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Horse Race Result
Gabrial The Thug (FR)Newcastle Mon, 1.50 31st Augn.r.
Gabrial's Hope (FR)Newcastle Mon, 4.10 31st Aug4th
Gaelic O'reagan (GB)Yarmouth Sun, 5.25 30th Augn.r.
Galactic Halo (GB)Chepstow Mon, 3.55 31st Aug13th
Gale Force (GB)Goodwood Tue, 4.20 1st Sep1st
Galesburg (IRE)Epsom Tue, 2.00 1st Sep1st
Galuppi (GB)Goodwood Tue, 5.25 1st Sep3rd
Gambol (FR)Huntingdon Mon, 2.40 31st Aug5th
Gamesters Lad (GB)Beverley Sun, 1.50 30th Aug3rd
Gealan (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 5.25 2nd Sep13th
Ghinia (IRE)Yarmouth Sun, 3.15 30th Aug9th
Ginzan (GB)Chepstow Mon, 5.05 31st Aug7th
Giveaway Glance (GB)Lingfield Wed, 3.00 2nd Sep1st
Glasgon (GB)Yarmouth Sun, 5.25 30th Aug5th
Glassatura (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 4.25 2nd Sep5th
Go Paddy Go (IRE)Cork Sun, 3.30 30th Aug7th
Gold Rosette (IRE)Cork Sun, 5.40 30th Aug15th
Goldan Jess (IRE)Cartmel Mon, 5.10 31st Aug1st
Golden Thread (GB)Southwell Wed, 4.40 2nd Sep8th
Golden Ticket (AUS)Cork Sun, 3.30 30th Aug2nd
Gracenkate (IRE)Cork Sun, 5.40 30th Aug3rd
Grammar (GB)Newcastle Mon, 4.10 31st Aug7th
Grangeclare Rosa (IRE)Roscommon Mon, 7.55 31st Aug2nd
Granite City Doc (GB)Newcastle Mon, 12.45 31st Aug6th
Great Colaci (GB)Newcastle Mon, 12.45 31st Augw.d.
Great Wide Open (IRE)Curragh Sun, 5.20 30th Aug4th
Greatub (IRE)Cork Sun, 5.40 30th Aug8th
Grey Gem (IRE)Goodwood Sun, 3.40 30th Aug7th
Grey Mountain Mist (IRE)Roscommon Mon, 7.55 31st Aug9th
Guapo Bay (GB)Lingfield Wed, 2.00 2nd Sep5th
Guaracha (GB)Yarmouth Sun, 3.15 30th Aug6th