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Horse Race Result
Cacheofgold (IRE)Galway Wed, 3.35 30th Jul1st
Caid Du Berlais (FR)Galway Wed, 5.30 30th Jul7th
Cailin Annamh (IRE)Galway Tue, 5.35 29th Jul2nd
Cairdiuil (IRE)Galway Wed, 6.05 30th Jul1st
Calibrate (GB)Galway Tue, 6.40 29th Juln.r.
Califante (GB)Galway Thu, 3.40 31st Jul11th
Call Vinnie (IRE)Galway Mon, 8.15 28th Jul2nd
Calling You (IRE)Ayr Mon, 2.30 28th Jul2nd
Calusa Star (GB)Uttoxeter Mon, 7.25 28th Julp.u.
Camakasi (IRE)Galway Mon, 7.15 28th Jul9th
Cameron Highland (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 1.55 29th Jul11th
Canova (IRE)Windsor Mon, 7.35 28th Jul3rd
Capisci (IRE)Worcester Tue, 5.50 29th Jul2nd
Captain Cullen (IRE)Galway Thu, 3.00 31st Jul8th
Captain George (IRE)Nottingham Thu, 3.30 31st Jul2nd
Captain Marmalade (IRE)Windsor Mon, 6.35 28th Juln.r.
Captain Redbeard (IRE)Uttoxeter Mon, 8.55 28th Jul5th
Captain Sharpe (GB)Ffos Las Thu, 7.45 31st Jul6th
Carlanstown (IRE)Perth Wed, 6.20 30th Jul2nd
Carlito Brigante (IRE)Perth Tue, 8.05 29th Jul2nd
Carrowbeg (IRE)Windsor Mon, 8.35 28th Jul7th
Carthage (IRE)Sandown Wed, 7.30 30th Jul5th
Cassandane (IRE)Goodwood Thu, 4.20 31st Jul7th
Cassells Rock (IRE)Galway Tue, 7.10 29th Jul4th
Castle Bar Sling (USA)Galway Thu, 3.00 31st Jul10th
Castle Combe (IRE)Epsom Thu, 8.05 31st Jul4th
Castle Guest (IRE)Galway Wed, 3.00 30th Jul12th
Castorienta (GB)Leicester Wed, 8.10 30th Jul2nd
Casual Mover (IRE)Windsor Mon, 8.05 28th Juln.r.
Cataria Girl (USA)Sandown Wed, 6.25 30th Jul4th
Cathy's Pursuit (IRE)Galway Tue, 6.05 29th Jul10th
Cavalieri (IRE)Ayr Mon, 3.30 28th Jul4th
Cavalryman (GB)Goodwood Thu, 3.10 31st Jul1st
Ceaseless (IRE)Nottingham Thu, 2.25 31st Jul3rd
Celestial Bay (GB)Sandown Wed, 5.50 30th Jul4th
Celtic Sixpence (IRE)Nottingham Thu, 4.05 31st Jul2nd
Chadic (GB)Goodwood Wed, 3.40 30th Jul6th
Champagne Agent (IRE)Perth Wed, 5.10 30th Jul3rd
Championship (IRE)Goodwood Thu, 4.50 31st Jul8th
Chanceuse (GB)Leicester Wed, 6.30 30th Jul2nd
Chapellerie (IRE)Lingfield Mon, 3.15 28th Jul2nd
Chapter And Verse (IRE)Leicester Wed, 7.05 30th Jul1st
Charles Camoin (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 1.55 29th Jul5th
Charlie Wells (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 7.15 31st Jul4th
Chase The Challis (IRE)Galway Mon, 7.15 28th Jul7th
Cherry Lodge (IRE)Uttoxeter Mon, 5.50 28th Jul4th
Cherry Princess (GB)Yarmouth Tue, 2.10 29th Jul3rd
Epsom Thu, 5.55 31st Jul1st
Chesil Beach (GB)Nottingham Thu, 5.45 31st Jul2nd
Chester Deelyte (IRE)Leicester Wed, 8.10 30th Jul9th
Cheworee (GB)Goodwood Tue, 5.20 29th Jul2nd
Chief Suspect (IRE)Galway Tue, 8.15 29th Jul4th
Chinese Light (IRE)Galway Tue, 6.05 29th Jul3rd
Chloe's Dream (IRE)Ayr Mon, 3.00 28th Jul4th
Choc'a'moca (IRE)Redcar Wed, 5.00 30th Jul1st
Choice Of Destiny (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.35 28th Jul6th
Chooseday (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 5.20 29th Juln.r.
