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Horse Race Result
Jacbequick (GB)Beverley Sat, 4.50 30th Aug8th
Jack Naylor (GB)Curragh Sun, 2.35 31st Aug1st
Jack Of Diamonds (IRE)Sandown Sat, 5.30 30th Aug8th
Jacob Cats (GB)Sandown Sat, 5.30 30th Augn.r.
Jamaican Bolt (IRE)Sandown Sat, 2.05 30th Aug5th
Jayeff Herring (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.00 29th Aug5th
Je T'aime Encore (GB)Leicester Mon, 2.40 1st Sep8th
Jen Jos Enigma (IRE)Leicester Mon, 2.40 1st Sepn.r.
Jersey Belle (GB)Salisbury Fri, 6.10 29th Aug12th
Jersey Cream (IRE)Brighton Mon, 5.30 1st Sep8th
Jesse's Oscar (IRE)Cork Sun, 4.20 31st Augn.r.
Jimmy Crackle (IRE)Beverley Sat, 5.50 30th Aug2nd
Jiroft (ITY)Brighton Sun, 2.00 31st Aug7th
Johnno (GB)Chester Sat, 2.55 30th Aug14th
Join The Clan (IRE)Newton Abbot Sat, 2.45 30th Aug9th
Jolly Red Jeanz (IRE)Chester Sat, 5.10 30th Aug8th
Jontleman (IRE)Brighton Sun, 5.00 31st Aug4th
Josephine's Dream (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 7.50 29th Aug7th
Josh's Dreamway (IRE)Worcester Sun, 3.40 31st Aug4th
Judge 'n Jury (GB)Sandown Sat, 2.05 30th Aug6th
Jumbo Prado (USA)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.00 29th Aug1st
Just Five (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 6.00 29th Aug9th
Just Isla (GB)Brighton Mon, 2.30 1st Sep2nd
Just Paul (IRE)Beverley Sat, 4.50 30th Aug5th