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Last Winner   Hint Of A Tint (IRE)
6/1, David Wachman
Galway Tue, 28th Jul, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   8
Days Since Last Winner   3
Last Runner   Swamp Fox (IRE)
2nd, 7/1, Joseph G Murphy
Galway Thu, 30th Jul, 15

W M Lordan
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Last 90 Days (Flat)22622539.73%€595930.00€-98.76
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
30Jul15 Gal 12GY 3y+ 8-13[7/1] Swamp Fox 2nd of 18, nk behind Bog War Joseph G Murphy 65
30Jul15 Gal 7GY 3y+ 9-0[9/2] Queen Nefertiti 8th of 10, 3.14L behind Laviniad David Wachman 98
30Jul15 Gal 8GY 4y+ 9-0[11/2] Cairdiuil 8th of 9, 28.31L behind Princess Aloof I Madden 75
29Jul15 Gal 8GY 3y+ 9-0[28/1] Lady Makfi 6th of 10, 18.50L behind Boherbuoy A J Martin
29Jul15 Gal 8GY 3y 8-12[20/1] Current State 9th of 12, 10.56L behind Sacrificial T Stack 83
29Jul15 Gal 8GY 4y+ 9-4[20/1] Gottahavit 15th of 18, 17.37L behind Bribe The Bouncer A J Martin 60
28Jul15 Gal 16GY 3y+ 8-4[50/1] Just Soldier 7th of 14, 16.50L behind Benkei I Madden 55
28Jul15 Gal 7GY 3y+ 9-5[14/1] Yulong Xiongfeng 11th of 14, 13.64L behind Ibergman Edward Lynam 75
28Jul15 Gal 8GY 3y+ 8-7[6/1] Hint Of A Tint 1st of 14, 0.5L to Baraweez David Wachman 86
28Jul15 Gal 7GY 2y 9-0[10/1] Sing For Me 7th of 10, 14.03L behind Now Or Never David Wachman
27Jul15 Gal 12Y 3y 10-0[10/1] Torcedor 2nd of 10, 0.5L behind Harasava David Wachman 90
27Jul15 Gal 7Y 3y 9-2[16/1] Love Rosie 12th of 14, 20.01L behind Romiac T Stack 68
27Jul15 Gal 7Y 2y 9-5[20/1] Fire Tree 7th of 9, 15.75L behind True Solitaire David Wachman
25Jul15 Wex 15S 4y+ 8-10[16/1] Glasson Lad 9th of 9, 19.75L behind High Kicker E D Delany 52
25Jul15 Wex 11S 4y+ 9-6[8/1] Water Sprite 8th of 10, 12.75L behind Askmour John Joseph Murphy 69
25Jul15 Wex 11S 3y 9-3[5/2F] Three Colours Red 3rd of 10, 5.00L behind Duke Of Medina James M Barrett 51
25Jul15 Wex 11S 3y+ 10-2[5/1] Kennady 2nd of 10, hd behind Henry's Girl Paul Nolan
24Jul15 Dow 7GF 3y+ 9-5[5/1JF] Chaplin Bay 4th of 14, 6.06L behind Plough Boy David Wachman 68
24Jul15 Dow 7GF 2y 8-7[16/1] Smiling Emily 7th of 9, 24.75L behind Roibeard G A Kingston
23Jul15 Leo 10GF 3y+ 8-7[16/1] Castle Bar Sling 7th of 9, 12.00L behind Pullman Brown T J O'Mara 54
22Jul15 Naa 8GF 3y+ 9-2[4/1] Hurricane Cass 2nd of 6, 0.5L behind Kings Ryker T Stack 83
22Jul15 Naa 6GF 3y+ 9-0[14/1] Byzantium 2nd of 8, hd behind Letters Of Note Edward Lynam 91
22Jul15 Naa 6GF 3y+ 9-8[9/1] Way Of Light 2nd of 20, 1.25L behind Burren View Lady David Wachman 69
22Jul15 Naa 6GF 3y+ 9-0[3/1JF] Prance 9th of 15, 7.50L behind Laganore David Wachman
