4th of 9, 3.25L behind Raydara Mrs John Harrington 99
24Aug14 Cur 6GF 3y+ 8-5[8/1] In Salutem 4th of 17, 1.53L behind Tylery Wonder K J Condon 76
23Aug14 Cur 5GF 2y 8-12[40/1] Arriana 6th of 7, 6.00L behind Ainippe J P Murtagh 90
23Aug14 Cur 8GF 2y 9-0[50/1] Chicago Dancer 13th of 15, 9.29L behind Found J P Murtagh
21Aug14 Kil 11G 3y+ 8-9[10/1] Dragon Fei 10th of 10, 5.57L behind Princess Pearlita Dermot Anthony McLoughlin 78
21Aug14 Kil 8G 3y 9-3[11/1] Singapore Secret 10th of 10, 8.75L behind Bay Hill Dermot Anthony McLoughlin 57
20Aug14 Kil 8G 3y+ 9-4[33/1] Akira 2nd of 9, 1L behind Brooch J R Barry 90
20Aug14 Kil 8G 3y+ 8-12[10/1] Apache Gold 10th of 11, 11.26L behind Miller Beach John J Walsh 62
19Aug14 Sli 10GY 3y+ 9-5[6/5F] Corona Borealis 2nd of 10, 1.5L behind Ring Chief J P Murtagh 83
19Aug14 Sli 7GY 2y 9-5[3/1F] Tagg's Island 2nd of 11, 2.75L behind Invincible Diamond J P Murtagh
18Aug14 Ros 12GF 4y+ 8-5[66/1] Cathrine De Medici 6th of 14, 7.25L behind Grandma Dotty Liam Roche 47
18Aug14 Ros 7GF 3y+ 8-4[20/1] Three Bells 4th of 13, 3.53L behind Kanes Pass Patrick Downey 66
17Aug14 Dun 6A 3y+ 8-5[10/1] Strategic Heights 4th of 14, 1.13L behind Maremmadiavola John James Feane 77
14Aug14 Leo 8S 3y+ 9-9[16/1] Qewy 6th of 9, 6.75L behind Custom Cut John M Oxx 104
14Aug14 Leo 7S 3y+ 9-0[33/1] Mystical Past 4th of 9, 9.00L behind Supposing W J Martin 58
14Aug14 Leo 6S 3y+ 10-0[7/2F] Texas Rock 5th of 11, 5.00L behind Oor Jock M C Grassick 79
14Aug14 Leo 6S 2y 9-0[9/4] Puck Fair 1st of 7, nose to Vitalized J P Murtagh
13Aug14 Gow 7GY 2y 9-3[5/2F] Sauanna Belle 7th of 9, 8.25L behind The Ice Meister J P Murtagh 78
13Aug14 Gow 7GY 2y 9-5[1/1F] Hunt 2nd of 11, 0.5L behind Success Days J P Murtagh
10Aug14 Cur 6S 3y+ 8-4[8/1] Blueberry Gal 4th of 5, 5.00L behind Elusive Ice M C Grassick 64
10Aug14 Cur 8S 3y+ 8-13[14/1] Derulo 10th of 14, 28.50L behind No Dominion J P Murtagh 81
10Aug14 Cur 6S 2y 9-3[25/1] Kasbah 5th of 6, 7.56L behind Dick Whittington J P Murtagh 92
10Aug14 Cur 8S 2y 9-5[16/1] The Last Marju 4th of 12, 7.50L behind John F Kennedy J P Murtagh
08Aug14 Tip 7GF 2y 9-0[40/1] Texas Ruby 6th of 15, 9.88L behind Fields Of May Charles O'Brien
08Aug14 Tip 5GF 2y 9-0[16/1] Well Done Me 3rd of 7, 3.75L behind Simply A Star Brian Nolan
07Aug14 Leo 6Y 3y 10-0[5/1] Texas Rock 2nd of 11, 4.25L behind Local Flier M C Grassick 79
06Aug14 Sli 10S 3y+ 8-4[7/2JF] Corona Borealis 2nd of 9, 5.5L behind Queen Of Alba J P Murtagh 81
06Aug14 Sli 6S 2y 8-8[7/1] Del's Delight 3rd of 11, 0.81L behind Vocal Nation J P Murtagh
05Aug14 Cor 12YS 3y+ 8-12[6/1] Tarziyna 9th of 12, 20.50L behind Edelmira John M Oxx 96
05Aug14 Cor 6YS 2y 9-5[8/1] Zylan 8th of 13, 15.50L behind Blackbriar J P Murtagh
04Aug14 Naa 7GY 3y 8-11[25/1] Bosun's Light 15th of 16, 22.38L behind Twistsandturns John C McConnell 47
04Aug14 Naa 7GY 2y 9-5[33/1] Duca Valentinois 6th of 15, 6.38L behind Parish Boy J P Murtagh
