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Creeve Currabeg Kildare

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Last Winner   Corbata (IRE)
2/7Fav, D P McDonogh
Dundalk Wed, 5th Nov, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   19
Last Runner   Kadayma (IRE)
2nd, 11/10Fav, D P McDonogh
Dundalk Fri, 21st Nov, 14

Dundalk 9-11-07. Jockey MICHAEL KINANE & JOHN OXX in the weighroom. Photo HEALY RACING.
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)644186.25%€99805.00€-54.21
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyOR
21Nov14Dun12A3y+ 9-0[11/10F]Kadayma 2nd of 7, 1.25L behind EnzaniD P McDonogh69
12Nov14Dun7A2y 9-0[8/1]Quilting 3rd of 10, 4.00L behind Plus Ca ChangeD P McDonogh
07Nov14Dun8A2y 9-5[20/1]Papagayo 7th of 14, 5.31L behind UnorthodoxN G McCullagh
05Nov14Dun6A2y 9-5[2/7F]Corbata 1st of 4, 0.5L to Split The AtomD P McDonogh
31Oct14Dun11A3y+ 9-0[12/1]Kadayma 3rd of 14, 2.50L behind VeneziaD P McDonogh
31Oct14Dun8A3y+ 9-0[16/1]Harry's Princess 11th of 14, 10.44L behind PelerinN G McCullagh97
31Oct14Dun8A3y+ 9-0[10/1]Stars So Bright 14th of 14, 18.69L behind PelerinD P McDonogh
26Oct14Leo9Y3y+ 9-0[11/2]Shorana 2nd of 20, 0.5L behind DiylawaD P McDonogh
26Oct14Leo7Y3y+ 9-2[13/2]Harasiya 4th of 13, 2.00L behind Kanes PassD P McDonogh101
26Oct14Leo7Y2y 9-0[11/2]Pour Deux 3rd of 15, 3.25L behind EasterD P McDonogh
25Oct14Leo12YS3y+ 9-13[4/1F]Cailini Alainn 2nd of 19, 0.5L behind Katie TD P McDonogh86
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-8[16/1]Qatea 19th of 20, 35.33L behind Duke EllingtonD P McDonogh73
25Oct14Leo10YS3y+ 9-2[7/1]Ebasani 3rd of 10, 4.75L behind AnsweredD P McDonogh100
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-5[16/1]Foolish 12th of 16, 18.13L behind Giovanni CanalettoD P McDonogh
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-0[10/1]Firecrown 17th of 20, 23.07L behind Off LimitsD P McDonogh
25Oct14Leo8YS2y 9-0[25/1]Nueva 9th of 20, 9.06L behind Off LimitsS Foley
22Oct14Nav13S3y+ 9-5[25/1]Sir Issac 8th of 18, 13.25L behind Lettre De CachetC O'Donoghue
22Oct14Nav13S3y+ 9-0[7/1]Kadayma 6th of 18, 12.75L behind Lettre De CachetD P McDonogh
22Oct14Nav8S2y 9-5[16/1]Papagayo 11th of 17, 10.51L behind Harold PetoD P McDonogh
22Oct14Nav8S2y 9-0[12/1]Avenante 2nd of 17, 1.5L behind Harold PetoN G McCullagh
19Oct14Naa12GY3y+ 8-8[9/2JF]Cailini Alainn 4th of 16, 2.75L behind Rocky BleierD P McDonogh85
19Oct14Naa8GY3y+ 9-0[14/1]Harry's Princess 7th of 15, 3.53L behind Avenue GabrielD P McDonogh97
18Oct14Cor7S2y 9-5[11/4F]Corbata 3rd of 15, 3.75L behind MandamusD P McDonogh
18Oct14Cor6S3y+ 9-11[9/1]Eriniya 16th of 16, 21.59L behind Apache GoldGary Paul Halpin72
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 9-10[33/1]Qewy 10th of 15, 7.87L behind Second StepN G McCullagh103
12Oct14Cur12Y3y+ 9-5[7/2F]Tarana 6th of 15, 1.37L behind Second StepD P McDonogh108
12Oct14Cur8Y3y+ 9-5[12/1]Rightway 2nd of 24, 6L behind ShukhovGary Paul Halpin76
12Oct14Cur9Y3y+ 9-0[10/1]Kadayma 5th of 15, 4.75L behind Fastnet MistD P McDonogh
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-5[8/1]Appeared 4th of 22, 4.00L behind Royal Navy ShipD P McDonogh