20Jul15 Bal 13H 4y+ 9-7[5/1] Hudson's Bay 3rd of 7, 13.50L behind Akiliyna T J O'Mara 84
20Jul15 Bal 9H 3y 10-0[9/2] Mohini 3rd of 9, 13.00L behind Jeremys Joy David Wachman 69
20Jul15 Bal 9H 3y+ 9-5[7/4] Swordfight 1st of 5, nk to Aared David Wachman 76
19Jul15 Cur 9GY 3y+ 9-0[25/1] Hot Sauce 6th of 9, 7.06L behind Wedding Vow John Joseph Murphy 94
19Jul15 Cur 7GY 3y+ 10-0[7/4F] Gordon Lord Byron 2nd of 9, 3.5L behind Home Of The Brave T Hogan 116
19Jul15 Cur 6GY 2y 8-6[7/1] Kilteery Pier 4th of 7, 3.25L behind Leath Na Hoibre Augustine Leahy 71
19Jul15 Cur 6GY 2y 9-0[2/1F] Diamond Fields 8th of 9, 7.25L behind Leafy Shade T Stack
18Jul15 Cur 12G 3y+ 9-5[9/4F] Torcedor 1st of 8, 2.5L to Gelenschik David Wachman 84
18Jul15 Cur 12G 3y 9-0[15/8F] Curvy 3rd of 9, 1.88L behind Covert Love David Wachman 112
18Jul15 Cur 5G 3y+ 9-7[6/1] Moviesta 3rd of 7, 1.00L behind Stepper Point Edward Lynam 109
18Jul15 Cur 6G 3y+ 8-8[13/2] Fit For The Job 14th of 14, 25.76L behind Stroll Patrol David Wachman 92
18Jul15 Cur 7G 3y+ 8-6[16/1] Three Bells 3rd of 10, 2.00L behind Have A Nice Day Patrick Downey 66
16Jul15 Leo 7Y 3y+ 8-4[22/1] Too Many Diamonds 9th of 9, 16.38L behind Korbous Damian Joseph English 49
16Jul15 Leo 14Y 3y+ 9-9[9/2] Manndawi 6th of 6, 25.75L behind Fields Of Athenry Ed Dunlop 109
16Jul15 Leo 9Y 3y+ 8-11[9/2] Queen Nefertiti 5th of 6, 4.25L behind Carla Bianca David Wachman 98
16Jul15 Leo 7Y 3y+ 9-5[3/1] Cognitive Ease 1st of 9, 0.5L to Griko P Twomey
16Jul15 Leo 7Y 2y 9-0[20/1] Saxum 7th of 9, 6.13L behind Miss Gossip Edward Lynam
15Jul15 Kil 8GY 3y 10-0[10/1] Love Rosie 6th of 14, 5.12L behind Wonder Holy T Stack 70
15Jul15 Kil 11GY 3y+ 8-12[7/1] Water Sprite 3rd of 9, 1.31L behind On A Pedestal John Joseph Murphy 69
15Jul15 Kil 14GY 3y+ 9-5[20/1] Duke Cass 5th of 11, 6.50L behind Western Boy T Stack
14Jul15 Kil 11GY 3y 8-5[25/1] Ondamoura 6th of 15, 8.03L behind Dancing Noretta T Hogan 47
14Jul15 Kil 11GY 3y 8-6[12/1] Three Colours Red 2nd of 15, 2.75L behind Lagostovegas James M Barrett 48
14Jul15 Kil 8GY 3y+ 10-0[66/1] Gottahavit 10th of 15, 13.06L behind Aimhirgin Lass A J Martin
13Jul15 Kil 11G 4y+ 8-13[16/1] Saslong 8th of 15, 5.51L behind Bay Hill T J O'Mara 50
13Jul15 Kil 8G 3y+ 9-0[6/1] Off Limits 1st of 10, 1.25L to Military Angel David Wachman 86
13Jul15 Kil 8G 4y+ 8-6[9/2] Hatton Cross 2nd of 12, nk behind Reckless Lad T J O'Mara 57
13Jul15 Kil 8G 2y 8-12[5/1] Golden Malt 6th of 6, 7.25L behind Foxtrot Charlie P Twomey
12Jul15 Dun 5A 3y+ 8-4[25/1] Coto 4th of 10, 2.63L behind Russian Soul M J Tynan 75
12Jul15 Dun 7A 3y 9-4[9/2] Chaplin Bay 2nd of 10, shd behind Ishebayorgrey David Wachman 64
