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Horse Race Result
Gabrial The Hero (USA)Chester Wed, 3.10 4th May4th
Gabrial's King (IRE)Chester Wed, 3.10 4th May5th
Gaelic Flow (GB)Exeter Tue, 8.15 3rd May7th
Galice Du Ciel (GB)Warwick Mon, 12.30 2nd Mayp.u.
Gallery Exhibition (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.55 2nd Mayu.r.
Galveston (IRE)Warwick Mon, 12.30 2nd May6th
Gambling Girl (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.05 3rd May8th
Gamesters Boy (GB)Chester Wed, 4.55 4th May4th
Gang Warfare (GB)Chester Wed, 3.10 4th May9th
Garrahalish (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.55 2nd May5th
Gemmas Man (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.35 3rd May10th
Generous Chief (IRE)Kelso Wed, 2.20 4th May1st
Gentil J (IRE)Curragh Mon, 4.45 2nd May6th
Gentlemen (GB)Chelmsford City Wed, 5.45 4th May1st
Get Involved (IRE)Exeter Tue, 6.45 3rd May6th
Get Rhythm (IRE)Kelso Wed, 6.05 4th May5th
Ghetto Blaster (IRE)Exeter Tue, 8.15 3rd May4th
Giant Spirit (USA)Down Royal Mon, 5.30 2nd May6th
Ginzan (GB)Brighton Tue, 2.50 3rd May3rd
Give Him Time (GB)Kempton Mon, 2.10 2nd Mayn.r.
Gleaming Girl (GB)Windsor Mon, 4.00 2nd May2nd
Glencairn View (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.35 3rd May2nd
Glendaars Lady (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.35 3rd May13th
Glengra (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.20 2nd May2nd
Glenwood Prince (IRE)Sedgefield Tue, 3.10 3rd May4th
Glingerside (IRE)Kelso Wed, 6.05 4th May8th
Global Thrill (GB)Newton Abbot Wed, 5.15 4th Mayn.r.
Go West Young Man (IRE)Kempton Mon, 5.00 2nd May1st
Goal (IRE)Fakenham Tue, 2.00 3rd Mayn.r.
Gold Ingot (GB)Warwick Mon, 2.35 2nd May7th
Gold Mountain (IRE)Exeter Tue, 5.45 3rd Mayn.r.
Golden Bird (IRE)Warwick Mon, 2.00 2nd Mayp.u.
Golden Investment (IRE)Kelso Wed, 3.25 4th May1st
Gone Too Far (GB)Exeter Tue, 7.15 3rd May1st
Gowanauthat (IRE)Fakenham Tue, 2.30 3rd May1st
Grams And Ounces (GB)Warwick Mon, 1.30 2nd May3rd
Grand Beauty (IRE)Chelmsford City Wed, 8.45 4th May3rd
Grand Coalition (IRE)Curragh Mon, 1.50 2nd May3rd
Grandmaster George (IRE)Kempton Mon, 5.00 2nd May4th
Granit (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.20 2nd Mayp.u.
Gray Hession (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.55 2nd Mayp.u.
Gray Wolf River (GB)Warwick Mon, 3.45 2nd Mayp.u.
Green Door (IRE)Chester Wed, 3.45 4th May10th
Greenlaw (GB)Kempton Mon, 3.55 2nd May10th
Grenade (GB)Catterick Tue, 6.55 3rd May5th
Grey's Angel (GB)Chelmsford City Wed, 7.45 4th May6th
Groundworker (IRE)Catterick Tue, 8.25 3rd May5th
Grove Silver (IRE)Fakenham Tue, 3.30 3rd May2nd
Growl (GB)Chester Wed, 3.45 4th May4th
Guanciale (GB)Fakenham Tue, 2.30 3rd May3rd
Guards Chapel (GB)Kempton Mon, 5.00 2nd May7th
Gud Day (IRE)Warwick Mon, 3.45 2nd May3rd
Gulland Rock (GB)Brighton Tue, 4.55 3rd May11th
Gunman (GB)Bath Mon, 4.15 2nd May1st
Gunner Fifteen (IRE)Tramore Wed, 3.50 4th Mayn.r.
Gunner Lindley (IRE)Sedgefield Tue, 4.45 3rd May2nd
Gurkha Friend (GB)Catterick Tue, 7.25 3rd May3rd
Gussy Goose (IRE)Curragh Mon, 3.35 2nd May6th
Gustav (IRE)Kempton Mon, 3.20 2nd May3rd