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Last Winner   El Astronaute (IRE)
10/1, J J Quinn
Leicester Tue, 18th Aug, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   16
Days Since Last Winner   14
Last Runner   Only Just (IRE)
2nd, 9/1, Kevin Ryan
Ripon Mon, 31st Aug, 15

Dundalk 18-4-08. KEAGAN LATHAM (Jockey) Photo HEALY RACING.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)856187.06%€58243.62€-13.17
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
31Aug15 Rip 6G 3y 9-7[9/1] Only Just 2nd of 7, 0.5L behind Classic Seniority Kevin Ryan 79 4
31Aug15 New 7G 2y 9-5[100/1] Granite City Doc 6th of 8, 13.00L behind Beast Mode Mrs L Normile 4
29Aug15 Red 14GF 3y Heading Home non-runner J J Quinn 52 6
29Aug15 Red 6GF 2y 8-12[8/1] Color Model 5th of 16, 3.38L behind Tikthebox M Dods 5
28Aug15 Ham 12GS 3y+ 9-0[28/1] Nakeeta 2nd of 12, 1.5L behind Polarisation I Jardine 80 3
28Aug15 Ham 8GS 3y+ 9-0[13/8] Dinaria 2nd of 5, 3.5L behind Nice Thoughts K R Burke 5
28Aug15 Ham 6GS 3y+ 8-12[22/1] Pitt Rivers 8th of 10, 7.22L behind New Lease Of Life Miss L A Perratt 52 6
28Aug15 Ham 6GS 2y Cuppatee non-runner Mrs A Duffield 69 5
26Aug15 Mus 5G 3y+ 9-8[20/1] Searchlight 6th of 11, 2.00L behind Lexington Place Kevin Ryan 82 4
26Aug15 Mus 8G 3y 8-11[22/1] Docali 7th of 7, 32.75L behind Bahamian Desert I Semple 65 5
24Aug15 Car 6S 3y+ 9-4[14/1] Economic Crisis 6th of 7, 26.75L behind Bimbo A Berry 74 4
22Aug15 Che 7G 2y Speed Company non-runner J J Quinn 4
22Aug15 Che 13G 3y+ 9-11[16/1] Great Hall 12th of 12, 14.38L behind Gabrial's King J J Quinn 100 1
22Aug15 Che 5G 3y+ 8-11[15/2] Mukaynis 11th of 13, 6.56L behind Ballesteros Kevin Ryan 84 2
20Aug15 Ham 5G 3y+ 8-10[8/1] Clabare 7th of 7, 14.50L behind Apricot Sky I Semple 56 5
20Aug15 Ham 9G 3y+ 9-4[28/1] Remember Rocky 9th of 12, 12.28L behind First Sargeant Mrs L Normile 68 4
20Aug15 Ham 6G 3y 9-4[12/1] Wether Girl 9th of 9, 15.75L behind A Lovable Rogue Kevin Ryan 55 6
19Aug15 Car 14G 3y+ 9-4[8/1] The Kid 6th of 7, 13.25L behind One More Go J J Quinn 75 4
19Aug15 Car 6G 2y 9-5[8/1] Kadooment Day 8th of 8, 16.78L behind First To Post K R Burke 5
18Aug15 Lei 6G 3y+ Nezar non-runner J J Quinn 83 4
18Aug15 Lei 5G 2y 9-0[10/1] El Astronaute 1st of 9, 2L to Case Key J J Quinn 77 4
18Aug15 Rip 10G 3-4y Corzetti non-runner A Berry 50 6
