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Last Winner   Just Be Lucky (IRE)
11/8Fav, Ivan Furtado
Wetherby Tue, 24th May, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   0
Days Since Last Winner   1
Last Runner   Just Be Lucky (IRE)
1st, 11/8Fav, Ivan Furtado
Wetherby Tue, 24th May, 16

Curragh 30-3-08. Jockey MARTIN HARLEY. Photo HEALY RACING.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)91151516.48%€127561.54€-11.72
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
24May16 Wet 9G 4y+ 9-12[11/8F] Just Be Lucky 1st of 13, 0.75L to Ingleby Spring Ivan Furtado 69 5
23May16 Lei 8GF 3y 9-5[100/1] Equal Point 6th of 10, 6.75L behind Sabre Squadron William Knight 5
23May16 Lei 10GF 3y 9-0[8/1] Sacred Trust 5th of 8, 5.91L behind Gershwin Hugo Palmer 78 4
22May16 Not 5G 2y Prince Of Lir non-runner Robert Cowell 5
21May16 Hay 5S 3y+ Goldream non-runner Robert Cowell 115 1
21May16 Hay 6S 3y+ 9-3[33/1] Souville 7th of 7, 30.75L behind Jane's Memory Chris Wall 88 1
21May16 Hay 8S 3y Zodiakos non-runner Hugo Palmer 89 2
20May16 Hay 8G 4y+ 9-1[7/2] Just Be Lucky 1st of 10, 1.25L to Chosen Character Ivan Furtado 69 5
20May16 Hay 5G 3y+ 9-4[13/2] Encore d'Or 8th of 9, 8.13L behind Take Cover Robert Cowell 96 1
20May16 Wol 12A 4y+ 9-7[11/2] Azilian 1st of 9, 4L to Shining Romeo Paul Cole 70 5
20May16 Wol 9A 3-5y 8-12[9/4JF] Invocation 2nd of 10, 1.5L behind Rebel Cause Alan King 5
20May16 Wol 7A 4y+ 9-6[16/1] Major Muscari 5th of 11, 9.75L behind Capolavoro S A Harris 59 6
16May16 Dea 5G 3y+ 9-2[11/2] Spirit Quartz unplaced in race won by Finsbury Square Robert Cowell 108
14May16 New 8G 4y+ 8-11[20/1] Fire Ship 7th of 13, 7.00L behind Azraff William Knight 94 2
14May16 New 10G 3y 9-4[20/1] Southdown Lad 3rd of 15, 5.75L behind Imperial Aviator William Knight 90 2
13May16 New 8GF 4y+ 9-5[20/1] Yourartisonfire 8th of 8, 39.44L behind Arrowzone K R Burke 90 3
13May16 New 12GF 3y 9-0[6/1] Queen Of The Stars 7th of 7, 10.56L behind Daphne William Haggas 5
13May16 New 10GF 4y+ 8-13[15/2] Cloud Seven 8th of 8, 34.38L behind Interconnection Chris Wall 82 3
13May16 New 8GF 3y 9-4[16/1] World's Greatest 1st of 12, nk to Prosecute S C Williams 67 5
13May16 New 6GF 2y Pacofilha non-runner Paul Cole 4
12May16 Sal 6GS 3y 9-7[12/1] Equistar 5th of 11, 9.25L behind Zeeoneandonly J Portman 75 5
12May16 Sal 10GS 3y+ 8-13[25/1] Dawn Horizons 5th of 13, 6.13L behind Shall We William Haggas 5
12May16 Sal 10GS 3y+ 8-13[9/2] Julia Dream 2nd of 12, 1L behind Sovereign Parade William Haggas 5
12May16 Sal 5GS 2y 9-2[33/1] Rock On Dandy 6th of 8, 7.50L behind Bohemian Flame H J L Dunlop 5
11May16 Bat 13S 4y+ 9-3[5/2] Hope You Dance 5th of 5, 10.25L behind Cosette David Simcock 68 5
11May16 Bat 6S 4y+ 9-7[11/4] Ginzan 2nd of 5, 0.75L behind Posh Bounty Malcolm Saunders 75 5
11May16 Bat 10S 3y 9-7[5/2] Jive Time 4th of 5, 14.25L behind Pack It In J Tate 75 5
11May16 Bat 10S 4y+ Hydrant non-runner R C Guest 58 6
11May16 Bat 6S 3y Dnaneer non-runner William Knight 56 6
09May16 Wol 9A 3y 9-0[11/1] Always A Dream 9th of 11, 9.50L behind Bocking End Chris Wall 63 5
09May16 Wol 6A 3y 9-5[3/1] Showmethewayavrilo 4th of 8, 3.38L behind Its Only Mossy Malcolm Saunders 68 5