12Jul15 Dun 8A 3y 9-5[2/1JF] Black Wolf Run 2nd of 10, 1.25L behind Chenega Bay David Wachman
11Jul15 Tip 5G 2y 9-3[4/7F] Independence Day 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind Promised Money David Wachman
11Jul15 Tip 7G 3y+ 8-7[6/1] Athassel 4th of 8, 0.88L behind Northern Surprise T J O'Mara 49
11Jul15 Tip 7G 2y 9-5[33/1] See You In Malta 7th of 7, 16.75L behind Mrs King T Stack
10Jul15 Nav 10GF 3y+ 8-6[10/1] Buenos Y Bobos 10th of 11, 16.00L behind I'll Be Your Clown G M Lyons 96
10Jul15 Nav 5GF 2y 9-0[11/4] Dr Doro 2nd of 7, 2.25L behind Lady Allegra T Stack
10Jul15 Nav 10GF 3y 8-10[12/1] Methodology 8th of 8, 23.50L behind Tapering G M Lyons
09Jul15 Leo 8GF 4y+ 8-4[16/1] Regal Power 8th of 9, 3.75L behind Ruler Of France Marcus Callaghan 54
09Jul15 Leo 13GF 4y+ 8-4[14/1] Ebony Roc 7th of 11, 6.00L behind Cailini Alainn Gordon Elliott 60
09Jul15 Leo 12GF 3y+ 9-0[16/1] Marie Celeste 4th of 6, 4.75L behind Stellar Glow David Wachman
08Jul15 Naa 8GF 3y+ 9-0[5/2JF] Current State 1st of 6, 2.75L to Laffina T Stack 74
08Jul15 Naa 6GF 2y 9-0[3/1] The Yellow Bus 3rd of 7, 3.50L behind Queen Of Sicily David Wachman
06Jul15 Ros 12G 4y+ 9-7[10/1] Senior Counsel 5th of 10, 10.25L behind Affinisea David Wachman 72
06Jul15 Ros 10G 3y 9-5[9/1] Spiritual Man 4th of 10, 4.76L behind Monolight David Wachman
06Jul15 Ros 7G 3y+ 9-5[11/4F] Perfect Fit 2nd of 8, 2L behind Cruidin David Wachman 76
05Jul15 Fai 12GF 4y+ 9-6[10/1] Leaf 6th of 6, 6.50L behind Paddy The Celeb David Wachman 85
05Jul15 Fai 7GF 3y+ 9-0[5/4F] Curlylocks 4th of 11, 3.28L behind Frozen Lake David Wachman
05Jul15 Fai 7GF 3y+ 9-8[16/1] Fastnet Mist 7th of 7, 14.50L behind Ainippe David Wachman 94
05Jul15 Fai 6GF 2y 9-0[4/1] Periwig 6th of 7, 4.25L behind Fit For Function Edward Lynam
03Jul15 Bel 12GF 3y+ 10-4[28/1] Gottahavit 8th of 13, 11.38L behind Pincode A J Martin
03Jul15 Bel 8GF 4y+ 10-4[3/1F] Three Bells 2nd of 12, 2.5L behind Cheers Buddy Patrick Downey 64
03Jul15 Bel 8GF 3y 9-12[6/1] Chaplin Bay 4th of 10, 4.00L behind Easy Boy David Wachman 66
03Jul15 Bel 8GF 2y 9-0[6/5] Optimism And Hope 1st of 5, shd to Little Fisc T Stack
02Jul15 Tip 14GF 4y+ 9-11[8/1] First In The Queue 3rd of 6, 6.75L behind Wood Breizh A J Martin 70
02Jul15 Tip 12GF 3y+ 8-10[16/1] Elusive Award 13th of 15, 19.25L behind Russian Roulette T J O'Mara 47
02Jul15 Tip 7GF 3y+ 8-11[8/1] Athassel 3rd of 12, 1.25L behind Plough Boy T J O'Mara 48
02Jul15 Tip 5GF 2y 9-0[7/1] Dr Doro 2nd of 7, shd behind Kuramathi T Stack
01Jul15 Fai 6GF 3y+ 10-0[7/1] Three Bells 1st of 12, 1.75L to Fairy Foxglove Patrick Downey 64
01Jul15 Fai 6GF 3y+ 9-0[10/3] Prance 3rd of 9, 1.88L behind Captain Power David Wachman
