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Horse Race Result
Cabuchon (GER)Bath Fri, 5.00 22nd Mayn.r.
Cadeaux Pearl (GB)Catterick Sat, 5.20 23rd May8th
Cadgers Hole (GB)Uttoxeter Sun, 5.15 24th May3rd
Caigemdar (IRE)Haydock Fri, 3.05 22nd May7th
Call Me Kate (GB)Ffos Las Sat, 8.30 23rd May5th
Call Me Pj (IRE)Curragh Sun, 5.00 24th May18th
Call of Duty (IRE)Musselburgh Fri, 9.10 22nd Mayn.r.
Calm Bay (IRE)Cork Fri, 7.05 22nd May3rd
Cameley Dawn (GB)Bath Fri, 5.00 22nd May9th
Can't Change It (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 2.50 22nd May8th
Canary Row (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.05 23rd May9th
Canford Star (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 3.30 23rd May7th
Canicallyouback (GB)Ffos Las Sat, 6.50 23rd May2nd
Canyari (IRE)Haydock Sat, 4.20 23rd May4th
Cape Explorer (GB)Cork Fri, 8.05 22nd May14th
Capsize (GB)Salisbury Sat, 8.15 23rd May6th
Captain Cullen (IRE)Curragh Sun, 2.15 24th May5th
Captain Gerald (GB)Goodwood Fri, 2.20 22nd May6th
Captain Midnight (IRE)Curragh Sun, 2.15 24th May9th
Captain Navarre (GB)Haydock Sat, 1.25 23rd May5th
Captain Power (IRE)Cork Fri, 6.35 22nd May4th
Carbon Dating (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd May11th
Cardinal Sin (GB)Beverley Sat, 2.05 23rd May5th
Carrington (FR)Pontefract Fri, 7.30 22nd May2nd
Carry On Deryck (GB)Haydock Sat, 2.35 23rd May3rd
Cash Or Casualty (IRE)Cork Fri, 8.05 22nd May4th
Catalpa (IRE)Cork Fri, 8.05 22nd May17th
Catcher On The Go (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 9.00 23rd May1st
Caulfields Venture (IRE)Fontwell Sun, 4.00 24th May3rd
Cave Hunter (IRE)Kelso Sun, 4.55 24th May1st
Celtic Ava (IRE)Salisbury Sat, 8.15 23rd Mayn.r.
Celtic Fella (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 5.50 23rd Mayn.r.
Centre Haafhd (GB)Catterick Sat, 3.00 23rd May8th
Chance Taken (GB)Fontwell Sun, 5.35 24th May4th
Chanceofa Lifetime (IRE)Kelso Sun, 4.55 24th Mayfell
Chant (IRE)Pontefract Fri, 7.00 22nd May4th
Charles Bruce (IRE)Worcester Fri, 5.50 22nd May3rd
Charles De Mille (GB)Pontefract Fri, 6.30 22nd May3rd
Chase End Charlie (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 9.00 23rd May3rd
Chief Entertainer (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 2.20 22nd Mayn.r.
Childesplay (GB)Haydock Sat, 4.20 23rd May9th
China Eyes (IRE)Cork Fri, 5.30 22nd May5th
Chivers (IRE)Musselburgh Fri, 8.10 22nd May4th
Christmas Hamper (IRE)Salisbury Sat, 8.15 23rd May1st
Church Gallery (IRE)Worcester Fri, 5.50 22nd Mayp.u.
Ciao Cielo (GER)Haydock Fri, 4.15 22nd May1st
Cinnilla (GB)Goodwood Sat, 2.20 23rd May6th
Cisco Boy (GB)Musselburgh Fri, 8.40 22nd May2nd
City Supreme (IRE)Uttoxeter Sun, 3.35 24th Mayn.r.
Classic Pursuit (GB)Salisbury Sat, 6.35 23rd Mayn.r.
Clon Brulee (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 1.45 23rd Mayn.r.
Clonard Street (GB)Curragh Sun, 2.45 24th May6th
Clonleney (IRE)Kelso Sun, 3.45 24th May3rd
Cocoon (IRE)Curragh Sat, 4.30 23rd May11th
Collision Course (IRE)Curragh Sun, 1.40 24th May11th
Collosium (IRE)Haydock Fri, 3.05 22nd May9th
Colonel Mak (GB)Haydock Sat, 4.20 23rd Mayw.d.
Colour Blue (IRE)Curragh Sat, 5.05 23rd May6th
Comanche Chieftain (CAN)Haydock Fri, 2.00 22nd May7th
Comanchie Creek (IRE)Cork Fri, 5.30 22nd May9th
Comedy House (GB)Fontwell Sun, 5.35 24th May11th
Commissar (GB)Bath Fri, 2.10 22nd May6th
Commitment (GB)Worcester Fri, 6.20 22nd May3rd
Commodore (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 2.55 23rd May7th
Company Asset (IRE)Beverley Sat, 3.15 23rd May6th
Compton River (GB)Beverley Sat, 2.05 23rd May2nd
Cono Zur (FR)Beverley Sat, 5.00 23rd May5th
Continuum (GB)Goodwood Sat, 4.05 23rd May6th
Convergence (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.20 23rd May7th
Cool Fusion (GB)Uttoxeter Sun, 3.00 24th May8th
Coolanure (IRE)Kelso Sun, 3.10 24th May5th
Coolfighter (GER)Curragh Sun, 4.30 24th May3rd
Copper Birch (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 6.20 23rd May5th
Cornelious (IRE)Bath Fri, 3.50 22nd May3rd
Cornish Path (GB)Bath Fri, 5.35 22nd May2nd
Correlate (GB)Kelso Sun, 5.55 24th May11th
Costello's For Fun (IRE)Cork Fri, 8.35 22nd May9th
Countermand (GB)Bath Fri, 3.15 22nd May2nd
Coup De Vent (GB)Bath Fri, 3.15 22nd May6th
Court Baloo (IRE)Kelso Sun, 5.55 24th May8th
Court King (IRE)Ffos Las Sat, 9.00 23rd May5th
Crack Shot (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 2.55 23rd May9th
Cradle Mountain (IRE)Curragh Sat, 4.30 23rd May2nd
Crakehall Lad (IRE)Catterick Sat, 3.35 23rd May3rd
Crashing Thew Life (GB)Bath Fri, 5.00 22nd May6th
Crew Cut (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 4.40 23rd May4th
Crinkle Crags (IRE)Kelso Sun, 4.20 24th May4th
Crocodile Dancer (GB)Kelso Sun, 2.10 24th Mayn.r.
Crossandra (IRE)Cork Fri, 8.35 22nd May4th
Cry Me A River (IRE)Curragh Sat, 2.15 23rd May4th
Curious Carlos (GB)Ffos Las Sat, 6.50 23rd May1st
Curvy (GB)Curragh Sun, 2.45 24th May1st
Cyflymder (IRE)Musselburgh Fri, 9.10 22nd May1st
Czech It Out (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 2.50 22nd May1st