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Last Winner   Mogestic (IRE)
9/1, Kevin Jones
Newton Abbot Tue, 5th Apr, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   22
Days Since Last Winner   24
Last Runner   Head Spin (IRE)
unplaced, , A Thornton
Fontwell Fri, 29th Apr, 16
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)4000.00%€0.00€-4.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)643234.69%€40730.06€-34.50
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
29Apr16Fon21G5y+ 11-12[6/1]Somchine 3rd of 9, 4.75L behind Mercers CourtA Thornton1204
29Apr16Fon19G4y+ 10-4[25/1]Gowell pulled up in race won by Vaillant CreekKevin Jones5
29Apr16Fon17G5y+ 11-5[14/1]Sportsreport 2nd of 6, 0.75L behind QuadrillerA Thornton1114
22Apr16Plu21G4y+ 10-10[11/1]Kastani Beach 6th of 8, 16.50L behind LibeccioMr D Sansom1044
22Apr16Plu20G5y+ 10-6[11/2]Bonds Conquest 2nd of 7, 10L behind BallycoeJeremiah McGrath745
21Apr16Exe17G4y+ 10-12[15/2]Alottarain pulled up in race won by Fort CarsonKevin Jones1014
21Apr16Exe23G4y+ 11-1[12/1]Flugzeug 6th of 11, 34.25L behind Motts CrossKevin Jones945
20Apr16Tau24G4y+ 11-7[14/1]Kentford Heiress 15th of 16, 83.50L behind Double AccordKevin Jones1005
18Apr16New17S4y+ 10-11[11/1]Giveagirlachance 3rd of 8, 13.00L behind Ayla's EmperorKevin Jones1054
17Apr16Win15GS4-6y 10-12[16/1]Burst Ya Bubble 7th of 11, 11.88L behind MovewiththetimesA Thornton6
17Apr16Win20GS5y+ 11-3[14/1]Somchine 3rd of 10, 12.00L behind Go ConquerA Thornton1203
15Apr16Sou20S4y+ 11-7[25/1]Fuhgeddaboudit pulled up in race won by ViolonisteR Mahon1004
15Apr16Sou16S4y+ 11-7[6/1]Miss Fortywinks 6th of 10, 26.88L behind Lord Of The IslandR Mahon1004
14Apr16Che17S4-6y 11-2[33/1]Westerbee 7th of 15, 11.00L behind Hitherjacques LadyKevin Jones4
14Apr16Che21S5y+ 10-9[33/1]Alder Mairi fell in race won by Indian StreamA Thornton1201
12Apr16Exe17GS4y+ 11-3[8/1]Jarlath 3rd of 9, 7.75L behind Miss EstelaKevin Jones1104
10Apr16Ffo16S4-6y 9-10[3/1]Pick Up Trix 3rd of 3, 18.00L behind Alice PinkMr J Sherwood6
09Apr16Che19S4y+ 11-6[5/1]Glenariff 2nd of 13, 3L behind Zara HopeKevin Jones995
08Apr16Wol9A4y+ 8-13[66/1]Poppet Rocket 10th of 12, 7.81L behind John CaesarLamorna Bardwell596
08Apr16Ain17GS4-6y 11-4[100/1]Manhattan Spring 8th of 17, 29.75L behind BacardysA Thornton1
07Apr16Ain17GS4-6y 10-9[150/1]Lillian 9th of 17, 30.38L behind Kayf GraceKevin Jones1
05Apr16New26S4y+ 11-0[9/1]Mogestic 1st of 12, 0.5L to Lilly Of The MoorKevin Jones974
04Apr16Win15S4-6y 10-7[12/1]Present Destiny 4th of 8, 8.75L behind WinningtryKevin Jones6
04Apr16Win15S4-6y 10-11[25/1]Dancing Conquest 6th of 8, 18.00L behind Touch KickJeremiah McGrath6
04Apr16Win25S5y+ 10-1[7/1]Head Spin 2nd of 6, 1.25L behind Saint RaphJeremiah McGrath844
04Apr16Win20S5y+ 10-6[3/1]Sidbury Hill 3rd of 7, 8.03L behind Native RobinKevin Jones1093
03Apr16Car17GS4-6y 11-2[8/1]Chateau Robin 2nd of 10, 2.25L behind RobintheauladT J O'Brien5
02Apr16New16G5y+ 10-9[14/1]Sportsreport 7th of 8, 41.38L behind UltragoldA Thornton1123
02Apr16New21G4y+ 9-13[33/1]Kentford Myth 9th of 13, 34.34L behind Briery QueenKevin Jones1071
30Mar16Exe17S4y+ 11-5[7/2]Steel City 7th of 8, 24.00L behind Twentytwo's TakenJeremiah McGrath1183
27Mar16Plu17S5y+ 10-0[12/1]Hill Forts Gypse pulled up in race won by Like SullyJeremiah McGrath784
27Mar16Plu20S5y+ 10-0[5/1]Bonds Conquest 2nd of 4, 0.5L behind SlidecheckJeremiah McGrath705
26Mar16New22GS4y+ 11-7[4/1]Mogestic 3rd of 8, 13.50L behind I'llhavealookKevin Jones995
