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Last Winner   Daisy's Gift (IRE)
13/2, W P Mullins
Gowran Park Fri, 2nd Oct, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   8
Days Since Last Winner   2
Last Runner   Lilly The Lioness (IRE)
10th, 10/1, Garrett James Power
Tipperary Sun, 4th Oct, 15

P Townend
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Last 90 Days (Flat)2020.00%€35760.00€-2.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)98172417.35%€324445.00€-17.06
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
04Oct15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 11-2[10/1] Lilly The Lioness 10th of 20, 26.28L behind Phil The Flyer Garrett James Power 118
04Oct15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 11-1[10/1] Cardinal Palace 3rd of 6, 19.50L behind Bachasson J A Nash 132
04Oct15 Tip 16GY 4y+ 11-4[25/1] Usa 4th of 6, 9.75L behind Plinth S J Mahon 119
03Oct15 Gow 25G 5y+ 10-9[7/1] Thelobstercatcher pulled up in race won by Tulsa Jack P A Fahy 115
03Oct15 Gow 20G 5y+ 11-6[25/1] Indevan 4th of 7, 9.00L behind Cailin Annamh W P Mullins 142
03Oct15 Gow 24G 4y+ 10-11[16/1] Escape Footwear 2nd of 17, 1.25L behind Misty Lady W P Mullins 117
03Oct15 Gow 20G 5y+ 11-12[18/1] Barramundi 5th of 9, 15.75L behind Fu's Island Michael C Griffin
02Oct15 Gow 20G 4y+ 11-7[9/4F] Steel Wave 2nd of 16, 0.75L behind Authorative Garrett James Power 97
02Oct15 Gow 20G 4y+ 11-3[13/2] Daisy's Gift 1st of 7, 0.5L to Whiteout W P Mullins
02Oct15 Gow 16G 5y+ 11-12[33/1] Mawj Tamy 5th of 12, 23.81L behind Baily Cloud Denis W Cullen 100
02Oct15 Gow 16G 4y 11-7[10/1] Jeremy's Jet 6th of 11, 14.50L behind Prince Kup A J Martin
01Oct15 Clo 19G 4y+ 10-13[8/1] Mon Carlos 5th of 7, 37.75L behind Old Castletown S J Mahon 87
30Sep15 Sli 21Y 4y+ 11-12[2/1F] He Is Top Class 2nd of 8, shd behind Westerner Point Donal Hassett
26Sep15 Nav 20G 4y+ 10-6[11/2] Mitebeall Forluck 4th of 11, 6.75L behind Valours Minion A L T Moore 113
26Sep15 Nav 22G 4y+ 10-12[10/1] Replacement Plan 4th of 27, 6.00L behind Pilgrim Way Paul W Flynn 81
26Sep15 Nav 16G 4y+ 11-10[15/2] Little Haarth 11th of 22, 13.94L behind Phil The Flyer Desmond McDonogh 114
26Sep15 Nav 16G 4y+ 11-12[25/1] Won Diamond 10th of 20, 48.75L behind Ballyoisin M Halford
25Sep15 Dow 18G 4y+ 11-3[16/1] Fuego Negro pulled up in race won by Urban Dusk A L T Moore 84
25Sep15 Dow 18G 4y+ 11-5[5/1] Pearl Diamond 8th of 9, 143.75L behind Dancing Meadows W P Mullins
22Sep15 Bal 20SH 5y+ 10-13[25/1] Quelle Belle Vie 7th of 10, 47.00L behind Kara Loca P G Fahey
