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Horse Race Result
Gabrial The Thug (FR)Wolverhampton Fri, 8.50 24th Oct6th
Gabrial's King (IRE)Doncaster Fri, 4.05 24th Oct7th
Gabrial's Star (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.50 24th Oct2nd
Galactic Halo (GB)Kempton Thu, 8.10 23rd Oct3rd
Gang Warfare (GB)Doncaster Fri, 5.10 24th Octn.r.
Ganymede (GB)Kempton Thu, 9.10 23rd Oct11th
Gaoth Tire (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 5.35 24th Oct6th
Garde La Victoire (FR)Aintree Sat, 2.00 25th Oct3rd
Garth (IRE)Carlisle Thu, 2.20 23rd Oct4th
Gem Of Wizdom (IRE)Thurles Thu, 3.50 23rd Oct6th
George Cinq (GB)Wolverhampton Sat, 6.45 25th Oct2nd
Germany Calling (IRE)Fakenham Fri, 3.05 24th Oct3rd
Get Home Now (GB)Aintree Sat, 2.30 25th Oct7th
Getittogether (IRE)Wexford Sat, 2.20 25th Octn.r.
Ghazi (IRE)Doncaster Fri, 4.40 24th Oct8th
Gift Of Silence (GB)Doncaster Fri, 5.10 24th Oct1st
Gilded Lili (IRE)Newbury Sat, 4.05 25th Oct3rd
Gin And Tonic (GB)Fakenham Fri, 5.20 24th Oct5th
Ginger B (GB)Carlisle Thu, 5.30 23rd Oct12th
Giovanni Canaletto (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.35 25th Oct1st
Give Battle (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 2.35 25th Oct4th
Gizzit (IRE)Southwell Thu, 2.30 23rd Oct2nd
Gladiatrix (GB)Doncaster Sat, 2.40 25th Oct0th
Doncaster Sat, 3.15 25th Oct8th
Glassatura (IRE)Leopardstown Sat, 4.55 25th Octn.r.
Gleaming Princess (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.15 24th Oct11th
Glenariff (GB)Southwell Thu, 5.10 23rd Oct3rd
Glenconkeyne (IRE)Carlisle Thu, 4.30 23rd Oct8th
Glens Wobbly (GB)Newbury Fri, 5.30 24th Oct7th
Glenstile (IRE)Thurles Thu, 5.25 23rd Oct8th
Glenwood Star (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 1.55 25th Octp.u.
Glorious Protector (IRE)Newbury Sat, 2.20 25th Oct5th
Go West Young Man (IRE)Stratford Sat, 3.20 25th Oct2nd
Going Nowhere Fast (IRE)Stratford Sat, 5.35 25th Oct4th
Golan Guy (IRE)Newbury Sat, 5.10 25th Oct10th
Gold Chain (IRE)Aintree Sat, 2.30 25th Oct8th
Gold Opera (IRE)Carlisle Thu, 5.30 23rd Oct5th
Gold Sands (IRE)Kempton Thu, 7.10 23rd Oct3rd
Golden Bird (IRE)Kempton Thu, 8.10 23rd Oct4th
Golden Hoof (IRE)Aintree Sat, 4.50 25th Oct1st
Golden Jubilee (USA)Ludlow Thu, 5.20 23rd Oct2nd
Golden Steps (FR)Doncaster Sat, 3.15 25th Oct6th
Gone With The Wind (GER)Kempton Thu, 9.10 23rd Oct7th
Good Authority (IRE)Kempton Thu, 9.10 23rd Oct3rd
Goolagong Girl (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 8.20 24th Oct4th
Granaruid (IRE)Carlisle Thu, 3.25 23rd Oct8th
Grandma Dotty (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 9.10 24th Oct9th
Graney Town (IRE)Wexford Sat, 5.10 25th Oct7th
Granville Island (IRE)Stratford Sat, 2.45 25th Octp.u.
Green Howard (GB)Wolverhampton Sat, 6.45 25th Oct6th
Green Tornado (IRE)Newbury Fri, 1.35 24th Oct4th
Grenade (GB)Newbury Fri, 3.20 24th Oct7th
Gretzky (GB)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 24th Oct1st
Grevillea (IRE)Newbury Fri, 4.30 24th Oct10th
Grey Gold (IRE)Chepstow Sat, 4.45 25th Oct1st
Grimley Girl (GB)Stratford Sat, 5.35 25th Oct2nd
Growl (GB)Doncaster Sat, 2.10 25th Oct8th
Gwladys Street (IRE)Aintree Sat, 4.15 25th Oct15th