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Horse Race Result
Gabrial The Thug (FR)Leicester Tue, 7.30 19th Aug2nd
Gabrial's Kaka (IRE)York Thu, 3.05 21st Aug5th
Gambino (IRE)Musselburgh Wed, 2.45 20th Aug1st
Gambol (FR)York Wed, 4.20 20th Aug6th
Ganymede (GB)Brighton Tue, 4.15 19th Aug6th
Gaudy (IRE)York Thu, 1.55 21st Aug4th
Gavlar (GB)Leicester Tue, 6.30 19th Augn.r.
Gay Marriage (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 4.05 20th Aug8th
Geanie Mac (IRE)Musselburgh Wed, 5.35 20th Aug2nd
Gem Of Wizdom (IRE)Sligo Tue, 5.50 19th Augn.r.
Gen I Am (GB)Leicester Tue, 5.30 19th Aug2nd
Generalyse (GB)Bath Thu, 3.30 21st Aug3rd
Gentlemax (FR)Kempton Wed, 6.20 20th Aug8th
Geordie George (IRE)York Wed, 4.55 20th Aug3rd
Georgian King (GB)Newton Abbot Thu, 6.00 21st Aug2nd
Georgie (GB)Sligo Tue, 7.50 19th Aug6th
Gerry The Glover (IRE)York Thu, 1.55 21st Aug8th
Get Home Now (GB)Ffos Las Thu, 4.30 21st Aug2nd
Get It On (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 4.30 21st Aug1st
Get More (IRE)Killarney Thu, 7.40 21st Augfell
Ghalib (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 2.20 20th Aug4th
Giant Sequoia (USA)Lingfield Wed, 4.40 20th Aug1st
Giovanni Jack (GB)Musselburgh Wed, 5.35 20th Aug1st
Girevole (GB)Ffos Las Thu, 2.10 21st Aug9th
Giveyouaguarantee (IRE)Sligo Tue, 8.20 19th Aug8th
Gladsome (GB)Southwell Wed, 7.30 20th Aug9th
Glanely (IRE)Yarmouth Tue, 4.30 19th Aug5th
Glen Orchy Lad (IRE)Sligo Tue, 7.50 19th Aug1st
Glennten (GB)Lingfield Wed, 5.50 20th Aug4th
Glens Wobbly (GB)Bath Thu, 4.40 21st Aug1st
Godwit (GB)Worcester Tue, 6.40 19th Augp.u.
Going French (IRE)Wolverhampton Thu, 7.20 21st Aug6th
Golan Heights (IRE)Killarney Wed, 7.10 20th Augn.r.
Golden Journey (IRE)Kempton Wed, 8.50 20th Aug4th
Golden Palm (IRE)Sligo Tue, 7.50 19th Aug8th
Goldie Horn (GB)Ffos Las Thu, 5.35 21st Aug2nd
Goldream (GB)York Wed, 1.55 20th Augn.r.
Goldstorm (GB)Leicester Tue, 7.00 19th Aug9th
Gorteenwood (IRE)Newton Abbot Thu, 7.30 21st Aug1st
Got To Dream (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.50 20th Aug8th
Gottcher (GB)Wolverhampton Thu, 6.50 21st Aug9th
Gracchus (USA)Ffos Las Thu, 5.05 21st Aug4th
Gracefilly (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.50 20th Aug2nd
Grand Diamond (IRE)Musselburgh Wed, 5.35 20th Aug3rd
Grand Meister (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.50 20th Aug6th
Granddukeoftuscany (IRE)York Wed, 3.05 20th Aug5th
Grannys Garden (IRE)Sligo Tue, 7.50 19th Augfell
Gratzie (GB)Bath Thu, 5.15 21st Aug1st
Grayswood (GB)Bath Thu, 4.40 21st Aug5th
Great Wave (IRE)Yarmouth Tue, 2.30 19th Aug2nd
Growl (GB)York Wed, 2.30 20th Aug7th