07May16 Asc 7GF 4y+ 9-2[7/1] Outback Traveller 13th of 26, 6.63L behind Flash Fire Robert Cowell 100 2
07May16 Asc 8GF 3y+ 9-3[11/2] Light And Shade 1st of 9, shd to Tutu Nguru J Tate 91 2
07May16 Asc 5GF 2y 9-8[17/2] Visionary 3rd of 6, 1.78L behind Reach High Robert Cowell 3
06May16 Lin 6A 3y 9-0[14/1] May Rose 4th of 10, 6.25L behind Very Honest M Botti 5
06May16 Lin 5A 4y+ 9-7[2/5F] Encore d'Or 1st of 6, 0.5L to Duke Of Firenze Robert Cowell 92 3
04May16 Che 6A 4y+ 8-10[10/3F] Under Siege 6th of 9, 7.50L behind Gentlemen David Simcock 78 3
02May16 Bat 8GF 4y+ 9-5[10/1] Molten Lava 2nd of 9, 1L behind Bakht A Rawan Paul Cole 75 4
02May16 Bat 5GF 2y 9-2[8/1] Fethiye Boy 8th of 10, 6.50L behind Berkshire Boy R Harris 6
02May16 Bat 17GF 4y+ 9-10[12/1] Linguine 5th of 9, 20.56L behind Havisham S Durack 85 4
02May16 Bat 5GF 4y+ 9-5[7/2JF] Lucky Clover 1st of 10, 1.25L to John Joiner Malcolm Saunders 58 6
30Apr16 New 5GS 3y+ 9-3[20/1] Spirit Quartz 4th of 21, 1.00L behind Profitable Robert Cowell 108 1
29Apr16 Lin 12A 3y 9-6[5/1] The Juggler 5th of 6, 12.25L behind Recognition William Knight 64 6
27Apr16 Pon 8GS 4y+ 9-2[13/2] Just Be Lucky 3rd of 11, 2.56L behind Freewheel Ivan Furtado 70 5
27Apr16 Pon 5GS 2y 8-11[5/2F] Zumran 7th of 7, 22.25L behind Mailshot Hugo Palmer 4
26Apr16 Bri 6GF 3y 9-5[4/1JF] Nag's Wag 1st of 7, 1.25L to Strictly Carter George Baker 69 5
26Apr16 Bri 5GF 4y+ 9-0[4/1] Desert Command 4th of 5, 7.75L behind King Crimson Robert Cowell 78 4
26Apr16 Bri 8GF 4y+ 9-4[10/1] Malih 6th of 11, 10.88L behind Fairy Mist E A Wheeler 52 6
26Apr16 Bri 6GF 2y 8-10[2/1F] Nile Empress 6th of 6, 8.00L behind Sayesse Hugo Palmer 5
25Apr16 Wol 7A 3y+ 8-12[10/1] Zophilly 12th of 12, 18.75L behind Figurante J Gask 62 6
25Apr16 Wol 7A 4y+ 9-3[11/2] Justice First 1st of 8, 0.75L to Mister Musicmaster Ed Dunlop 76 4
25Apr16 Wol 7A 3y+ 9-0[6/1] Malmostosa 1st of 9, 1.25L to Coronation Day M Botti 5
25Apr16 Wol 6A 4y+ 9-6[6/1] Generalyse 2nd of 10, 1.5L behind Tasaaboq Mrs A King 59 6
25Apr16 Wol 6A 2y 8-11[9/4] Roseland 3rd of 7, 8.13L behind Thora Barber Hugo Palmer 5
23Apr16 Wol 9A 3y+ 8-13[3/1] Sacred Trust 3rd of 12, 1.25L behind Muzdawaj Hugo Palmer 5
23Apr16 Wol 12A 3y+ 9-12[7/2] Air Of Astana 6th of 7, 12.31L behind Wings of Desire Hugo Palmer 81 5
23Apr16 Wol 5A 3y+ 9-12[7/4F] Encore d'Or 1st of 10, 0.75L to Bowson Fred Robert Cowell 89 3
22Apr16 Don 10GS 3y 9-4[5/1] Nessita 9th of 10, 17.81L behind Sark Hugo Palmer 77 4
19Apr16 Wol 7A 4y+ 9-6[16/1] Kakapuka pulled up in race won by Bionic Indian Mrs A King 52 6
19Apr16 Wol 5A 3y 9-6[6/4F] Dnaneer 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind Fearbuster William Knight 55 6
19Apr16 Wol 12A 3y 9-0[25/1] Long Island 6th of 6, 32.75L behind Kelvin Hall W M Brisbourne 60 6
19Apr16 Wol 12A 4y+ Celestial Bay non-runner S Kirk 75 5
19Apr16 Wol 9A 3y 9-2[9/2] Artisandra 12th of 13, 33.50L behind Therthaar William Knight 55 6
18Apr16 Win 10S 3y+ Zorlu non-runner Hugo Palmer 5
16Apr16 Not 8S 3y 9-5[7/1] Indrapura 7th of 7, 15.94L behind Aldair Paul Cole 75 4
16Apr16 Not 10S 3y 9-7[5/1] The Juggler 4th of 11, 9.50L behind Nietzsche William Knight 65 6