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[25/1]Firecrown 8th of 22, 7.13L behind Royal Navy ShipN G McCullagh
12Oct14Cur7Y2y 9-0[20/1]Avenante 7th of 23, 5.56L behind DevonshireD P McDonogh
10Oct14Dun12A3y+ 8-7[28/1]The Big Cat 9th of 14, 5.25L behind Wither HillsGary Paul Halpin77
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-5[25/1]Papagayo 12th of 18, 12.38L behind MohaayedD P McDonogh
08Oct14Nav8Y2y 9-0[3/1]Pour Deux 3rd of 18, 2.25L behind Bocca BaciataD P McDonogh
05Oct14Tip7G3y+ Harry's Princess non-runner (change in going) 97
05Oct14Tip7G3y+ Harasiya non-runner (change in going) 101
05Oct14Tip9G2y 9-5[40/1]Qatea 8th of 14, 6.06L behind VilmanD P McDonogh
03Oct14Dun7A2y 9-0[7/1]Looper 7th of 12, 4.25L behind OrciaD P McDonogh75
30Sep14Fai12GF3y+ 9-2[5/1]Primogeniture 3rd of 10, 3.25L behind AzuriteD P McDonogh85
30Sep14Fai12GF3y+ 8-10[20/1]The Big Cat 10th of 10, 14.53L behind AzuriteN G McCullagh79
30Sep14Fai6GF2y 9-8[7/1]Zebed 8th of 16, 7.75L behind Cailin MorD P McDonogh72
28Sep14Cur7GF2y Bark non-runner (lame)
21Sep14Gow9GF3y+ 9-3[3/1JF]Newton's Night 7th of 9, 9.81L behind QuartzD P McDonogh79
21Sep14Gow8GF2y 9-0[8/1]My Twinkle 5th of 16, 9.00L behind Together ForeverD P McDonogh
19Sep14Lis12Y3y+ 9-5[5/1]Wrap Star 5th of 14, 3.56L behind Asbury BossD P McDonogh82
19Sep14Lis7Y3y+ 9-6[20/1]Harry's Princess 2nd of 14, 1.75L behind SeanieD P McDonogh96
17Sep14Lis12G3y+ 9-9[6/4F]Tarana 2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Vintage NouveauD P McDonogh108
16Sep14Lis7GF2y 9-5[11/1]Corbata 3rd of 7, 2.00L behind Smuggler's CoveD P McDonogh
15Sep14Lis6GF2y 9-0[9/1]Escapism 4th of 14, 3.00L behind Queen AnneD P McDonogh
14Sep14Cur12GF3y+ 8-4[20/1]Rayna 14th of 15, 12.25L behind AdjustedN G McCullagh88
14Sep14Cur6GF2y 8-13[50/1]Zebed 22nd of 29, 14.15L behind Midterm BreakD P McDonogh72
13Sep14Leo10GF3y+ 9-7[33/1]Qewy 5th of 10, 11.75L behind Free EagleD P McDonogh104
13Sep14Leo7GF2y 9-0[20/1]Pivotique 9th of 13, 11.00L behind TamadhorD P McDonogh
12Sep14Dow7GF3y+ 9-5[20/1]Glowing Report 6th of 9, 8.38L behind The ScourgeD P McDonogh59
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-5[7/4F]Wrap Star 4th of 13, 3.13L behind Vivat RexD P McDonogh82
08Sep14Gal12G3y+ 9-12[7/2]Tarana 1st of 12, 2.25L to AltesseD P McDonogh101
08Sep14Gal7G2y 9-0[16/1]Avenante 7th of 13, 6.63L behind Could Should WouldD P McDonogh
08Sep14Gal8G2y 9-5[11/4]Frozen Lake 15th of 15, 27.62L behind Archangel RaphaelD P McDonogh
01Sep14Ros7G2y 9-0[14/1]Looper 3rd of 15, 3.75L behind VocaliserD P McDonogh
31Aug14Cur8GY2y 9-5[8/1]Frozen Lake 4th of 18, 2.00L behind Ol' Man RiverD P McDonogh
30Aug14Wex12G3y+ 9-7[5/1]The Big Cat 7th of 10, 19.01L behind CoolfighterD P McDonogh81
28Aug14Tip9GF3y+ 9-5[6/4F]Ebasani 1st of 4, 1.75L to Long Journey HomeD P McDonogh95
28Aug14Tip7GF3y+ 9-0[33/1]Harry's Princess 7th of 7, 16.75L behind TestedD P McDonogh98
27Aug14Bel5S2y 9-4[7/1]Zebed 3rd of 8, 0.26L behind No FearD P McDonogh71
27Aug14Bel8S3y+ 9-5[16/1]Glowing Report 13th of 15, 19.13L behind ShemshalD P McDonogh
26Aug14Bal9G3y+ 9-5[5/4F]Newton's Night 3rd of 8, 1.00L behind Eric The GreyD P McDonogh80
26Aug14Bal13G3y+ 9-5[1/2F]Marakoush 1st of 10, 7.5L to Asbury BossD P McDonogh88