30Jun15 Gow 9GF 3y+ 9-0[100/1] Carraigin Aonair 7th of 13, 13.00L behind Sidra John Joseph Murphy
30Jun15 Gow 9GF 3y 9-12[6/1] Lucie Rie 3rd of 14, 3.00L behind Brokopondo David Wachman 61
30Jun15 Gow 7GF 3y+ 9-4[8/1] Hatton Cross 3rd of 9, 4.50L behind Almadaa T J O'Mara 60
30Jun15 Gow 8GF 3y+ 9-5[2/1F] Dawn Mirage 1st of 12, 2.5L to Peace Mission David Wachman 81
28Jun15 Cur 10G 4y+ 9-7[14/1] Eighteen Summers 3rd of 11, 5.00L behind Corker Hill Edward Lynam 79
28Jun15 Cur 6G 2y 9-0[7/1] Miss Elizabeth 3rd of 6, 1.00L behind Most Beautiful Edward Lynam
28Jun15 Cur 7G 3y+ 8-9[12/1] Ohh Lala 6th of 12, 5.00L behind Have A Nice Day W McCreery 79
27Jun15 Cur 16GF 4y+ 8-4[7/1] Jeremy's Jet 9th of 9, 34.25L behind Silwana A J Martin 73
27Jun15 Cur 8GF 3y+ 8-4[20/1] Hurricane Cass 8th of 15, 6.01L behind Hasanour T Stack 84
27Jun15 Cur 8GF 3y+ 9-4[33/1] Fastnet Mist 3rd of 7, 4.88L behind Sovereign Debt David Wachman 94
27Jun15 Cur 7GF 3y+ 8-10[7/1] Byzantium 3rd of 11, 0.19L behind Colour Blue Edward Lynam 89
27Jun15 Cur 6GF 3y+ 10-0[10/3] Gordon Lord Byron 1st of 6, 3L to Balmont Mast T Hogan 113
27Jun15 Cur 6GF 2y 9-5[3/1] Aspar 2nd of 8, 4.5L behind Final Frontier T Stack
26Jun15 Cur 10GF 3y 8-5[11/4F] Fact Or Folklore 6th of 8, 6.06L behind Algonquin W McCreery 78
26Jun15 Cur 12GF 3y+ 8-9[3/1] Golden Spear 10th of 11, 7.37L behind Shadagann A J Martin 81
26Jun15 Cur 6GF 3y+ 8-10[40/1] Maria Montez 11th of 12, 13.56L behind Dark Alliance Timothy Doyle 69
26Jun15 Cur 7GF 2y 9-0[12/1] Sing For Me 6th of 12, 7.75L behind Alice Springs David Wachman
25Jun15 Leo 14GF 3y+ 8-5[22/1] Esta Quercus 8th of 14, 9.16L behind Hurricane Sky I Madden 47
25Jun15 Leo 8GF 3y+ 9-5[12/1] Cairdiuil 8th of 8, 15.41L behind Toccata Blue I Madden 76
25Jun15 Leo 6GF 3y 9-4[14/1] Future Icon 8th of 8, 9.13L behind Ishebayorgrey Edward Lynam 74
25Jun15 Leo 6GF 2y 9-0[11/4] Know 4th of 4, 9.50L behind Minding David Wachman
24Jun15 Naa 8GF 3y+ 9-0[5/1] Georgia On My Mind 2nd of 9, 5L behind Pour Deux David Wachman
24Jun15 Naa 7GF 3y+ 8-7[14/1] Regal Power 3rd of 9, 3.00L behind Chillie Billie Marcus Callaghan 56
24Jun15 Naa 10GF 3y 9-0[16/1] Wooden Heart 6th of 7, 20.25L behind Outstanding David Wachman
24Jun15 Naa 6GF 3y+ 8-4[25/1] William Ashford 20th of 20, 37.01L behind Ask Dad J C Hayden 47
23Jun15 Bal 13G 4y+ 8-11[5/1] Annadiamond 5th of 12, 7.00L behind Back Off Mate Garrett James Power 53
23Jun15 Bal 13G 4y+ 8-5[9/1] Loyalty Card 6th of 8, 7.50L behind Oceania Queen Augustine Leahy 66
23Jun15 Bal 9G 3y 9-10[8/1] Forever Scotland 12th of 14, 19.44L behind Best Kept Secret P J Prendergast 58