15Aug15 Don 5G 3y+ Royal Birth non-runner S C Williams 83 3
15Aug15 Don 7G 3y+ 9-6[20/1] Docali 6th of 9, 7.00L behind Pageant Belle I Semple 68 5
14Aug15 New 10GS 3y+ 8-13[25/1] Judith Gardenier 8th of 8, 27.25L behind Covenant I Semple 5
14Aug15 New 7GS 3y+ Docali non-runner I Semple 68 5
14Aug15 New 7GS 2y 9-5[20/1] Reckless Ambition 6th of 11, 10.56L behind Simple Attack J J Quinn 5
12Aug15 Bev 7GF 2y 9-5[18/1] Magical Lasso 4th of 8, 3.50L behind Drifting Spirit Kevin Ryan 5
10Aug15 Thi 8G 3-4y 9-0[15/2] Dinaria 2nd of 6, nk behind Tuco K R Burke 5
10Aug15 Thi 7G 2y 9-3[25/1] Mcelligott 12th of 12, 11.63L behind Midnight Macchiato K R Burke 5
08Aug15 Ayr 7GS 3y+ Virile non-runner S Donohoe 58 5
07Aug15 Hay 7G 2y 9-6[9/4] Wayward Hoof 3rd of 6, 3.50L behind Alinstante K R Burke 81 4
07Aug15 Hay 8G 2y 9-5[33/1] Colour Me Happy 2nd of 6, 3.5L behind Foundation K R Burke 5
06Aug15 New 6G 2y 9-5[33/1] Granite City Doc 9th of 12, 8.00L behind Baltic Raider Mrs L Normile 6
04Aug15 Rip 6G 2y 9-0[9/1] Candy Banter 7th of 12, 10.13L behind Athollblair Boy Kevin Ryan 5
03Aug15 Not 6GF 3y 9-6[4/1] Firgrove Bridge 5th of 5, 14.00L behind As Good As Gold Kevin Ryan 74 5
01Aug15 Ham 11S 3y+ 9-0[5/2F] No Backchat 4th of 7, 7.38L behind King Of Paradise Kevin Ryan 70 5
01Aug15 Ham 5S 3y+ 9-8[7/2] Economic Crisis 2nd of 5, 2L behind Bronze Beau A Berry 71 5
01Aug15 Ham 6S 3y+ 9-8[16/1] Only Just 8th of 10, 7.50L behind Ocean Sheridan Kevin Ryan 80 4
01Aug15 Ham 9S 3y+ Kay Gee Be non-runner A Berry 46 6
01Aug15 Ham 8S 3y+ 9-9[13/2] Tectonic 5th of 6, 7.50L behind Lord Franklin K Dalgleish 70 5
01Aug15 Ham 6S 3y+ 9-0[6/1] Wether Girl 7th of 8, 29.50L behind Niqnaaqpaadiwaaq Kevin Ryan 5
01Aug15 Ham 6S 2y 9-5[10/3] Master Mirasol 1st of 7, 3.25L to Letbygonesbeicons Kevin Ryan 63 6
31Jul15 Mus 7G 2y 9-5[8/1] Dreaming Voice 8th of 8, 44.50L behind Awohaam Kevin Ryan 5
30Jul15 Not 8GS 3-4y 9-0[16/1] Dinaria 3rd of 8, 2.00L behind Lamyaa K R Burke 6
30Jul15 Not 5GS 2y 9-0[50/1] Edith Weston 10th of 11, 14.51L behind Curtain Call Robert Cowell 5
26Jul15 Car 6GS 2y 9-0[10/1] You N Me 4th of 10, 6.00L behind Silhuette K R Burke 5
25Jul15 Yor 6GF 3y+ 9-0[50/1] Al Khan 3rd of 20, 2.50L behind Tanzeel Kevin Ryan 94 2
24Jul15 Thi 5GF 2y 9-5[15/2] Haughmond 5th of 11, 2.78L behind El Astronaute K R Burke 5
