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Fennis Court Bagnelstown Co Carlow

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Last Winner   Clondaw Farmer (IRE)
8/13Fav, Andrew J McNamara
Down Royal Fri, 29th Aug, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   2
Days Since Last Winner   4
Last Runner   Nearest The Pin (IRE)
4th, 10/1, D J Benson
Cork Sun, 31st Aug, 14

Downpatrick 12-5-07. Trainer JOHN "SHARK" HANLON. Photo HEALY RACING.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)8000.00%€537.50€-8.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)52589.62%€44880.00€-12.88
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyOR
31Aug14Cor16GF4y+ 11-12[10/1]Nearest The Pin 4th of 10, 6.75L behind Memories Of MilanD J Benson116
29Aug14Dow22GF4y+ 11-1[16/1]Down Time 10th of 11, 77.25L behind Bose IkardAndrew J McNamara102
29Aug14Dow20GF4y+ 11-12[8/13F]Clondaw Farmer 1st of 7, 3L to Ram Them AllAndrew J McNamara
29Aug14Dow20GF4y+ 10-8[12/1]Little Vinnie 3rd of 7, 10.00L behind Clondaw FarmerB Hayes
29Aug14Dow16GF4y+ 11-5[11/2]It's All An Act 8th of 16, 7.81L behind Cristy's CallB Hayes91
29Aug14Dow16GF4y+ 11-4[66/1]Diamond Dame 5th of 10, 22.75L behind Storm AwayB Hayes
28Aug14Bel17G4-7y 11-7[25/1]Muine Bheag 6th of 8, 21.81L behind First To BoogieMiss R Blackmore
28Aug14Bel17G4y+ 11-4[6/1]Old Storm 6th of 12, 29.50L behind DracoAndrew J McNamara
26Aug14Bal23G5y+ 11-9[3/1F]Abolitionist 4th of 10, 5.00L behind SurvivalB Hayes109
26Aug14Bal13G3y+ 10-2[66/1]One Cool Boy 8th of 10, 23.00L behind MarakoushD E Mullins
25Aug14Dow21G4y+ 11-9[16/1]Darenjan 6th of 11, 44.00L behind Hero De VilleneuveB Hayes116
25Aug14Dow18G4y+ 11-5[11/2]It's All An Act 2nd of 13, 12L behind Drunken CounselB Hayes91
22Aug14Kil25G4y+ 11-9[2/1F]Abolitionist 2nd of 9, 4.75L behind Presenting BearaB Hayes109
22Aug14Kil19G5y+ 11-5[33/1]Diamond Dame 11th of 12, 75.75L behind Long House SaintA P Crowe
16Aug14Tra12G4y+ 8-0[12/1]Diamond Dame 4th of 4, 7.00L behind Blue Ridge LaneS Corby62
15Aug14Tra16G4y+ 11-4[25/1]It's All An Act 3rd of 16, 4.75L behind Pleased As PunchB Hayes90
10Aug14Dow18Y4y+ It's All An Act non-runner (change in going) 90
10Aug14Dow18Y4y+ 10-13[4/1]Nearest The Pin 4th of 6, 22.50L behind Star Of AragonB Hayes118
10Aug14Dow18Y4y+ 11-1[33/1]Un De Ces Jours 7th of 7, 86.00L behind IdlewildB Hayes
03Aug14Gal17YS4y+ 10-9[14/1]Darenjan 8th of 14, 49.75L behind Fosters CrossB Hayes124
03Aug14Gal24YS4y+ 9-12[7/1]Down Time 12th of 16, 117.00L behind Blossom GateB Hayes102
03Aug14Gal16YS4y+ 10-4[33/1]It's All An Act 10th of 15, 62.25L behind Park RangerB Hayes94
02Aug14Gal16YS4-7y 12-0[9/1]Old Storm 10th of 11, 53.00L behind Lucky PatMr P W Mullins
02Aug14Gal22YS4y+ Abolitionist non-runner (change in going) 109
01Aug14Gal12Y3y+ 10-2[40/1]One Cool Boy 6th of 6, 30.00L behind MassingaD E Mullins
01Aug14Gal22Y4y+ 11-9[9/1]Usuel Smurfer 2nd of 20, hd behind Aranhill ChiefD E Mullins134
01Aug14Gal22Y4y+ Abolitionist non-runner (Reserve) 108
31Jul14Gal18G5-7y 12-0[6/4F]Clondaw Farmer 1st of 13, shd to Blueprint BobMr P W Mullins
31Jul14Gal22G5y+ 11-9[8/1]Abolitionist 6th of 13, 4.16L behind Aranhill ChiefB Hayes108
30Jul14Gal22G4y+ Usuel Smurfer non-runner (Reserve) 134
29Jul14Gal22G5y+ 11-0[20/1]Nearest The Pin 8th of 12, 7.51L behind JacksonsladyB Hayes131