04Aug14 Naa 6GY 3y+ 9-0[16/1] Kano's Ghirl 14th of 14, 14.00L behind She's Not Simple Lee Smyth 53
04Aug14 Naa 6GY 2y 9-0[25/1] Tagg's Island 5th of 5, 6.00L behind Lucida J P Murtagh
02Aug14 Gal 14YS 4y+ 9-4[20/1] Skimming Stone 14th of 16, 67.50L behind Winter Lion John Joseph Murphy 60
01Aug14 Gal 12Y 3y+ 8-4[11/2] Cliff House 3rd of 11, 3.25L behind Artful Artist John J Walsh 79
01Aug14 Gal 7Y 2y 9-5[9/2] Ernest Shackleton 5th of 14, 5.25L behind Fit For The Job Mrs John Harrington
31Jul14 Gal 7G 3y+ 9-7[13/2] Dalkova 1st of 12, 0.5L to Tested J P Murtagh 97
31Jul14 Gal 8G 4y+ 8-4[33/1] Refractor 13th of 16, 22.26L behind Hasanour Denis Gerard Hogan 63
29Jul14 Gal 8G 3y+ 9-7[25/1] Lucky Bridle 18th of 18, 20.84L behind Vastonea W P Mullins 98
26Jul14 Wex 16G 4y+ 8-5[20/1] Darraghs Day 5th of 10, 12.75L behind Hunting Tower Miss Martina Anne Doran 47
26Jul14 Wex 12G 4y+ 9-2[5/1] Flowing Air 4th of 9, 3.13L behind Cin Cin Richard Brabazon 67
26Jul14 Wex 12G 3y 8-10[50/1] White Mike 8th of 8, 30.75L behind An Fear Ciuin John C McConnell 47
25Jul14 Dow 7GF 3y+ 9-5[10/3] Texas Rock 1st of 5, 1.5L to Intisaab M C Grassick 77
25Jul14 Dow 7GF 2y 9-2[25/1] Royal County Boy 4th of 10, 11.00L behind Belle Et Bete J P Murtagh
25Jul14 Dow 5GF 3y+ 9-4[5/1] Kano's Ghirl 5th of 7, 7.69L behind Little Sweetheart Lee Smyth 54
24Jul14 Leo 8GF 2y 9-5[33/1] Ernest Shackleton 6th of 9, 7.03L behind Hall Of Fame Mrs John Harrington
23Jul14 Naa 8GF 3y+ 8-5[7/2] Longton 6th of 6, 12.00L behind Vector Force John M Oxx 75
20Jul14 Cur 6GF 2y 9-0[11/4] Sauanna Belle 2nd of 6, 0.5L behind Intenser J P Murtagh 76
19Jul14 Cur 8GF 3y+ 8-6[4/1] Ramone 9th of 9, 13.66L behind Shanooan W T Farrell 77
19Jul14 Cur 7GF 2y 9-5[25/1] Zylan 4th of 10, 5.00L behind East India J P Murtagh
17Jul14 Leo 14GF 3y+ 9-9[9/1] Mutual Regard 3rd of 7, 3.75L behind Pale Mimosa J P Murtagh 106
17Jul14 Leo 7GF 3y+ 8-10[16/1] Shabra Emperor 11th of 14, 9.91L behind The Dancing Lord Patrick O Brady 57
17Jul14 Leo 7GF 3y+ 9-5[12/1] Tithonus 5th of 6, 10.25L behind Some Spirit John M Oxx
17Jul14 Leo 7GF 2y 9-5[25/1] Private Party 6th of 7, 16.25L behind Raydara Mrs John Harrington
17Jul14 Leo 6GF 2y 9-5[6/1] Hunt 2nd of 6, nose behind Initial J P Murtagh
15Jul14 Kil 11G 3y 8-8[10/1] Temkin 8th of 12, 6.00L behind Rayna W T Farrell 50
14Jul14 Kil 8GF 3y+ 9-9[14/1] Dalkova 2nd of 12, behind Palace J P Murtagh 90
13Jul14 Fai 10GF 3y+ 8-7[9/2] Bwindi 2nd of 14, 0.5L behind Gun Shoot J P Murtagh 55
13Jul14 Fai 6GF 2y 9-5[20/1] Windsor Beach 2nd of 9, nose behind Cape Clear Island J P Murtagh
12Jul14 Tip 5G 2y 8-12[7/1] Arriana 5th of 8, 1.53L behind Accepted J P Murtagh
12Jul14 Tip 5G 3y+ 9-5[8/1] Acting Talent 3rd of 5, 1.00L behind Johnny Lawman M C Grassick 53
12Jul14 Tip 7G 3y+ 9-10[25/1] Cottrell 14th of 15, 22.65L behind Oor Jock Colin Kidd 66
11Jul14 Nav 13GF 4y+ 8-5[16/1] Shabra Charity 9th of 9, 18.06L behind Strandfield Lady Patrick O Brady 55