22Sep15 Bal 16SH 4y+ 11-0[9/1] Do Na Paisti pulled up in race won by Morga P G Fahey 111
22Sep15 Bal 16SH 4y+ 11-7[13/2] Konig Hall pulled up in race won by Balofilo Mervyn Torrens 97
20Sep15 Lis 20S 4y+ 10-11[2/1F] Curragh Golan 2nd of 9, 4.75L behind Kalico Kalista Garrett James Power 103
20Sep15 Lis 16S 4y+ 11-7[7/1] Lenora 6th of 16, 15.00L behind Loyalty Card Edmond Kent 92
19Sep15 Lis 16YS 4y 11-7[20/1] Full Batten 9th of 10, 9.28L behind Have A Few Edmond Kent
19Sep15 Lis 24YS 5y+ 11-0[7/2F] Kilford 5th of 9, 14.25L behind Katie Do Leonard Whitmore 112
17Sep15 Lis 24SH 4y+ 10-11[7/1] Westerner Lady 6th of 9, 24.09L behind Ongenstown Lad W P Mullins 114
17Sep15 Lis 16SH 5y+ 10-4[10/1] Lilly The Lioness 2nd of 8, nose behind Misty Lady Garrett James Power 115
16Sep15 Lis 24H 4y+ 10-8[12/1] Urano 2nd of 17, shd behind Rogue Angel W P Mullins 134
13Sep15 Cur 14G 3y+ 9-11[20/1] Wicklow Brave 3rd of 11, 11.25L behind Order Of St George W P Mullins 106
10Sep15 Lay 6A 4y+ 10-10[9/1] Shabra Emperor 3rd of 10, 0.63L behind Putin Anthony McCann 66
09Sep15 Gal 20G 4y+ 11-7[7/1] Valyssa Monterg 6th of 7, 13.13L behind Ballychorus W P Mullins 130
08Sep15 Gal 23GF 5y+ 10-7[14/1] Mon Carlos 11th of 14, 26.38L behind Abarta S J Mahon 90
08Sep15 Gal 18GF 4y+ 11-8[6/1] Little Haarth 4th of 5, 11.75L behind Bachasson Desmond McDonogh 116
08Sep15 Gal 20GF 4y+ 10-6[13/2F] Steel Wave 1st of 19, 4.75L to Realta Rathcabhain Garrett James Power 89
08Sep15 Gal 20GF 5y+ 11-5[4/1] Diva Dawn 1st of 6, 3.75L to Dylrow S J Mahon
08Sep15 Gal 16GF 4y 11-7[10/1] Full Batten 6th of 7, 41.00L behind Tetraites Edmond Kent
31Aug15 Dow 23G 4y+ 11-8[15/8F] The Informer 3rd of 12, 2.00L behind Mr Mulliner Emmet Michael Butterly 91
30Aug15 Cor 20G 4y+ 11-6[9/2F] Late Night Deed 18th of 18, 121.88L behind Phil The Flyer Garrett James Power 96
27Aug15 Bel 24YS 5y+ 10-11[5/2] Diva Dawn 2nd of 4, behind Catalaunian Fields S J Mahon
27Aug15 Bel 20YS 4y+ 11-7[16/1] Aranhill Chief pulled up in race won by Jarob S J Mahon 125
27Aug15 Bel 17YS 4y+ 11-4[11/2] Rocky Court 1st of 11, 3.5L to Fill Your Hands S J Mahon 101
25Aug15 Bal 17SH 4y+ 11-8[9/2] Afatcat 2nd of 7, 6L behind Drumlee S J Mahon 114
25Aug15 Bal 24SH 4y+ 10-13[9/4F] The Informer 1st of 14, 4.75L to The Fitz Lady Emmet Michael Butterly 82
25Aug15 Bal 20SH 4y+ 10-2[7/1] Kris Kindle 1st of 10, 0.5L to Tri Na Ceile Edmond Kent 101
25Aug15 Bal 20SH 4y+ 11-9[6/1] He Is Top Class 1st of 11, 7L to Copy Print Donal Hassett 99
