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Last Winner   Mighty Cliche (IRE)
11/4Fav, B Hughes
Sedgefield Thu, 19th Feb, 15
Runs Since Last Winner   3
Days Since Last Winner   10
Last Runner   Baileys Concerto (IRE)
5th, 17/2, Henry Brooke
Kelso Sat, 28th Feb, 15
RunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 90 Days (Flat)7000.00%€226.56€-7.00
Last 90 Days (N.H.)5661610.71%€58660.16€32.00
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
28Feb15Kel23GS5y+ 10-12[17/2]Baileys Concerto 5th of 6, 20.25L behind Runswick RoyalHenry Brooke1391
21Feb15New16GS4y+ 10-0[100/1]Blue Jacket 8th of 8, 82.75L behind Faerie ReelMr Harry Challoner4
21Feb15New16GS4y+ 10-3[100/1]Honeychile Ryder 6th of 8, 37.75L behind Faerie ReelHenry Brooke4
19Feb15Sed16GS5y+ 10-1[11/4F]Mighty Cliche 1st of 7, 0.5L to Cross To BostonB Hughes735
19Feb15Mus20G5y+ 11-6[7/2]Endeavor 3rd of 8, 3.50L behind Present LodgerJ Reveley994
19Feb15Sed20GS4y+ 10-8[7/2]Turtle Cask 6th of 7, 59.50L behind HellorbostonS Quinlan1014
19Feb15Mus16G4y+ 10-8[33/1]Cool Baranca 7th of 10, 27.50L behind Silver DukeMiss E C Sayer1103
19Feb15Sed17GS4y+ 10-10[11/2]Discoverie 3rd of 10, 1.00L behind AstarolandS Quinlan894
19Feb15Mus20G4y+ 10-6[11/4JF]Sendiym 1st of 6, 3.5L to CeilidhJ Reveley904
16Feb15Car17S4y+ 10-12[14/1]Silver Shuffle 11th of 14, 56.25L behind Beg To DifferMr D W O'Regan1114
16Feb15Car19S4y+ 10-3[66/1]Bright Abbey 8th of 10, 74.50L behind Gold FuturesHenry Brooke1153
16Feb15Car19S4y+ 10-0[16/1]Boruma pulled up in race won by Gold FuturesMr Harry Challoner1153
14Feb15Hay24S5y+ 9-7[25/1]Bell Weir 6th of 16, 17.25L behind Bygones SovereignMr D W O'Regan1182
12Feb15Kel22GS4y+ 11-2[10/1]Gold Chain pulled up in race won by Warriors TaleJ Reveley1153
12Feb15Kel18GS4y+ 10-10[100/1]Cool Baranca 5th of 5, 52.75L behind GlingerburnMiss E C Sayer1102
11Feb15Mus16G4-6y 11-3[25/1]Octagon 4th of 5, 8.75L behind GingiliJ Reveley6
11Feb15Mus20G5y+ 11-4[6/1]Endeavor 2nd of 9, 3.25L behind Royal MacnabJ Reveley994
10Feb15Ayr20S4y+ 10-4[13/2]Mighty Cliche 8th of 12, 11.00L behind Simmply SamCallum Bewley785
10Feb15Ayr24S4y+ 10-7[9/4F]Turtle Cask 4th of 7, 30.00L behind One For ArthurJ Reveley1014
09Feb15Wol17A4y+ 8-12[20/1]Sendiym 7th of 8, 6.94L behind The YankMiss E C Sayer486
09Feb15Wol9A4y+ 9-0[80/1]Weapon Of Choice 7th of 7, 2.84L behind Off The PulseMiss E C Sayer774
05Feb15Wol12A4y+ 8-12[33/1]Sergeant Pink 8th of 8, 17.81L behind TrimouletMiss E C Sayer616
05Feb15Wol9A4y+ 8-10[16/1]Call of Duty 4th of 6, 8.50L behind Gabrial The ThugMiss E C Sayer596
05Feb15Wol7A4y+ 8-13[14/1]Great Demeanor 9th of 10, 10.25L behind EtaadMiss E C Sayer526
01Feb15Mus24G4y+ 9-12[9/1]Bell Weir 9th of 12, 17.25L behind DawalanMr Harry Challoner1202
31Jan15Wet16S4y+ Blue Jacket non-runnerMiss E C Sayer4
25Jan15Sed17S4y+ 10-6[6/4]Discoverie 1st of 6, 3.5L to AstarolandS Quinlan805
25Jan15Sed20S4y+ 10-11[2/1F]Turtle Cask 1st of 8, 4.5L to Premier SagasJ Reveley954
25Jan15Sed20S4y+ 11-11[5/1]Boruma 5th of 8, 54.00L behind AqalimJ Reveley1154
25Jan15Sed20S4y+ 11-0[12/1]Silver Shuffle 3rd of 8, 16.00L behind AqalimColm McCormack1124
24Jan15Don24GS5y+ 10-6[25/1]Baileys Concerto 2nd of 14, 3.5L behind If In DoubtB Hughes1341
23Jan15Ayr16S4y+ 10-8[7/2]Gold Chain 3rd of 6, 7.00L behind Circus StarB Hughes1153
