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Horse Race Result
Radsoc De Sivola (FR)Southwell Tue, 2.45 22nd Jul6th
Rae's Creek (GB)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.45 22nd Jul1st
Ragtime Dancer (GB)Lingfield Wed, 2.00 23rd Jul1st
Raifteiri (IRE)Cartmel Mon, 3.05 21st Jul4th
Rainbow Rock (IRE)Beverley Mon, 8.45 21st Jul1st
Raise A Billion (GB)Carlisle Tue, 7.10 22nd Jul5th
Ram Them All (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.50 22nd Jul7th
Rare Coincidence (GB)Cartmel Mon, 3.05 21st Jul7th
Rasselas (IRE)Beverley Mon, 8.45 21st Jul10th
Rathmuck Native (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.50 22nd Jul3rd
Real Jazz (IRE)Ayr Mon, 4.25 21st Jul2nd
Rebel High (IRE)Worcester Wed, 2.40 23rd Julp.u.
Recway Lass (GB)Southwell Tue, 4.15 22nd Jul1st
Red All Star (IRE)Naas Wed, 6.25 23rd Jul1st
Red Baron (IRE)Catterick Wed, 4.20 23rd Jul5th
Red Cape (FR)Catterick Wed, 4.50 23rd Jul2nd
Red Cobra (IRE)Ayr Mon, 2.45 21st Jul7th
Catterick Wed, 4.50 23rd Juln.r.
Red Explorer (USA)Beverley Mon, 6.45 21st Jul11th
Red Lover (GB)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.15 22nd Julp.u.
Red Paladin (IRE)Leicester Wed, 7.20 23rd Jul2nd
Red Passiflora (GB)Lingfield Wed, 5.00 23rd Jul4th
Red Perdita (IRE)Yarmouth Thu, 2.10 24th Jul2nd
Red Rosso (GB)Southwell Tue, 2.45 22nd Jul3rd
Red Shadow (GB)Catterick Wed, 4.50 23rd Jul4th
Red Solo Cup (IRE)Southwell Tue, 3.45 22nd Jul2nd
Reet Petite (IRE)Catterick Wed, 2.50 23rd Jul2nd
Regal Accolade (GB)Catterick Wed, 2.50 23rd Jul7th
Regal Power (GB)Naas Wed, 6.55 23rd Jul8th
Regal Ramirez (GB)Cartmel Mon, 5.15 21st Jul8th
Regiment (GB)Sandown Wed, 7.45 23rd Jul5th
Remy (GB)Windsor Mon, 6.55 21st Juln.r.
Renaissant (GB)Sandown Thu, 2.00 24th Jul3rd
Res Ipsa Loquitur (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 7.35 21st Jul1st
Richo (GB)Worcester Wed, 4.40 23rd Jul11th
Right To Rule (IRE)Bangor Tue, 8.30 22nd Jul2nd
Ring Speed (IRE)Naas Wed, 6.25 23rd Jul6th
Rio Yuma (ITY)Bath Thu, 2.50 24th Jul6th
Rioja Day (IRE)Musselburgh Tue, 5.00 22nd Jul8th
Rising Euro (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.15 22nd Jul3rd
Rivermouth (GB)Worcester Wed, 5.10 23rd Juln.r.
Riverside City (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 7.20 22nd Jul3rd
Robber Stone (GB)Worcester Wed, 4.40 23rd Jul8th
Robin Hood (IRE)Sandown Thu, 3.40 24th Jul5th
Roc Fort (GB)Ayr Mon, 5.25 21st Jul8th
Rock N Rover (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 6.05 21st Jul6th
Rock On Bollinski (GB)Southwell Tue, 5.15 22nd Jul4th
Rocksilla (GB)Windsor Mon, 7.55 21st Juln.r.
Ronald Gee (IRE)Musselburgh Tue, 3.30 22nd Juln.r.
Ronnie Rockcake (GB)Windsor Mon, 6.55 21st Jul2nd
Roomie (GB)Beverley Mon, 7.15 21st Jul13th
Rosie Hall (IRE)Catterick Wed, 3.50 23rd Jul6th
Rowlestone Lass (GB)Ayr Mon, 5.25 21st Jul2nd
Roxy Lane (GB)Sandown Wed, 6.05 23rd Jul9th
Royal Connection (GB)Windsor Mon, 8.25 21st Jul2nd
Royal Duchess (GB)Ayr Mon, 3.50 21st Jul2nd
Royal Shot (IRE)Ballinrobe Mon, 8.05 21st Jul1st
Royal Straight (GB)Musselburgh Tue, 2.00 22nd Jul3rd
Royal Trooper (IRE)Catterick Wed, 5.20 23rd Jul5th
Ruby Flipper (IRE)Naas Wed, 6.25 23rd Jul10th
Rufino (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.45 22nd Jul6th
Run Fly Run (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.50 22nd Jul1st
Run Forest Run (IRE)Cartmel Mon, 3.05 21st Julr.o.
Running Reef (IRE)Musselburgh Tue, 5.00 22nd Jul5th
Running Wolf (IRE)Leicester Wed, 6.45 23rd Jul3rd
Russian Punch (GB)Sandown Thu, 3.05 24th Jul4th
Russian Roulette (IRE)Naas Wed, 6.55 23rd Jul13th
Rutland Panther (GB)Catterick Wed, 2.50 23rd Jul3rd
Ryback Jack (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 8.50 22nd Jul4th
Ryeolliean (GB)Carlisle Tue, 9.10 22nd Juln.r.