25Aug15 Bal 16SH 4y+ 11-2[8/1] Oighear Dubh 2nd of 14, 4L behind Time For Mabel A J Martin
22Aug15 Kil 22G 4y+ 11-6[25/1] The Crafty Butcher 8th of 13, 15.88L behind Argentino Michael Hourigan 134
21Aug15 Kil 19G 4y+ 11-2[7/2] Indevan 5th of 8, 16.50L behind Carriganog W P Mullins
21Aug15 Kil 19G 5y+ 11-4[18/1] Balinaboola fell in race won by Prickly Anthony Mullins
16Aug15 Tra 16G 4y+ 10-10[8/1] Do Na Paisti 2nd of 10, 0.5L behind Collen Beag P G Fahey 109
14Aug15 Tra 16G 4y+ 11-12[3/1F] Ram Them All 14th of 14, 78.00L behind Most Honourable P A Fahy 95
14Aug15 Tra 21G 4y+ 10-13[3/1] Lenora 5th of 11, 51.50L behind Escape Footwear Edmond Kent 93
13Aug15 Tra 21GF 4y+ 10-12[8/1] A Pint Ahead pulled up in race won by Ancient Highway Donal Hassett 81
10Aug15 Bal 21YS 4y+ 10-6[4/1] Afatcat 3rd of 11, 3.00L behind Blackandamber Vic S J Mahon 96
10Aug15 Bal 17YS 4y+ 11-4[5/2] Shek O Lad 5th of 8, 39.25L behind Konig Hall Desmond McDonogh
10Aug15 Bal 17YS 4y+ 11-7[5/2JF] Ciandarragh 1st of 14, 4.5L to Brogine W P Mullins
09Aug15 Dow 23G 4y+ 10-12[5/1] The Informer 2nd of 12, 5L behind Mr Mulliner Emmet Michael Butterly 81
09Aug15 Dow 23G 4y+ 11-5[5/4] Westerner Lady 1st of 8, 0.5L to Ultimate Horseman W P Mullins
09Aug15 Dow 23G 4y+ 11-10[2/1F] Thanks For Tea fell in race won by Rosie Revenue Edmond Kent 116
09Aug15 Dow 18G 4y+ 11-6[6/5F] Childrens List 1st of 6, 2.5L to Coldstonesober W P Mullins 120
09Aug15 Dow 18G 4y+ 11-5[1/3F] Listen Dear 2nd of 5, 1.25L behind Itshard To No W P Mullins
08Aug15 Kil 19Y 4y+ 11-3[4/1] Lake Chapala 6th of 16, 14.75L behind Rock On Rosie Mark L Fagan 83
08Aug15 Kil 19Y 4y+ 11-4[6/1] Miami Present 2nd of 14, 1L behind Bright Prospect Paul Cashman
04Aug15 Ros 16GY 4y+ 11-12[33/1] Shek O Lad 5th of 18, 20.25L behind Beau Et Sublime Desmond McDonogh
04Aug15 Ros 16GY 3y 10-12[14/1] Cornelius 12th of 15, 119.00L behind Rashaan A J Martin
03Aug15 Cor 19Y 4y+ 11-5[10/1] Kris Kindle 8th of 19, 19.00L behind Damut Edmond Kent 102
03Aug15 Cor 16Y 4y+ 10-12[20/1] Odin 12th of 15, 84.00L behind Theos Well James Joseph Mangan 109
03Aug15 Cor 16Y 4y+ 11-7[6/1] Lenora 3rd of 20, 6.75L behind Davids Jewel Edmond Kent 93
02Aug15 Gal 18S 4y+ 10-8[11/2F] Coldstonesober 15th of 17, 145.25L behind Bally Longford J R Finn 119
02Aug15 Gal 23S 5y+ 11-10[8/1] Indevan 7th of 8, 114.31L behind Cailin Annamh W P Mullins 144
02Aug15 Gal 24S 4y+ 10-9[10/1] Top Of The Town 5th of 19, 17.25L behind Slygufftou C Byrnes 106
01Aug15 Gal 22Y 4y+ 10-9[7/1] Ibsen 16th of 19, 76.25L behind Valyssa Monterg Gordon Elliott 123