21Jun15 Gow 9GF 3y 8-8[13/8F] Beechmount Whisper 3rd of 6, 5.75L behind Social Climber P J Prendergast 59
21Jun15 Gow 7GF 3y 9-11[2/1F] Wardell 1st of 9, 2.25L to The Fairy David Wachman 74
21Jun15 Gow 7GF 3y+ 9-5[11/4] Black Wolf Run 3rd of 13, 5.00L behind Gussy Goose David Wachman
20Jun15 Roy 6GF 4y+ 9-3[20/1] Gordon Lord Byron 8th of 15, 6.25L behind Undrafted T Hogan 115 1
19Jun15 Lim 17GF 3y+ 8-5[11/1] Viaduct Joey 6th of 6, 9.50L behind He's Our Man Terence O'Brien 66
19Jun15 Lim 11GF 3y+ 9-0[9/2] Marie Celeste 5th of 7, 6.50L behind Loved David Wachman
19Jun15 Lim 7GF 2y 9-0[4/1] Flirt 7th of 9, 3.76L behind Spinamiss David Wachman
19Jun15 Lim 8GF 3y+ 9-0[20/1] Current State 3rd of 6, 5.00L behind Jacobean T Stack
18Jun15 Roy 12GF 3y 8-4[50/1] Neymar 10th of 17, 5.66L behind Space Age Michael Bell 82 2
18Jun15 Roy 8GF 3y 8-2[66/1] Jargon 25th of 28, 25.82L behind War Envoy Michael Bell 86 2
17Jun15 Roy 5GF 2y 9-0[9/1] Cry Me A River 16th of 20, 19.31L behind Acapulco T Stack 1
15Jun15 Sli 7G 3y+ 8-11[8/1] Perfect Fit 2nd of 8, 0.75L behind Maontri David Wachman 75
15Jun15 Sli 7G 3y+ 9-8[8/1] Hatton Cross 4th of 14, 3.25L behind Lake George T J O'Mara 59
15Jun15 Sli 7G 2y 9-2[10/1] Gossip Central 2nd of 8, 2L behind Rathbride Raven A L T Moore
15Jun15 Sli 10G 4y+ 9-10[25/1] Redoute Star 8th of 11, 12.63L behind Gun Shoot Niall Moran
14Jun15 Cor 9GF 3-4y 9-0[9/4F] Love Rosie 5th of 9, 10.50L behind Gallope T Stack 75
14Jun15 Cor 9GF 3y+ 9-4[16/1] Castle Bar Sling 13th of 18, 14.45L behind Art Scene T J O'Mara 55
14Jun15 Cor 12GF 4y+ 8-9[10/1] Eighteen Summers 6th of 12, 8.13L behind Ballybacka Queen Edward Lynam 80
14Jun15 Cor 12GF 3y+ 9-9[12/1] Maid Of The Glens 4th of 4, 9.00L behind Words P J Prendergast 92
14Jun15 Cor 5GF 3y 9-9[16/1] Disprove 6th of 7, 10.75L behind Ostatnia T Hogan 78
14Jun15 Cor 5GF 2y 9-0[14/1] Dr Doro 8th of 10, 8.50L behind Shrill T Stack
13Jun15 Nav 8GF 3y 9-11[4/1] Way Of Light 5th of 14, 4.00L behind Caution David Wachman 69
13Jun15 Nav 10GF 3y+ 9-0[9/2] Laffina 5th of 7, 8.50L behind Zhukova David Wachman
13Jun15 Nav 6GF 3y+ 8-5[9/1] Kiss The Stars 3rd of 8, 3.25L behind Balmont Mast T G McCourt 70
13Jun15 Nav 6GF 2y 8-13[15/8] Miss Elizabeth 1st of 3, 3L to Blood Moon Edward Lynam
11Jun15 Leo 10GF 3y+ 9-5[9/4] Tsundoku 4th of 5, 4.50L behind Witty Repartee Edward Lynam 70
11Jun15 Leo 10GF 3y 8-4[16/1] Uno Voce 1st of 14, hd to Social Climber Brendan W Duke 47
10Jun15 Fai 12GF 3y+ 9-6[7/2] Senior Counsel 4th of 7, 4.25L behind Waydownsouth David Wachman 72
10Jun15 Fai 6GF 3y 8-4[25/1] Standinthesunlight 15th of 16, 17.69L behind Ishebayorgrey A Oliver 49
