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Horse Race Type
Wadswick Court (IRE)Aintree Sat, 2.00 25th OctDeclaration
Wakanda (IRE)Aintree Sat, 4.50 25th OctDeclaration
Wandering (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Wandering Star (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 5.25 25th OctDeclaration
Wannabe Your Man (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.50 24th OctDeclaration
War And Contrition (IRE)Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
War Envoy (USA)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
War Of The Pennys (IRE)Wexford Mon, 2.45 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th OctWeights
War Room (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.40 24th OctDeclaration
Warsaw Pact (IRE)Wincanton Sun, 1.15 26th OctDeclaration
Watch This Space (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.40 24th OctDeclaration
Waterloo Sunrise (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 9.10 24th OctDeclaration
Waydownsouth (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 3.25 26th OctDeclaration
We'll Shake Hands (FR)Doncaster Sat, 1.40 25th OctDeclaration
Doncaster Sat, 5.00 25th OctDeclaration
Wedding Vow (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Well Done Me (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.40 24th OctDeclaration
Welliesinthewater (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 9.20 24th OctDeclaration
Welsh Nayber (GB)Wexford Mon, 2.45 27th OctWeights
West Council (IRE)Galway Sun, 2.30 26th OctDeclaration
Western Bar (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.25 30th OctWeights
Western Promise (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 4.25 30th OctWeights
Westerner Point (IRE)Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
Wewillallgo (IRE)Galway Mon, 3.35 27th OctWeights
Wexford Bridge (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.15 27th OctWeights
Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Whaileyy (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 24th OctDeclaration
What About Harry (IRE)Wexford Sat, 2.20 25th OctDeclaration
Galway Mon, 3.35 27th OctWeights
What Present (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 1.35 29th OctWeights
What Say You (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Whatsforuwontgobyu (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 4.35 26th OctDeclaration
Wheelavher (GB)Stratford Sat, 3.55 25th OctDeclaration
When Will It End (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 4.25 25th OctDeclaration
Whip Up A Frenzy (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Whipper's Boy (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.45 27th OctWeights
Whiskey No Ice (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 4.05 29th OctWeights
Whisky Galore (GB)Galway Sun, 2.30 26th OctDeclaration
Whispering Hope (IRE)Galway Sun, 3.05 26th OctDeclaration
Whitey O' Gwaun (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 24th OctDeclaration
Who Let De Dogsout (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 3.55 30th OctWeights
Who Told Jan (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Whozthecat (IRE)Wolverhampton Sat, 6.45 25th OctDeclaration
Why Ask Me (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.25 30th OctWeights
Wildebeest (IRE)Wexford Mon, 4.15 27th OctWeights
Windsor Beach (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd MayEntry
Windsor Park (IRE)Galway Sun, 4.15 26th OctDeclaration
Winsor Royal (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.20 25th OctDeclaration
Winter Breeze (IRE)Wexford Mon, 1.15 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 1.55 30th OctWeights
Wise Old Owl (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.35 27th OctWeights
Wishfull Thinking (GB)Aintree Sat, 3.00 25th OctDeclaration
Witch From Rome (GB)Aintree Sun, 1.30 26th OctDeclaration
Witches Brew (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 2.15 26th OctDeclaration
Wither Hills (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 24th OctDeclaration
Withernsea (IRE)Doncaster Sat, 1.40 25th OctDeclaration
Witty Repartee (IRE)Leopardstown Sun, 4.35 26th OctDeclaration
Wizards Bridge (GB)Chepstow Sat, 1.55 25th OctDeclaration
Wood Breizh (FR)Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th OctWeights
Words (IRE)Curragh Sun, 3.55 24th MayEntry
Worldor (FR)Wincanton Sun, 4.40 26th OctDeclaration
Wotalad (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 7.50 24th OctDeclaration
Wounded Warrior (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.05 27th OctWeights
Punchestown Wed, 3.05 29th OctWeights
Wrath Of Titans (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 1.05 29th OctWeights
Wrong Turn (IRE)Galway Mon, 2.35 27th OctWeights
Wexford Mon, 3.15 27th OctWeights
Clonmel Thu, 3.25 30th OctWeights