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Horse Race Type
B Fifty Two (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 3.15 25th OctDeclaration
Baby Bush (IRE)Newbury Sat, 4.40 25th OctDeclaration
Baby Whizz (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 3.35 29th OctWeights
Back Door Approach (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 1.55 25th OctDeclaration
Back To Balloo (IRE)Aintree Sun, 2.40 26th OctDeclaration
Badgerfort (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.15 27th OctWeights
Baileys Concerto (IRE)Aintree Sun, 2.05 26th OctDeclaration
Baily Cloud (IRE)Wexford Sat, 3.25 25th OctDeclaration
Baily Green (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Baitha Alga (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Balkinstown (IRE)Galway Mon, 3.35 27th OctWeights
Ballesteros (GB)Doncaster Sat, 2.40 25th OctDeclaration
Doncaster Sat, 3.15 25th OctDeclaration
Ballinard Billy (IRE)Wexford Sat, 2.20 25th OctDeclaration
Ballyadam Brook (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
Ballybogey (IRE)Aintree Sat, 4.50 25th OctDeclaration
Ballycasey (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Ballyfinboy (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.35 27th OctWeights
Ballygill Princess (IRE)Galway Mon, 1.35 27th OctWeights
Ballytier Warrior (IRE)Galway Mon, 4.35 27th OctWeights
Ballyvoneen (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 5.15 25th OctDeclaration
Balofilo (GB)Galway Sun, 1.25 26th OctDeclaration
Banana Flambe (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 4.25 30th OctWeights
Bank Bonus (GB)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
Wexford Mon, 2.45 27th OctWeights
Banker Burke (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.45 27th OctWeights
Banreenahreenkah (IRE)Stratford Sat, 2.15 25th OctDeclaration
Barack (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.55 25th OctDeclaration
Barren Hill (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.15 27th OctWeights
Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Basateen (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Battalion (IRE)Newbury Sat, 2.20 25th OctDeclaration
Battle Of Marathon (USA)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Battle Of Shiloh (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 4.05 29th OctWeights
Battling Boru (IRE)Galway Mon, 4.05 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th OctWeights
Bay Of Freedom (IRE)Galway Sun, 4.45 26th OctDeclaration
Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
Punchestown Wed, 4.05 29th OctWeights
Bay Sly (IRE)Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
Beach Belle (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Beach Of Falesa (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 3.55 30th OctWeights
Beautiful Ben (IRE)Wexford Sat, 3.25 25th OctDeclaration
Before Long (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Belardo (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Bella Nouf (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Bellajeu (GB)Newbury Sat, 4.05 25th OctDeclaration
Bells 'n' Banjos (IRE)Stratford Sat, 5.05 25th OctDeclaration
Belong (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Benahavis (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.15 27th OctWeights
Benbecula (GB)Wincanton Sun, 4.40 26th OctDeclaration
Benefit Cut (IRE)Aintree Sun, 3.50 26th OctDeclaration
Bennachie (IRE)Stratford Sat, 4.30 25th OctDeclaration
Bertie Rolph (IRE)Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
Best Boy Barney (IRE)Wincanton Sun, 1.45 26th OctDeclaration
Best Of Times (GB)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Beyond Brilliance (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 3.45 25th OctDeclaration
Billybuster (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.10 25th OctDeclaration
Black Benny (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.35 27th OctWeights
Black Ice (IRE)Galway Mon, 3.35 27th OctWeights
Black Pearl (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctDeclaration
Black Thunder (FR)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Black Zero (IRE)Galway Sun, 2.30 26th OctDeclaration
Punchestown Wed, 3.35 29th OctWeights
Blackstairs Tara (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.40 25th OctDeclaration
Blackstone (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 4.00 26th OctDeclaration
Blackwater Bridge (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.45 27th OctWeights
Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Blaklion (GB)Chepstow Sat, 3.35 25th OctDeclaration
Bloomsday (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Blossom Gate (IRE)Galway Mon, 4.05 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th OctWeights
Blossom Mills (GB)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Blue Hussar (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
Blue Paraiba (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Bluegrass Blues (IRE)Wolverhampton Sat, 6.45 25th OctDeclaration
Bluerince Lady (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Bob Ford (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 2.55 25th OctDeclaration
Bobs Worth (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Bocca Baciata (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Bold Captain (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 5.30 25th OctDeclaration
Bold Sir Brian (IRE)Aintree Sat, 3.00 25th OctDeclaration
Bold Thady Quill (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 2.15 26th OctDeclaration
Bonisland (GB)Wexford Mon, 3.15 27th OctWeights
Boondooma (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 4.10 25th OctDeclaration
Borguy (FR)Wincanton Sun, 3.30 26th OctDeclaration
Boris Bike (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Boston Bob (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Bowberry (GB)Wolverhampton Sat, 8.15 25th OctDeclaration
Brand Ambassador (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th OctWeights
Bravo Zolo (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Break My Mind (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.25 25th OctDeclaration
Breakable (GB)Doncaster Sat, 5.30 25th OctDeclaration
Brigadoon (GB)Doncaster Sat, 2.40 25th OctDeclaration
Brigliadoro (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 5.30 25th OctDeclaration
Brite Spark (IRE)Galway Mon, 1.35 27th OctWeights
Broadway Twist (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.25 30th OctWeights
Broughton (GER)Aintree Sat, 2.00 25th OctDeclaration
Bruff (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.35 27th OctWeights
Buck's Bond (FR)Wincanton Sun, 2.55 26th OctDeclaration
Bunk Off Early (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 1.40 26th OctDeclaration
Burano (IRE)Newbury Sat, 3.30 25th OctDeclaration
Burning The Clocks (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 2.10 25th OctDeclaration
Bursledon (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.45 27th OctWeights
Burton Port (IRE)Aintree Sat, 3.40 25th OctDeclaration
Bury Parade (IRE)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Bush Beauty (IRE)Wolverhampton Sat, 7.45 25th OctDeclaration
Busted Case (IRE)Galway Mon, 3.35 27th OctWeights
Busy Bush (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Buzz Law (IRE)Stratford Sat, 2.15 25th OctDeclaration
By The Boardwalk (IRE)Wincanton Sun, 1.45 26th OctDeclaration
Byerley Babe (IRE)Wexford Sat, 4.00 25th OctDeclaration
Byron Blue (IRE)Wincanton Sun, 2.20 26th OctDeclaration