10Jun15 Fai 6GF 2y 9-0[33/1] Flirt 3rd of 8, 3.00L behind Vitello David Wachman
08Jun15 Ros 10G 3y 9-5[5/2] Dawn Mirage 6th of 11, 5.50L behind Father Christmas David Wachman 82
08Jun15 Ros 7G 2y 9-0[20/1] Coillte Mach 8th of 8, 8.13L behind Henshaw P J F Murphy
07Jun15 Cur 12GY 3y+ 9-5[13/8F] Torcedor 4th of 14, 2.00L behind Game Set Dash David Wachman
07Jun15 Cur 10GY 3y+ 9-9[7/1] Manndawi 3rd of 7, 5.00L behind Postulation Ed Dunlop 109
07Jun15 Cur 6GY 3y+ 8-4[16/1] Regal Power 5th of 15, 3.31L behind Bainne Marcus Callaghan 56
07Jun15 Cur 6GY 3y+ 9-5[8/1] Knockmaole Boy 3rd of 10, 8.75L behind Fort Del Oro T Stack
05Jun15 Leo 8GF 4y+ 8-11[25/1] Mr Moondance 11th of 12, 15.03L behind Beat The Ballot Timothy Doyle 53
05Jun15 Leo 12GF 3y 8-12[16/1] Wooden Heart 4th of 7, 2.00L behind Radanpour David Wachman
05Jun15 Leo 14GF 4y+ 9-10[33/1] Ayahuasca 10th of 10, 22.06L behind Kingfisher Takashi Kodama 102
04Jun15 Tip 12YS 4y+ 9-4[20/1] Pires 7th of 12, 13.50L behind Daliyan A J Martin 78
04Jun15 Tip 12YS 3y 9-5[66/1] Aretesone 7th of 12, 7.00L behind Barnacle Bill T M Walsh
04Jun15 Tip 5YS 3y+ 8-5[20/1] Zaindera 2nd of 9, 1.25L behind Kimbay T G McCourt 76
04Jun15 Tip 5YS 2y 9-5[40/1] Kilteery Pier 5th of 7, 9.13L behind Waterloo Bridge Augustine Leahy
01Jun15 Naa 8GY 3y 8-8[4/1] Lily's Rainbow 1st of 9, 0.5L to Whip Up A Frenzy Mrs Denise Foster 77
01Jun15 Naa 6GY 2y 9-3[6/1] Auld Enemy 4th of 4, 8.75L behind Argentero David Wachman
01Jun15 Naa 7GY 3y+ 9-0[12/1] Prance 6th of 14, 8.06L behind Ortiga David Wachman
31May15 Lis 8H 3y+ 9-7[8/1] Ruler Of France 5th of 8, 9.25L behind Hurricane Twister P Twomey 75
31May15 Lis 8H 4y+ 8-12[10/1] Mick Slates 10th of 14, 16.00L behind Bay Hill A J Martin 54
31May15 Lis 8H 3y 9-0[4/1] Love Rosie 4th of 9, 6.75L behind Sight Hound T Stack
31May15 Lis 7H 3y 8-7[13/2] Tanneron 9th of 10, 33.00L behind Ecoeye John Joseph Murphy 56
30May15 Nav 10GF 3y 9-5[8/1] Swordfight 5th of 14, 5.50L behind Outspoken David Wachman 76
30May15 Nav 10GF 3y 9-8[7/1] Chaplin Bay 16th of 21, 13.26L behind Muraabit David Wachman 68
30May15 Nav 5GF 3y+ 8-11[11/1] Escaping Midge 14th of 17, 6.95L behind Battleroftheboyne E D Delany 53
30May15 Nav 6GF 2y 9-0[5/4F] Most Beautiful 1st of 13, 1.75L to Waterloo Bridge David Wachman
28May15 Fai 10G 3y+ 9-0[12/1] Marie Celeste 5th of 17, 3.06L behind Blue Paraiba David Wachman
28May15 Fai 7G 3y 8-10[10/1] La Bella Rose 5th of 18, 9.28L behind Fashion Forward Philip M Byrne 47
28May15 Fai 6G 2y 8-7[16/1] Miss Elizabeth 1st of 8, nk to Mint Chai Edward Lynam
24May15 Cur 10G 3y+ 9-5[50/1] Full Speed Ahead 9th of 12, 17.50L behind Bantry Bay David Wachman
