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Horse Race Result
Race To Glory (FR)Worcester Wed, 5.50 1st Jul7th
Racing Knight (IRE)Pontefract Mon, 4.30 29th Jun4th
Raging Bear (USA)Chepstow Tue, 9.10 30th Junref
Raifteiri (IRE)Perth Wed, 5.10 1st Jul8th
Rajapur (GB)Gowran Park Tue, 5.50 30th Jun5th
Ralphy Boy (IRE)Musselburgh Mon, 8.45 29th Jun4th
Rasaman (IRE)Musselburgh Mon, 8.45 29th Jun1st
Ravens Hill (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 5.50 30th Jun6th
Rayadour (IRE)Thirsk Wed, 4.00 1st Juln.r.
Realt Eile (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 8.25 1st Jul7th
Red Cape (FR)Thirsk Wed, 3.30 1st Jul8th
Red Perdita (IRE)Brighton Tue, 3.00 30th Jun4th
Red Warrior (IRE)Windsor Mon, 7.30 29th Jun2nd
Refulgence (FR)Kempton Wed, 7.15 1st Jul8th
Regal Miss (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.00 29th Jun4th
Regal Power (GB)Gowran Park Tue, 7.20 30th Jun6th
Reigning (GB)Bath Wed, 7.05 1st Jul4th
Reland (FR)Perth Wed, 4.10 1st Julp.u.
Retro Valley (IRE)Brighton Tue, 4.00 30th Jun1st
Rev Up Ruby (GB)Perth Wed, 2.40 1st Julu.r.
Rex Imperator (GB)Thirsk Wed, 4.30 1st Jul1st
Ribbing (USA)Kempton Wed, 7.15 1st Jul4th
Rich Harvest (USA)Chepstow Tue, 6.40 30th Jun7th
Rich Jade (USA)Fairyhouse Wed, 5.55 1st Jul1st
Rio Deva (IRE)Musselburgh Mon, 7.45 29th Jun3rd
Rioja Day (IRE)Hamilton Tue, 2.45 30th Jun3rd
Riponian (GB)Hamilton Tue, 2.45 30th Jun1st
Riptide (GB)Chepstow Tue, 8.10 30th Jun4th
River Glass (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.45 1st Jul10th
Road Map (IRE)Wolverhampton Mon, 5.45 29th Jun9th
Rock Montjeu (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 6.20 30th Jun6th
Rockview Emperor (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 6.50 30th Jun2nd
Romantic (IRE)Fairyhouse Wed, 7.55 1st Jul11th
Romany Ryme (GB)Perth Wed, 3.40 1st Jul1st
Romeo Americo (IRE)Worcester Wed, 3.50 1st Jul7th
Ron Hegarty (IRE)Worcester Wed, 3.20 1st Jul3rd
Rosenbaum (GB)Wolverhampton Mon, 4.45 29th Jun1st
Royal Roslea (GB)Brighton Tue, 3.00 30th Jun3rd
Rummaging (IRE)Gowran Park Tue, 7.50 30th Jun1st
Rupert Boy (IRE)Hamilton Tue, 2.15 30th Jun8th
Rural Celebration (GB)Pontefract Mon, 4.00 29th Jun5th
Russian Reward (IRE)Bath Wed, 7.05 1st Jul2nd