24Jul15 Thi 7GF 3y 8-13[28/1] Corzetti 5th of 9, 3.50L behind Miningrocks A Berry 54 6
22Jul15 Cat 5GF 3y+ Economic Crisis non-runner A Berry 73 4
20Jul15 Ayr 7GS 3y+ Plunder non-runner A Berry 47 6
20Jul15 Ayr 5GS 3y+ 9-0[40/1] Economic Crisis 10th of 12, 8.13L behind Rural Celebration A Berry 73 4
17Jul15 Pon 6GF 3y+ 9-6[7/2] Firgrove Bridge 6th of 6, 35.50L behind Be Lucky Kevin Ryan 74 5
17Jul15 Pon 10GF 3y+ 9-4[6/1] No Backchat 2nd of 7, 2.25L behind Entity Kevin Ryan 70 5
17Jul15 Pon 5GF 3y+ 8-13[11/8F] Mukaynis 2nd of 5, 0.75L behind Silvanus Kevin Ryan 81 3
17Jul15 Pon 6GF 2y 9-1[12/1] Master Mirasol 5th of 10, 5.75L behind Quoteline Direct Kevin Ryan 4
17Jul15 Hay 6GF 3y 9-6[8/1] Felix Leiter 4th of 7, 3.75L behind Mythmaker K R Burke 84 4
17Jul15 Hay 6GF 2y 9-5[7/2] Wayward Hoof 1st of 12, 0.75L to Alshalaal K R Burke 5
16Jul15 Ham 9GS 3y+ 9-9[3/1F] Moonlight Venture 7th of 7, 9.63L behind Sarah Joyce Kevin Ryan 73 4
14Jul15 Bev 10GF 3y 9-2[13/2] The Wee Barra 4th of 9, 6.25L behind Mercury Kevin Ryan 60 6
13Jul15 Ayr 6S 3y+ Firgrove Bridge non-runner Kevin Ryan 74 5
13Jul15 Ayr 7S 2y 9-5[15/2] New Hope 4th of 10, 3.00L behind Dutch Heiress Kevin Ryan 4
11Jul15 Ham 6GS 3y+ 9-2[9/1] Sewn Up 6th of 10, 3.75L behind Affectionate Lady K Dalgleish 50 6
11Jul15 Ham 6GS 3y+ 8-11[17/2] Orient Sky 2nd of 7, 1.5L behind Ocean Sheridan P Midgley 53 5
09Jul15 Car 8G 3y 9-7[15/8F] Cooper 2nd of 7, 2.25L behind Fidelma Moon Kevin Ryan 74 5
06Jul15 Rip 8G 3y+ 9-3[5/1] Cooper 3rd of 8, 7.00L behind Pyjama Party Kevin Ryan 74 5
06Jul15 Rip 6G 3y 9-1[10/1] Felix Leiter 4th of 7, 4.75L behind Showstoppa K R Burke 84 3
06Jul15 Rip 6G 2y 9-0[33/1] Ada Misobel 6th of 9, 9.88L behind Anushka Noo Noo K R Burke 5
04Jul15 Bev 5G 3y+ 9-5[33/1] Only Just 1st of 8, 2.25L to Rashash Kevin Ryan 5
04Jul15 Bev 7G 3y 9-6[14/1] Lightning Spree 8th of 12, 4.09L behind Make On Madam Kevin Ryan 69 5
04Jul15 Bev 8G 3y+ 9-6[18/1] Blue Maisey 9th of 9, 21.44L behind Normandy Knight E Tuer 62 5
01Jul15 Thi 6GF 2y 9-1[14/1] Master Mirasol 5th of 15, 7.75L behind Mecca's Missus Kevin Ryan 5
30Jun15 Ham 6G 3y+ 9-5[9/1] Can You Reverse 4th of 11, 8.50L behind Postulant Kevin Ryan 5
29Jun15 Wol 7A 2y 9-5[33/1] Lagenda 3rd of 11, 8.00L behind Majdool Kevin Ryan 5
