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Horse Race Result
A Three Eighty (FR)Cork Sun, 5.30 15th Octn.r.
Abbreviate (GER)Huntingdon Tue, 4.20 17th Oct3rd
Abiento (IRE)Windsor Mon, 4.30 16th Oct6th
Above Board (IRE)Worcester Tue, 2.10 17th Oct1st
Accessor (IRE)Leicester Tue, 4.00 17th Oct1st
Ace Of Spades (USA)Musselburgh Mon, 1.50 16th Oct2nd
Adulate (GB)Windsor Mon, 2.00 16th Oct9th
Aegean Boy (GB)Kempton Tue, 5.15 17th Oct8th
African Blessing (GB)Kempton Tue, 7.15 17th Oct4th
Agamemmon (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 3.50 17th Oct2nd
Age Of Wisdom (IRE)Goodwood Sun, 2.00 15th Oct9th
Agent Of Fortune (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 2.40 16th Oct9th
Aiguille Rouge (FR)Leicester Tue, 5.00 17th Oct5th
Airshow (GB)Kempton Tue, 6.45 17th Oct3rd
Al Hawraa (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 2.20 16th Oct3rd
Alamein (IRE)Chepstow Sun, 4.00 15th Oct9th
Alba Del Sole (IRE)Kempton Tue, 6.15 17th Oct3rd
Alfarqad (USA)Yarmouth Mon, 2.10 16th Oct4th
Aljezeera (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 3.10 16th Oct1st
All Out (GB)Windsor Mon, 3.00 16th Oct1st
All The Chimneys (IRE)Cork Sun, 3.15 15th Oct9th
Allez Kal (IRE)Cork Sun, 2.05 15th Oct7th
Almontaser (FR)Naas Sun, 4.10 15th Octn.r.
Alpha Delphini (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 3.20 16th Oct1st
Alsvinder (GB)Kempton Tue, 5.45 17th Oct2nd
Alvarado (IRE)Chepstow Sun, 3.25 15th Octn.r.
Always Thankful (GB)Windsor Mon, 3.30 16th Octn.r.
Amajari (FR)Windsor Mon, 5.00 16th Oct9th
Amanto (GER)Huntingdon Tue, 5.20 17th Oct3rd
Amazing Rock (SWI)Leicester Tue, 4.30 17th Oct4th
Amour de Nuit (IRE)Chepstow Sun, 2.50 15th Oct2nd
Amplification (USA)Yarmouth Mon, 2.10 16th Oct3rd
Anastazia (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 4.40 16th Oct7th
Andok (IRE)Windsor Mon, 2.30 16th Oct4th
Anfaass (IRE)Windsor Mon, 4.30 16th Oct11th
Angelical Eve (IRE)Kempton Tue, 8.15 17th Oct5th
Ann Without An E (GB)Goodwood Sun, 3.10 15th Oct6th
Annie'sboydave (GB)Worcester Tue, 5.10 17th Octp.u.
Annoushka (GB)Yarmouth Mon, 3.40 16th Oct10th
Appenzeller (USA)Windsor Mon, 3.00 16th Oct5th
Apple Anni (IRE)Naas Sun, 3.00 15th Oct4th
Aquadabra (IRE)Windsor Mon, 2.00 16th Oct2nd
Arctic Flower (IRE)Windsor Mon, 3.30 16th Oct9th
Art Echo (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 4.55 16th Oct2nd
Arthur's Oak (GB)Chepstow Sun, 4.35 15th Octfell
Arvico Bleu (IRE)Cork Sun, 2.40 15th Oct5th
Arzaak (IRE)Kempton Tue, 5.45 17th Oct6th
As You Like (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 3.50 17th Oct5th
Astrophysics (GB)Musselburgh Mon, 3.50 16th Octn.r.
Atlanta Belle (IRE)Kempton Tue, 5.15 17th Oct6th
Audacious Plan (IRE)Huntingdon Tue, 4.50 17th Oct1st
Aussie Reigns (IRE)Goodwood Sun, 4.20 15th Oct8th
Austerity (IRE)Leicester Tue, 5.30 17th Oct12th