Choral Festival (GB)Windsor Mon, 8.05 28th Jul2nd
Chosen Forever (GB)Redcar Wed, 6.10 30th Jul5th
City Ground (USA)Beverley Tue, 5.45 29th Jul2nd
City Line (IRE)Perth Tue, 8.35 29th Jul1st
Perth Wed, 3.25 30th Jul2nd
City Of Angkor Wat (IRE)Lingfield Mon, 5.45 28th Juln.r.
Civil Unrest (IRE)Perth Wed, 6.20 30th Jul3rd
Classic Colori (IRE)Stratford Thu, 2.15 31st Juln.r.
Classic Mission (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.35 28th Juln.r.
Classy Anne (GB)Ayr Mon, 3.00 28th Jul2nd
Clear Intent (IRE)Galway Tue, 8.15 29th Jul5th
Clock Opera (IRE)Leicester Wed, 8.10 30th Jul8th
Clondaw Farmer (IRE)Galway Thu, 6.05 31st Jul1st
Cloudscape (IRE)Goodwood Wed, 2.30 30th Jul4th
Cloudy Spirit (GB)Worcester Tue, 8.50 29th Jul7th
Cocoon (IRE)Galway Tue, 6.05 29th Jul11th
Coffee (IRE)Galway Thu, 4.55 31st Jul13th
Collaboration (GB)Goodwood Thu, 2.05 31st Jul14th
Colour Blue (IRE)Galway Thu, 3.40 31st Jul3rd
Colours Of Glory (IRE)Epsom Thu, 6.25 31st Jul5th
Columbanus (IRE)Galway Wed, 7.10 30th Jul3rd
Commanche (GB)Yarmouth Tue, 3.15 29th Jul8th
Commissar (GB)Goodwood Tue, 4.50 29th Jul14th
Con Forza (IRE)Uttoxeter Mon, 7.55 28th Jul9th
Confiture (GB)Lingfield Mon, 2.45 28th Jul10th
Conjuror's Bluff (GB)Ayr Mon, 5.30 28th Jul7th
Connacht Council (IRE)Galway Wed, 6.05 30th Jul10th
Connaught Water (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 8.50 31st Jul4th
Consistant (GB)Leicester Wed, 8.10 30th Juln.r.
Continuum (GB)Goodwood Tue, 3.40 29th Jul6th
Cool Athlete (IRE)Galway Wed, 6.05 30th Julu.r.
Cool Bahamian (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 4.50 29th Jul7th
Cool Baranca (GER)Perth Wed, 4.35 30th Jul3rd
Cool Star (IRE)Perth Wed, 5.10 30th Jul4th
Coolfighter (GER)Galway Tue, 7.10 29th Jul5th
Copleys Walk (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 5.40 31st Jul3rd
Copperwood (GB)Lingfield Mon, 5.45 28th Jul3rd
Corporal Maddox (GB)Goodwood Wed, 5.25 30th Jul6th
Corton Lad (GB)Goodwood Thu, 5.25 31st Jul7th
Cosette (IRE)Sandown Wed, 8.35 30th Jul2nd
Cosmic Ray (GB)Lingfield Mon, 2.15 28th Jul5th
Cotai Glory (GB)Goodwood Tue, 2.30 29th Jul1st
Count Salazar (IRE)Galway Wed, 5.30 30th Jul9th
Cousin Khee (GB)Lingfield Mon, 4.45 28th Jul8th
Craftsmanship (FR)Sandown Wed, 7.30 30th Juln.r.
Crannaghmore Boy (IRE)Stratford Thu, 3.20 31st Jul5th
Crazy Train (GB)Lingfield Mon, 5.45 28th Jul13th
Creative Genius (GB)Leicester Wed, 7.40 30th Jul8th
Crikey (IRE)Redcar Wed, 2.05 30th Jul5th
Croi An Or (IRE)Galway Tue, 6.40 29th Jul12th
Crosse Fire (GB)Redcar Wed, 2.05 30th Jul7th
Crouching Harry (IRE)Beverley Tue, 5.45 29th Julw.d.
Crown Theatre (IRE)Galway Mon, 8.15 28th Jul12th
Cruise Tothelimit (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 5.20 29th Juln.r.
Crystal Pearl (GB)Sandown Wed, 8.35 30th Juln.r.
Cueca (FR)Lingfield Mon, 2.45 28th Jul7th
Curley Bill (IRE)Galway Thu, 4.55 31st Juln.r.
Curragh Hall (IRE)Stratford Thu, 5.00 31st Jul4th
Cygnet (GB)Uttoxeter Mon, 7.55 28th Jul8th