27Jun15 Che 5GF 3y+ 8-12[25/1] Economic Crisis 6th of 9, 5.00L behind Blithe Spirit A Berry 75 3
26Jun15 Don 6GF 3y 9-4[14/1] Firgrove Bridge 1st of 16, 1.5L to Wiggle Kevin Ryan 67 5
25Jun15 Ham 5GS 3y+ Economic Crisis non-runner A Berry 75 4
25Jun15 Ham 6GS 2y 9-5[16/1] Carbutt's Ridge 4th of 7, 6.00L behind Martini Time K R Burke 5
21Jun15 Pon 8G 3y+ 10-0[20/1] Pearl Earing 5th of 5, 17.25L behind La Dorotea K R Burke 85 4
20Jun15 Ayr 5GF 3y+ Economic Crisis non-runner A Berry 75 3
20Jun15 Ayr 5GF 3y+ 9-4[4/1] Online Alexander 6th of 12, 2.57L behind Katawi Kevin Ryan 96 1
18Jun15 Rip 12G 3y 9-7[20/1] Al Nehayy 5th of 7, 7.00L behind Leighterton Kevin Ryan 77 4
18Jun15 Rip 6G 2y 9-5[8/1] Royal Display 6th of 9, 10.75L behind Fishergate Kevin Ryan 5
17Jun15 Rip 6G 3y 9-5[25/1] Only Just 6th of 8, 8.56L behind As Good As Gold Kevin Ryan 5
17Jun15 Rip 5G 2y Encantar non-runner Mrs A Duffield 5
17Jun15 Ham 8G 3y 9-1[22/1] Thowar 8th of 10, 8.75L behind Character Onesie Kevin Ryan 62 5
17Jun15 Ham 6G 2y 9-2[20/1] Carbutt's Ridge 7th of 7, 11.25L behind Bint Aldar K R Burke 5
16Jun15 Thi 7GF 3y Let's Twist withdrawn (Withdrawn) Kevin Ryan 5
16Jun15 Thi 6GF 2y 9-0[2/1F] Dutch Mist 1st of 10, 1L to Star Focus Kevin Ryan 5
14Jun15 Don 8GS 4y+ 9-3[8/1] Moonlight Venture 2nd of 8, 2.25L behind Dark Ocean Kevin Ryan 73 4
13Jun15 Mus 7GF 3y+ Risk 'n' Reward non-runner A Berry 66 5
13Jun15 Mus 5GF 4y+ 8-12[50/1] Economic Crisis 6th of 16, 3.19L behind Pearl Acclaim A Berry 70 3
10Jun15 Bev 7GF 3y+ 9-3[10/11F] Erik The Red 2nd of 6, 0.5L behind Natural Nine Kevin Ryan 78 5
08Jun15 Ayr 6G 3y+ 9-5[20/1] Piazon 11th of 11, 19.75L behind Tiger Jim Kevin Ryan 86 3
08Jun15 Ayr 7G 3y+ 8-12[7/2JF] Sir Domino 11th of 11, 56.69L behind Funding Deficit Kevin Ryan 79 4
08Jun15 Ayr 10G 3y+ 8-10[11/1] Wolf Heart 3rd of 12, 3.50L behind Baraboy Mrs L Normile 47 6
06Jun15 New 7GF 3y+ 9-12[28/1] Steventon Star 12th of 13, 20.22L behind Woody Bay Kevin Ryan 72 5
06Jun15 New 6GF 2y 9-0[11/4] Company Asset 5th of 9, 7.75L behind Red Artist Kevin Ryan 5
05Jun15 Cat 12GF 3y+ 8-13[11/1] Al Nehayy 6th of 12, 11.75L behind Marmion Kevin Ryan 77 5
04Jun15 Ham 6GS 3y+ 9-5[11/1] Eleuthera 4th of 9, 5.81L behind Under Siege Kevin Ryan 5
03Jun15 Not 5G 2y 9-0[7/1] Dutch Mist 5th of 10, 1.75L behind Shaden Kevin Ryan 5