23Jan15Ayr20S5y+ 10-6[7/4F]Mighty Cliche 2nd of 5, 3.25L behind Present LodgerB Hughes725
21Jan15Ayr20H4y+ Discoverie non-runnerS Quinlan805
21Jan15Ayr20H4y+ Mighty Cliche non-runnerB Hughes775
20Jan15Wet20S4y+ 10-3[7/2]Mighty Cliche 2nd of 8, 4L behind RayadourB Hughes775
13Jan15Sou12A4y+ 8-9[33/1]Van Mildert 10th of 12, 42.63L behind Different ScenarioConnor Beasley456
13Jan15Sou7A4y+ 8-8[33/1]Great Demeanor 7th of 9, 16.13L behind AmenableMiss E C Sayer576
03Jan15New20S5y+ 9-11[2/1F]Mighty Cliche unseated rider in race won by BoricMr Harry Challoner725
01Jan15Cat25GS4y+ 11-2[5/1]Turtle Cask 2nd of 11, 6L behind Freedom FlyingMr Harry Challoner935
01Jan15Mus24S5y+ 10-11[16/1]Drumlister 5th of 8, 24.56L behind Purcell's BridgeMr T Greenwood1024
01Jan15Che21GS5y+ 10-6[12/1]Baileys Concerto 6th of 13, 15.01L behind Splash of GingeB Hughes1351
01Jan15Mus20S4y+ 11-3[12/1]Gold Chain 3rd of 11, 9.06L behind Uisge BeathaColm McCormack1154
01Jan15Mus20S4y+ 10-6[14/1]Endeavor pulled up in race won by Uisge BeathaMiss E C Sayer1024
01Jan15Mus16S4y 10-13[18/1]Cooking Fat 4th of 10, 5.50L behind Superb StoryColm McCormack1183
28Dec14Cat16GS4y+ Silver Shuffle non-runnerHarry Haynes1004
28Dec14Cat16GS3y+ 11-6[11/2]Weapon Of Choice 4th of 13, 18.03L behind MantouJ Reveley4
28Dec14Cat16GS3y+ Leroy Parker non-runnerNon Runner825
27Dec14Wet16S3y 10-2[66/1]Honeychile Ryder 8th of 13, 59.00L behind SeamourColm McCormack4
26Dec14Sed17S3y+ 10-3[6/1]Leroy Parker 7th of 8, 41.00L behind DiscoverieColm McCormack825
26Dec14Sed17S3y+ 10-0[7/1]Discoverie 1st of 8, 6L to AssiremS Quinlan735
26Dec14Sed20S3y+ 10-4[8/1]Turtle Cask 4th of 8, 19.13L behind IstimraarPaul Moloney934
26Dec14Sed16S4y+ 11-12[7/4F]Silver Shuffle 3rd of 5, 10.50L behind Amethyst RoseHarry Haynes1005
20Dec14Hay20H4y+ Gold Chain non-runnerColm McCormack1151
16Dec14Cat16GS3y 10-7[28/1]Tashbeeh 6th of 14, 11.88L behind NotnowsamColm McCormack4
16Dec14Cat19GS3y+ 11-4[9/1]Drumlister 7th of 12, 10.25L behind Lights Of BroadwayMr T Greenwood965
11Dec14New20S4y+ Mighty Cliche non-runnerB Hughes724
10Dec14Hex16H4y+ 10-0[9/2]Mighty Cliche 2nd of 6, 8L behind Amethyst RoseB Hughes725
08Dec14Mus20G3y+ 10-11[50/1]Cool Baranca 10th of 13, 27.81L behind Waltz DarlingMiss E C Sayer1133
08Dec14Mus24G4y+ 10-1[9/4F]Discoverie 3rd of 7, 19.13L behind Snapping TurtleB Hughes755
08Dec14Mus20G4y+ 10-10[2/1F]Silver Shuffle 5th of 6, 29.50L behind Revolutionary RoadJ Reveley1044
07Dec14Kel27S3y+ 11-7[7/1]Turtle Cask 5th of 7, 24.75L behind Prairie LadJ Reveley955
07Dec14Kel22S4y+ 11-10[9/4]Gold Chain 3rd of 9, 5.25L behind ArdnahoeJ Reveley1194
07Dec14Kel16S3y+ 10-10[7/1]Endeavor 4th of 13, 7.00L behind Teo VivoMiss E C Sayer1024
06Dec14Ain20GS4y+ 9-12[14/1]Bell Weir 5th of 12, 9.25L behind DawalanMr Harry Challoner1202
06Dec14Ain20GS4y+ 11-11[6/1]Baileys Concerto 3rd of 10, 1.31L behind BincombeB Hughes1343
06Dec14Ain17GS3y 10-12[80/1]Honeychile Ryder 8th of 8, 71.56L behind NyanzaJ Reveley1
03Dec14Cat16G3y 10-7[66/1]Cooking Fat 1st of 16, 0.75L to Medicine HatColm McCormack4
03Dec14Cat16G3y 10-5[100/1]Tashbeeh 8th of 16, 25.00L behind Cooking FatMr R D Day4
02Dec14Sed17S3y+ 11-7[6/1]Silver Shuffle 3rd of 9, 6.50L behind Nautical TwilightJ Reveley1124