24May15 Cur 16G 4y+ 9-4[20/1] Spacious Sky 8th of 19, 5.88L behind Pyromaniac A J Martin 85
24May15 Cur 12G 3y+ 8-6[11/2] Golden Spear 2nd of 15, 1L behind Majenta A J Martin 78
24May15 Cur 10G 3y 9-0[15/2] Curvy 1st of 7, nk to Giovanni Canaletto David Wachman 93
24May15 Cur 6G 3y+ 9-13[9/1] Dont Bother Me 7th of 11, 5.19L behind Master Speaker Niall Moran 99
23May15 Cur 8GY 3y+ 8-6[12/1] Salariaq 15th of 19, 8.84L behind Hasanour T Stack 78
23May15 Cur 10GY 3y 9-8[14/1] Hurricane Cass 9th of 17, 4.56L behind Duca Valentinois T Stack 88
23May15 Cur 8GY 4y+ 9-0[16/1] Waltzing Matilda 4th of 9, 5.38L behind Brooch T Stack 99
23May15 Cur 6GY 4y+ 9-6[5/1] Gordon Lord Byron 8th of 9, 6.75L behind Mustajeeb T Hogan 116
23May15 Cur 5GY 2y 8-12[25/1] Cry Me A River 4th of 10, 4.50L behind Round Two T Stack
22May15 Cor 12GY 3y 9-0[3/1] Athassel Abbey 3rd of 9, 6.56L behind Variable David Wachman 93
22May15 Cor 7GY 4y+ 9-0[33/1] Malicious Intent 16th of 18, 10.26L behind Funny How V Clifford 51
22May15 Cor 8GY 3y+ 9-5[16/1] K Rock 8th of 17, 3.60L behind Ningxai T Stack
22May15 Cor 6GY 4y+ 9-10[33/1] Hurricane Twister 14th of 16, 21.38L behind Lily's Prince V Clifford 66
22May15 Cor 5GY 3y 8-4[66/1] Primo Dynamo 10th of 11, 11.94L behind A Few Dollars More Timothy Doyle 47
19May15 Dun 12A 3y+ 9-6[9/1] Eighteen Summers 3rd of 6, 4.00L behind Hardstone Edward Lynam 81
19May15 Dun 12A 4y+ 10-2[9/2] Senior Counsel 4th of 14, 2.00L behind Mountmills David Wachman 72
19May15 Dun 8A 4y+ 9-10[8/1] Ruler Of France 4th of 14, 1.63L behind Shabra Emperor P Twomey 76
19May15 Dun 7A 3y 9-7[9/1] Wardell 5th of 13, 5.50L behind Cape Wolfe David Wachman 75
19May15 Dun 7A 3y+ 9-0[12/1] Current State 5th of 12, 5.50L behind Morselle T Stack
19May15 Dun 5A 3y+ 9-0[5/1] Iffraja 6th of 10, 5.88L behind Ostatnia Edward Lynam 75
18May15 Ros 10YS 3y 8-7[33/1] Milford Lass 12th of 13, 38.51L behind Whats The Plot Philip M Byrne 51
17May15 Nav 8G 3y+ 9-5[4/1] Dawn Mirage 3rd of 15, 2.00L behind Jinsha Lake David Wachman 83
17May15 Nav 10G 3y+ 8-8[15/8F] Curvy 1st of 15, 0.5L to Dragon Fei David Wachman 84
17May15 Nav 14G 4y+ 9-0[66/1] Dark Crusader 6th of 8, 7.87L behind Forgotten Rules A J Martin 99
17May15 Nav 5G 3y+ 9-3[25/1] Hidden Oasis 6th of 15, 2.87L behind Joe Eile David Wachman 89
17May15 Nav 5G 2y 9-5[13/2] Auld Enemy 1st of 12, 1.5L to Black Beach David Wachman
15May15 Dun 12A 4y+ 9-3[12/1] Annadiamond 9th of 14, 4.51L behind Coach Bombay Garrett James Power 54
15May15 Dun 11A 4y+ 9-11[16/1] Leaf 7th of 8, 10.38L behind Fog Of War David Wachman 87
15May15 Dun 11A 3y 9-0[12/1] Dream Craft 5th of 8, 11.50L behind Whitehaven Bay Edward Lynam