24Mar16Che16G4y+ 11-3[12/1]Alottarain 1st of 11, 3L to Bring Back CharlieKevin Jones945
23Mar16Sou11A4y+ 9-6[33/1]Tricky Issue 9th of 10, 32.00L behind Frosty The SnowmanJ Fanning556
23Mar16War21G4y+ 10-7[20/1]Kentford Heiress 6th of 12, 36.25L behind Chantara RoseKevin Jones1014
22Mar16Exe19G4y+ 11-11[13/2]Grandmaster George 4th of 10, 5.75L behind Quieto SolT J O'Brien1074
21Mar16Sou16G4y+ 11-5[12/1]Miss Fortywinks 8th of 12, 38.75L behind Being GlobalR Mahon1024
21Mar16Sou20G5y+ 11-9[16/1]Somchine 2nd of 6, 2.25L behind ThoonavollaA Thornton1174
21Mar16Tau16G4y+ 11-1[12/1]Jarlath 4th of 12, 12.75L behind All Set To GoKevin Jones1104
19Mar16Wol14A4y+ Giveagirlachance non-runnerNon Runner526
19Mar16Fon22G4y+ 10-9[20/1]Gowell 4th of 6, 14.03L behind Treaty GirlKevin Jones4
17Mar16Che8A4y+ 9-4[16/1]Valentine Mist 6th of 7, 14.00L behind Choral ClanDaniel Muscutt606
17Mar16Tow16S4y+ 11-9[3/1]Steel City 2nd of 8, 0.75L behind Grams And OuncesJeremiah McGrath1154
16Mar16Ban20S4y+ 11-1[10/1]Glenariff 3rd of 9, 3.81L behind Magic MoneyKevin Jones994
14Mar16Plu26S5y+ 11-11[4/1]Head Spin 2nd of 5, 34L behind Molly OscarA Thornton885
14Mar16Plu25S4y+ 10-11[9/2]Flugzeug 5th of 6, 71.00L behind Talk Of The SouthJeremiah McGrath954
14Mar16Tau16GS4y 10-5[100/1]Rest Easy 5th of 8, 23.75L behind Culture De SivolaKevin Jones4
14Mar16Plu17S5y+ 11-4[11/2]Sportsreport 1st of 4, 5L to Agincourt ReefA Thornton1054
13Mar16Mar23S4y+ Kentford Myth non-runnerKevin Jones1034
13Mar16War20S5y+ 11-5[9/1]Alder Mairi fell in race won by CentasiaA Thornton1223
12Mar16Che19H4y+ 10-4[8/1]Kentford Myth 2nd of 7, 2.25L behind Vicky's CharmKevin Jones1034
12Mar16San20S4-7y 11-2[16/1]Western Cape 13th of 18, 70.13L behind Barney DwanKevin Jones1301
11Mar16San16H4y+ 10-13[11/2]Kastani Beach 2nd of 8, 2L behind Loves DestinationMajor Erica Bridge1014
08Mar16Exe24GS5y+ 10-9[11/2]Sidbury Hill 4th of 8, 59.25L behind Themanfrom MinellaKevin Jones1134
07Mar16Lin16H4-6y 11-4[8/1]Manhattan Spring 2nd of 9, 4L behind Peggies VentureKevin Jones6
04Mar16New16GS4-6y 11-3[9/1]Westerbee 4th of 9, 15.75L behind CanoodleKevin Jones6
04Mar16Don20S4y+ Grandmaster George non-runnerJeremiah McGrath1074
29Feb16Plu18GS4-6y 10-13[14/1]Lillian 3rd of 5, 8.00L behind Jot'em DownKevin Jones6
29Feb16Plu16GS4y+ 10-12[9/1]Romeo Americo 5th of 9, 14.25L behind PlanetoidA Thornton1004
27Feb16Che16S5y+ The Informant non-runnerA Thornton825
27Feb16Che16S5y+ 10-0[12/1]Bonds Conquest 8th of 12, 50.00L behind Winged ExpressJeremiah McGrath745
24Feb16Kem16A4y+ 9-5[16/1]Giveagirlachance 11th of 13, 8.00L behind Master BurbidgeS Drowne556
23Feb16Tau19H4y+ 10-1[22/1]Hill Forts Gypse pulled up in race won by AllchilledoutKevin Jones795
20Feb16Win20S5y+ 11-5[12/1]Somchine 5th of 6, 58.75L behind Fourth ActA Thornton1193
20Feb16Win21S4y+ 11-4[50/1]Fuhgeddaboudit fell in race won by Somerset JemKevin Jones1024
19Feb16San16H4y+ 11-10[5/1]Steel City 4th of 8, 5.50L behind Canadian DiamondJeremiah McGrath1184
18Feb16Lei20H5y+ Bonds Conquest non-runnerJeremiah McGrath745
15Feb16Plu20H5y+ 10-3[9/1]Alder Mairi 2nd of 3, 25L behind Ar MadJeremiah McGrath1223
04Feb16Tow16S4y+ 11-6[10/1]Romeo Americo 4th of 8, 19.50L behind Mondo CaneA Thornton1044
04Feb16Win21H4y+ 10-9[14/1]Kentford Myth 3rd of 6, 19.50L behind Lifeboat MonaKevin Jones1034
03Feb16Lei20H4y+ 11-7[10/1]Steel City 5th of 8, 55.75L behind The Artful CobblerR Mahon1203
01Feb16Plu25H4y+ 10-6[4/1]Mogestic pulled up in race won by West Of The EdgeJeremiah McGrath994