16Apr16 Not 10S 3y Fandango non-runner J Gask 5
14Apr16 Che 5A 3y+ 8-12[33/1] Majestic Girl 4th of 6, 4.25L behind Paddy Power Robert Cowell 5
14Apr16 New 5S 2y 9-0[15/8F] Zumran 7th of 10, 3.19L behind Fiery Character Hugo Palmer 4
13Apr16 Kem 6A 3y 9-5[7/2JF] Showmethewayavrilo 1st of 11, 0.75L to Cool Crescendo Malcolm Saunders 63 6
13Apr16 Kem 6A 3y 8-13[8/1] Shahaama 7th of 11, 4.75L behind Saeedan Mick Channon 5
13Apr16 New 5GS 2y 9-2[10/1] Copper Knight 4th of 8, 1.38L behind Sutter County Hugo Palmer 4
12Apr16 New 9S 3y 9-0[11/4] Mengli Khan 4th of 4, 3.75L behind Ventura Storm Hugo Palmer 1
12Apr16 New 6S 4y+ 9-1[8/1] Amazour 7th of 12, 5.38L behind Teruntum Star I Mohammed 93 2
09Apr16 Wol 7A 3y 9-7[5/6F] Magical Path 2nd of 5, 0.5L behind Be Kool Hugo Palmer 71 5
09Apr16 Wol 9A 4y+ 9-4[11/1] Secret Art 5th of 7, 3.13L behind Librisa Breeze William Knight 92 3
08Apr16 Wol 7A 4y+ 9-3[3/1] Eastern Dragon 2nd of 6, 2.5L behind Lucy The Painter S Durack 69 5
03Apr16 Don 6S 4y+ Amazour non-runner I Mohammed 93 3
02Apr16 Kem 8A 3y 9-3[12/1] Drive Faster 6th of 6, 14.38L behind Ennaadd Hugo Palmer 2
01Apr16 Lin 6A 4y+ 9-6[8/1] Bush Warrior 4th of 10, 6.31L behind Bouclier Mrs A King 74 5
31Mar16 Che 10A 4y+ 9-1[9/1] Air Of Astana 2nd of 6, 1.5L behind Dark Red Hugo Palmer 79 4
26Mar16 Mey 12AF 3y+ 9-0[25/1] Sheikhzayedroad unplaced in race won by Postponed David Simcock 111 1
26Mar16 Mey 5AF 3y+ 9-0[20/1] Goldream unplaced in race won by Buffering Robert Cowell 116
25Mar16 Lin 6A 4y+ 9-5[12/1] Gamgoom 12th of 12, 11.19L behind Alben Star Mario Hofer 73 2
18Mar16 Wol 9A 4y+ 9-0[7/1] Bionic Indian unseated rider in race won by Hazel Blue M W Easterby 48 6
18Mar16 Wol 7A 4y+ 9-5[17/2] Lutine Charlie 6th of 11, 4.50L behind Smalljohn Emma Owen 53 6
18Mar16 Wol 7A 3y+ 8-10[7/4] Magical Path 1st of 11, 0.5L to Battlement Hugo Palmer 5
17Mar16 Che 6A 4y+ 9-5[9/2] Fever Few 5th of 7, 2.00L behind Invade Chris Wall 72 5
17Mar16 Che 10A 3y+ 10-0[10/1] Air Of Astana 3rd of 8, 1.81L behind Erhaaf Hugo Palmer 5
16Mar16 Kem 6A 3y 9-1[20/1] Tikthebox 5th of 8, 7.25L behind A Momentofmadness David Brown 79 4
16Mar16 Kem 6A 3y+ 9-1[20/1] Bit Of A Lad 9th of 10, 15.88L behind Rosenborg Rider David Brown 68 4
12Mar16 Wol 7A 3y 9-3[4/1F] Secret Insider 4th of 12, 2.00L behind Ilzam Hugo Palmer 74 4
09Mar16 Kem 10A 4y+ 9-4[5/1] Star Links 5th of 13, 3.56L behind Solveig's Song S Kirk 52 6
05Mar16 Mey 12G 3y+ 9-0[40/1] Captain Morley unplaced in race won by Postponed David Simcock 99 1
05Mar16 Mey 5G 3y+ 9-0[4/1] Goldream unplaced in race won by Fityaan Robert Cowell 116 1
03Mar16 Mey 14AF 3y+ 9-0[4/1] Sheikhzayedroad 1st of 14, 3.75L to Certerach David Simcock 1
27Feb16 Lin 10A 4y+ 8-13[33/1] Battle Of Marathon 8th of 8, 15.50L behind Grendisar Joseph Ryan 102 1
27Feb16 Lin 12A 4y+ 9-1[16/1] Masterpaver 5th of 9, 2.40L behind Sunblazer A Bailey 88 3
27Feb16 Lin 5A 4y+ 9-3[7/1] Gamgoom 9th of 10, 3.88L behind Lightscameraction Mario Hofer 73 1
25Feb16 Che 6A 4y+ 9-6[6/1] Fever Few 5th of 11, 2.84L behind Eleuthera Chris Wall 74 5
25Feb16 Che 10A 4y+ 9-5[2/1JF] Barnaby Brook 1st of 5, 1.75L to Clock On Tom Robyn Brisland 53 6