11Jul14 Nav 6GF 3y 8-7[25/1] Kano's Ghirl 1st of 10, 0.5L to Tom Dooley Lee Smyth 47
10Jul14 Leo 12YS 3y+ 9-0[15/2] Mozetta 3rd of 7, 7.75L behind Starlet J R Barry
10Jul14 Leo 8YS 4y+ 8-5[14/1] Shabra Emperor 8th of 10, 12.00L behind Teocht Patrick O Brady 57
09Jul14 Naa 8GF 3y 8-9[16/1] Princess Aloof 6th of 7, 4.88L behind Muscle Beach Mrs John Harrington 73
09Jul14 Naa 6GF 3y+ 8-4[13/2] Hard Times 12th of 14, 19.82L behind Oor Jock T G McCourt 47
09Jul14 Naa 6GF 2y 9-0[9/2] Puck Fair 4th of 12, 2.25L behind Little Rooster J P Murtagh
07Jul14 Ros 7GF 4y+ 9-12[3/1F] Apache Gold 3rd of 10, 2.75L behind Togoville John J Walsh 62
07Jul14 Ros 7GF 2y 8-13[15/8] Syntax 2nd of 9, 3.5L behind Jack Naylor J P Murtagh
05Jul14 Bel 12G 3y+ 10-4[66/1] Karlidi 14th of 16, 43.07L behind Lady Clitico S T Nolan
05Jul14 Bel 5G 3y 8-6[10/1] Blueberry Gal 3rd of 7, 2.00L behind Body Beautiful M C Grassick 65
05Jul14 Bel 5G 3y+ 8-8[40/1] Finn River 12th of 12, 18.38L behind Ucanchoose T G McCourt 47
05Jul14 Bel 5G 2y 9-0[4/1] Arriana 1st of 12, 1.25L to Spirit Of Wedza J P Murtagh
05Jul14 Bel 8G 3y 9-9[12/1] Fix It 3rd of 13, 2.00L behind Moonmeister J P Murtagh 65
05Jul14 Bel 8G 2y 9-0[20/1] La Bella Rose 9th of 9, 27.78L behind Ice Echo J P Murtagh
03Jul14 Leo 12GF 3y+ 9-13[8/1] Cin Cin 10th of 14, 10.91L behind Pacelli Road Andrew Heffernan 69
02Jul14 Fai 7GF 3y+ 8-6[25/1] Oighear Fuar 12th of 13, 9.56L behind Eljowzah A J Martin 47
01Jul14 Gow 9GF 3y+ 9-0[4/1] Mozetta 3rd of 9, 3.88L behind Leaf J R Barry
01Jul14 Gow 9GF 3y 8-10[33/1] Hazel Blue 5th of 9, 9.25L behind Wildcat Kitten Kieran P Cotter 47
29Jun14 Cur 6GF 2y 9-0[9/2] Jeanne Girl 2nd of 11, shd behind I Am Beautiful Mrs John Harrington
29Jun14 Cur 7GF 2y 9-5[33/1] Syntax 5th of 11, 3.81L behind Gleneagles J P Murtagh
28Jun14 Cur 6GF 3y+ 8-4[50/1] Grey Danube 21st of 23, 12.52L behind Line Of Reason Darren Bunyan 83
28Jun14 Cur 6GF 2y 9-5[16/1] Windsor Beach 10th of 11, 7.31L behind Accepted J P Murtagh
27Jun14 Cur 10GF 3y+ 9-5[66/1] Tetraites 3rd of 9, 5.00L behind Streetcar To Stars Sabrina J Harty
27Jun14 Cur 8GF 3y+ 8-4[20/1] Elusive In Paris 16th of 16, 22.30L behind Table Rock M C Grassick 75
27Jun14 Cur 5GF 3y+ 9-3[16/1] Persian Caliph 8th of 9, 9.50L behind Kernoff Mrs John Harrington 80
27Jun14 Cur 8GF 3y+ 9-5[9/2] Texas Rock 6th of 13, 7.75L behind Feach Ar Agaidh M C Grassick
26Jun14 Tip 12GY 3y+ 8-4[10/1] Uncharted Waters 5th of 15, 16.75L behind Lilly The Lioness John Joseph Murphy 53
26Jun14 Tip 5GY 3y 8-7[4/1] Blueberry Gal 3rd of 4, 3.38L behind Prince Connoisseur M C Grassick 66
26Jun14 Tip 5GY 2y 9-0[33/1] Well Done Me 3rd of 7, 1.50L behind Lupie Brian Nolan
25Jun14 Naa 8G 3y+ 9-7[4/1] Dalkova 1st of 6, 4.75L to Barack J P Murtagh 80
25Jun14 Naa 7G 3y+ 8-12[8/1] Copper Dock 10th of 16, 12.75L behind Lake George T G McCourt 49
25Jun14 Naa 6G 2y 9-0[8/1] Arriana 4th of 10, 3.25L behind Itorio J P Murtagh