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Horse Race Type
Daaree (IRE)Kempton Thu, 8.40 23rd OctDeclaration
Dairy Herd (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.40 25th OctEntry
Daisy Walker (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Dandridge (GB)Galway Sun, 3.40 26th OctEntry
Danz Gift (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.10 24th OctWeights
Dark Kingdom (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 2.00 22nd OctDeclaration
Dark Matter (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctEntry
Dark Wonder (IRE)Newmarket Wed, 2.35 22nd OctDeclaration
Dash (IRE)Navan Wed, 4.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Dashing Lady (IRE)Wexford Sat, 2.50 25th OctEntry
Dashwood (GB)Leopardstown Sat, 4.55 25th OctEntry
Day Day (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.40 25th OctEntry
Daydream Island (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.25 26th OctEntry
Dazzling Susie (IRE)Thurles Thu, 2.15 23rd OctWeights
Dear Darling (GB)Worcester Wed, 4.00 22nd OctDeclaration
Decorated Knight (GB)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Defining Year (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.55 25th OctEntry
Definite Ruby (IRE)Thurles Thu, 2.15 23rd OctWeights
Demographic (USA)Fontwell Wed, 4.45 22nd OctDeclaration
Deputy Dan (IRE)Fontwell Wed, 2.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Derrintogher Bliss (IRE)Worcester Wed, 5.05 22nd OctDeclaration
Desert Roe (IRE)Thurles Thu, 4.55 23rd OctWeights
Diamond Bangle (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctEntry
Diamond Dame (IRE)Wexford Sat, 4.00 25th OctEntry
Dick Dundee (GB)Wexford Sat, 5.10 25th OctEntry
Dick Whittington (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Digeanta (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 3.30 26th OctEntry
Diylawa (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 4.35 26th OctEntry
Do Try Dolly (IRE)Thurles Thu, 3.50 23rd OctWeights
Dolce N Karama (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 4.05 26th OctEntry
Dollar And A Dream (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.25 26th OctEntry
Dominetta Vitali (IRE)Wexford Sat, 4.35 25th OctEntry
Dominic Cork (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Don Camillo (USA)Leopardstown Sat, 2.35 25th OctEntry
Leopardstown Sun, 1.10 26th OctEntry
Don Cossack (GER)Down Royal Sat, 2.30 1st NovEntry
Don Vincenzo (IRE)Thurles Thu, 5.25 23rd OctWeights
Galway Sun, 4.45 26th OctEntry
Donatis Comet (IRE)Thurles Thu, 2.45 23rd OctWeights
Double Fast (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.05 25th OctEntry
Leopardstown Sun, 12.40 26th OctEntry
Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Down Ace (IRE)Thurles Thu, 2.15 23rd OctWeights
Down Time (USA)Galway Sun, 2.30 26th OctEntry
Dr Erewhon (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.35 25th OctEntry
Dragon Fei (IRE)Navan Wed, 2.40 22nd OctDeclaration
Leopardstown Sat, 3.45 25th OctEntry
Dragon Gate (GB)Navan Wed, 3.15 22nd OctDeclaration
Dram Girl (USA)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctEntry
Draycott Place (IRE)Galway Sun, 1.55 26th OctEntry
Dream Approval (IRE)Kempton Wed, 8.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Dreamland (IRE)Thurles Thu, 3.50 23rd OctWeights
Galway Sun, 4.45 26th OctEntry
Drifting Mist (GB)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 24th OctWeights
Drive On Locky (IRE)Wexford Sat, 3.25 25th OctEntry
Drop The Subject (IRE)Thurles Thu, 3.15 23rd OctWeights
Drummore Road (IRE)Navan Wed, 5.00 22nd OctDeclaration
Dubai Crown (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.35 25th OctEntry
Leopardstown Sun, 1.10 26th OctEntry
Duca Valentinois (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctEntry
Duchessofflorence (GB)Leopardstown Sun, 12.40 26th OctEntry
Dueling Banjos (GB)Worcester Wed, 3.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Duke Ellington (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctEntry
Duke Of Dunton (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Duke Of Medina (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctEntry
Dun Scaith (IRE)Thurles Thu, 3.50 23rd OctWeights
Galway Sun, 3.05 26th OctEntry
Dushy Springs (IRE)Wexford Sat, 3.25 25th OctEntry
Dusky Legend (GB)Fontwell Wed, 5.15 22nd OctDeclaration
Dutch Connection (GB)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Dutch Portrait (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Dutch Uncle (GB)Newmarket Wed, 3.10 22nd OctDeclaration
Duty Dance (IRE)Wexford Sat, 4.00 25th OctEntry
Dylan Express (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.10 24th OctWeights
Dylan's Centenary (GB)Kempton Wed, 9.25 22nd OctDeclaration
Dynamite Dixie (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 24th OctWeights
Dynamo (IRE)Navan Wed, 5.30 22nd OctDeclaration
Leopardstown Sun, 4.35 26th OctEntry
Dysios (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.25 25th OctEntry
Leopardstown Sun, 4.05 26th OctEntry