28Jul14Gal16G4-7y 12-0[7/1]Old Storm 3rd of 14, 8.75L behind Princely ConnMr P W Mullins
25Jul14Wex25G5y+ Fennis Moll non-runner (lame) 93
25Jul14Wex24G4y+ 10-8[33/1]Josam 7th of 16, 50.00L behind Springfield GreyB Hayes80
24Jul14Leo14GF3y+ 7-11[50/1]Darenjan 9th of 11, 16.13L behind Strandfield LadyT P Madden62
20Jul14Tip16GY4y+ 11-1[66/1]Un De Ces Jours 16th of 19, 65.53L behind Rich CoastB Hayes
18Jul14Kil19G5-7y 11-7[11/1]Muine Bheag 5th of 9, 25.50L behind Tempest MissileMiss R Blackmore
18Jul14Kil25G4y+ Down Time non-runner (sold) 102
17Jul14Kil17G4y+ 10-9[14/1]Nearest The Pin 5th of 12, 7.00L behind Golden TicketB Hayes118
17Jul14Kil17G4y+ 11-8[9/2JF]Patrolman pulled up in race won by Sizing SolutionAndrew J McNamara98
17Jul14Kil17G4y+ 9-13[12/1]Birzali 9th of 18, 7.75L behind Massini's TrapD E Mullins69
16Jul14Kil21G5y+ 10-10[5/1]Fennis Moll 3rd of 15, 4.25L behind Baby WhizzB Hayes93
16Jul14Kil14G3y+ 10-5[80/1]One Cool Boy 8th of 11, 19.88L behind Tigris RiverD E Mullins
15Jul14Kil22G5y+ Fennis Moll non-runner (reserve) 93
14Jul14Dow23G4y+ 10-11[25/1]Josam 8th of 13, 67.50L behind I C GoldB Hayes83
14Jul14Dow18G4y+ It's All An Act non-runner (lame) 94
13Jul14Sli18G4-7y 11-7[16/1]It's Ballyvic pulled up in race won by PowersbombMiss R Blackmore
13Jul14Sli16G5y+ 11-1[25/1]Un De Ces Jours 7th of 8, 23.50L behind Sang TigerB Hayes
12Jul14Dun11A3y+ 9-5[9/2F]Patrolman 9th of 10, 3.19L behind General BunchingS Corby68
06Jul14Bel24GF4y+ 11-1[8/1]Abolitionist 1st of 14, 9L to Court FrontierS G McDermott98
04Jul14Wex25YS5y+ One Cool Boy non-runner (Reserve)
04Jul14Wex20YS5y+ 10-11[50/1]Cool Ideas 14th of 15, 109.31L behind Meldrum LadMiss R Blackmore
29Jun14Cur12GF4y+ 10-6[20/1]Birzali 6th of 16, 4.66L behind ZeftanMiss R Blackmore69
24Jun14Bal16G4-7y It's Ballyvic non-runner (vets advice) Miss R Blackmore
24Jun14Bal20G4y+ 12-2[9/4F]Leibniz 10th of 16, 40.63L behind Diamondgeezer LukeB Hayes99
24Jun14Bal20G4y+ 11-8[11/1]Nearest The Pin 3rd of 13, 13.50L behind Fethard PlayerB Hayes118
23Jun14Kil24G4y+ 11-12[16/1]It's All An Act pulled up in race won by Down TimeAndrew J McNamara95
23Jun14Kil24G4y+ 10-8[12/1]Down Time 1st of 16, 12L to She Be FineB Hayes90
23Jun14Kil24G5y+ 11-3[80/1]Danesfort pulled up in race won by King LeonS G McDermott
21Jun14Gow20GF5-7y 12-0[33/1]Poster Boy 16th of 19, 99.56L behind Dubh EileMr R P McNamara
20Jun14Dow20GF4y+ 10-12[12/1]Leibniz 1st of 10, 2.5L to QuartonB Hayes93
18Jun14Wex18GF4y+ 11-1[25/1]Josam 7th of 14, 63.25L behind Key AccountB Hayes87
15Jun14Dow18GF5-7y 11-7[66/1]Danesfort 8th of 13, 37.38L behind Itchymei'mscratchMr S Fitzgerald
15Jun14Dow23GF5y+ 10-1[7/2]Fennis Moll 10th of 14, 35.00L behind The BalerB Hayes93
15Jun14Dow18GF4y+ 10-13[50/1]Lacken Hill pulled up in race won by SmilerB Hayes
13Jun14Clo16GF5y+ 11-7[20/1]Abolitionist 7th of 15, 11.51L behind AfatcatB Hayes
13Jun14Clo20GF4y+ 10-10[20/1]One Cool Boy 11th of 17, 12.82L behind Maya QuestB Hayes84
10Jun14Ros16Y4y+ 11-5[25/1]Leibniz 7th of 18, 14.03L behind Imperial BreezeB Hayes93
04Jun14Pun16GY5-7y 11-7[66/1]Poster Boy 17th of 25, 50.26L behind Totally DominantMiss R Blackmore
04Jun14Pun20GY4y+ 11-12[33/1]It's All An Act 15th of 25, 54.75L behind Cape GloryAndrew J McNamara