15May15 Dun 7A 3y 9-5[12/1] Black Wolf Run 3rd of 11, 2.50L behind Tailteann Games David Wachman
15May15 Dun 6A 4y+ 8-10[33/1] Refuse To Sell 11th of 13, 6.07L behind Tom Dooley F Costello 47
13May15 Naa 8YS 3y+ 9-0[5/1] Mohini 14th of 20, 26.00L behind Outstanding David Wachman
13May15 Naa 10YS 3y+ 9-5[16/1] Full Speed Ahead 7th of 10, 17.00L behind Novis Adventus David Wachman
13May15 Naa 6YS 3y 9-4[7/2] Sexy Legs 6th of 8, 4.75L behind The Happy Prince David Wachman 87
12May15 Kil 14YS 4y+ 9-6[9/1] Altruistic 4th of 5, 19.50L behind Good Tradition T Hogan 97
12May15 Kil 11YS 4y+ 8-6[8/1] Water Sprite 1st of 11, 3.5L to Park Ranger John Joseph Murphy 58
12May15 Kil 8YS 4y+ 9-7[8/1] Sofi's Spirit 11th of 13, 17.26L behind Jackie Ellis Michael J Browne 58
12May15 Kil 8YS 3y 9-2[9/2] Swordfight 4th of 9, 3.00L behind Sacrificial David Wachman 77
12May15 Kil 8YS 3y 9-4[6/1] Nasution 4th of 4, 11.50L behind Bertie Le Belge David Wachman 89
12May15 Kil 8YS 3y 9-0[4/1] Love Rosie 2nd of 9, 7.5L behind Roca Rojo T Stack
12May15 Kil 8YS 3y 9-5[11/4] Knockmaole Boy 4th of 14, 2.75L behind Buyer Beware T Stack
10May15 Leo 12H 3y+ 8-4[8/1] Nancy Rose 8th of 10, 8.76L behind Ballybacka Queen Joseph G Murphy 78
10May15 Leo 7H 3y+ 8-6[6/1] Northern Surprise 6th of 8, 4.38L behind Lean And Keen Timothy Doyle 62
10May15 Leo 8H 3y 9-0[7/2] Off Limits 6th of 9, 18.00L behind Kissed By Angels David Wachman 87
10May15 Leo 8H 3y+ 9-9[15/8F] Onenightidreamed 1st of 7, nose to Sruthan T Stack 100
10May15 Leo 6H 2y 8-11[6/1] Lady Oak 7th of 8, 8.50L behind Ard San Aer T Stack
09May15 Gow 12H 3y 9-6[4/1] Extreme Appeal 7th of 11, 19.03L behind Magic Kitten David Wachman 64
09May15 Gow 8H 4y+ 9-7[20/1] Sarwistan 6th of 12, 13.03L behind Sr Cartage A J Martin
07May15 Clo 16SH 4y+ 8-12[15/2] Circe's Island 2nd of 14, shd behind Balkinstown Thomas Gibney 47
07May15 Clo 16SH 4y+ 8-7[8/1] Prince Kup 7th of 9, 37.50L behind Face Value E J O'Grady 71
07May15 Clo 10SH 4y+ 9-2[25/1] Solar Heat 7th of 15, 9.44L behind Breenainthemycra I Madden 53
07May15 Clo 10SH 3y 9-9[5/1] Lucie Rie 5th of 8, 10.50L behind Nice Vintage David Wachman 66
07May15 Clo 10SH 3y 9-5[8/1] Duke Cass 5th of 7, 6.56L behind Brown Bee T Stack
07May15 Clo 10SH 3y+ 9-0[10/3] Wooden Heart 1st of 7, 3L to Krissy's Kisses David Wachman
04May15 Cur 6H 3y+ 9-0[6/1] Iffraja 4th of 16, 4.25L behind Urbestchance Edward Lynam
04May15 Cur 10H 3y+ 9-12[14/1] Eighteen Summers 13th of 15, 20.13L behind Dragon Fei Edward Lynam 82
04May15 Cur 8H 3y+ 8-12[10/1] Lily's Rainbow 7th of 16, 4.75L behind Bobby Jean Mrs Denise Foster 77
03May15 New 8GF 3y 9-0[25/1] Queen Nefertiti 8th of 13, 12.00L behind Legatissimo David Wachman 95 1