31Jul15 Gal 23YS 4y+ 11-10[11/2F] Devils Bride pulled up in race won by Rogue Angel W P Mullins 135
31Jul15 Gal 16YS 4y+ 11-0[16/1] Morga 3rd of 13, 8.50L behind Vive La France Desmond McDonogh 123
30Jul15 Gal 16GY 4y+ 11-7[12/1] Wicklow Brave 11th of 20, 25.63L behind Quick Jack W P Mullins 153
29Jul15 Gal 23GY 4y+ 10-8[12/1] The Paparrazi Kid 2nd of 22, 5.5L behind Shanahan's Turn W P Mullins 140
29Jul15 Gal 20GY 4y+ 11-6[10/1] Coldstonesober 3rd of 20, 6.25L behind Powersbomb J R Finn 117
24Jul15 Wex 24Y 4y+ 11-3[10/1] Cadawill 3rd of 14, 12.25L behind Slygufftou Rodger Sweeney 86
24Jul15 Wex 20Y 4y+ 11-7[9/1] Ram Them All 7th of 13, 34.00L behind Hurry Kitty P A Fahy 97
23Jul15 Lim 20G 4y+ 11-7[5/1] Thanks For Tea 2nd of 8, nose behind Duckweed Edmond Kent 108
23Jul15 Lim 20G 4y+ 11-12[11/4] Little Haarth 1st of 12, 5L to Prickly Desmond McDonogh
21Jul15 Bal 17SH 4y+ 10-12[9/2] Noble Call 8th of 10, 30.50L behind Supreme Vic P J Rothwell 95
21Jul15 Bal 17SH 6y+ 11-4[7/1] The Yellow Bin 4th of 9, 14.25L behind Georges Conn S J Mahon 82
17Jul15 Kil 25G 5y+ 10-8[7/2F] Ravished 1st of 12, 4.5L to Rohan's Pride M F Morris 128
17Jul15 Kil 25G 4y+ 10-9[20/1] Troubleshot 9th of 14, 30.88L behind St Maxime M F Morris 84
17Jul15 Kil 16G 4y+ 11-4[16/1] Do Na Paisti 2nd of 13, 1.75L behind Damefirth P G Fahey 106
17Jul15 Kil 19G 5y+ 11-7[3/1] Coffee Cantata pulled up in race won by Tri Na Ceile P G Fahey
16Jul15 Kil 20G 4y+ 10-7[11/4] Medinah Gold 4th of 11, 5.50L behind Buster Dan Dan Peter Fahey 97
16Jul15 Kil 17G 4y+ 11-7[14/1] Kates Benefit 11th of 12, 37.00L behind Gusty Rocky David Kenneth Budds 127
16Jul15 Kil 17G 4y+ 11-3[25/1] Decade Player 8th of 12, 15.75L behind Beautiful Ben P J Rothwell 93
15Jul15 Kil 20GY 4y+ 11-4[14/1] Miami Present 8th of 16, 19.25L behind Winter's Over Paul Cashman
14Jul15 Dow 23G 5y+ 11-4[11/8] Top Of The Town 1st of 9, 0.5L to Ultimate Horseman C Byrnes 99
14Jul15 Dow 18G 4y+ 11-7[8/13F] Twenty Four Years 1st of 12, 0.5L to Idee Emery A J Martin
13Jul15 Kil 20G 4y+ 11-3[11/1] Battling Spirit 4th of 18, 1.88L behind Millstream Ned Terence O'Brien 93
13Jul15 Kil 20G 4y+ 10-13[7/2] Kris Kindle 1st of 13, 1.25L to Troubled Soul Edmond Kent 97
11Jul15 Tip 24G 4y+ 11-12[12/1] Cool Oscar 14th of 20, 41.13L behind Our Sox P Hogan 102
11Jul15 Tip 16G 4y+ 11-9[10/3] Thousand Stars 2nd of 5, 10L behind Diakali W P Mullins 153
10Jul15 Cor 20GF 4y+ 11-8[7/1] Thanks For Tea 1st of 16, 2.25L to Give Her Bach Edmond Kent 102
10Jul15 Cor 20GF 4y+ 11-0[5/2] Alelchi Inois 1st of 5, 0.75L to Bayan W P Mullins