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Horse Race Result
R Bar Open (FR)Lingfield Wed, 2.00 2nd Sepn.r.
Rainbow Orse (GB)Bath Wed, 2.20 2nd Sep5th
Raise A Billion (GB)Hamilton Tue, 5.35 1st Sep3rd
Rapid Eye (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 6.55 2nd Sep6th
Rateel (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 5.45 3rd Sep3rd
Ravenmad Sam (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 6.55 2nd Sep14th
Rebel Collins (IRE)Southwell Wed, 4.40 2nd Sep2nd
Rebel Raiser (GB)Lingfield Wed, 2.00 2nd Sep4th
Recognition (IRE)Epsom Tue, 2.30 1st Sep3rd
Red House Hill (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 7.25 2nd Sep5th
Reddot Roman (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 4.55 2nd Sep1st
Refulgence (FR)Lingfield Wed, 2.30 2nd Sep2nd
Regal Parade (GB)Epsom Tue, 3.05 1st Sep5th
Remember Me (GB)Salisbury Thu, 2.40 3rd Sep10th
Renfrew Street (GB)Goodwood Tue, 2.10 1st Sep2nd
Repechage (FR)Bath Wed, 4.20 2nd Sep2nd
Replenish (FR)Haydock Thu, 3.00 3rd Sep2nd
Retro Valley (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 2.20 3rd Sep2nd
Reverent (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 7.45 3rd Sep6th
Rhombus (IRE)Goodwood Tue, 4.20 1st Sep3rd
Richard Pankhurst (GB)Haydock Thu, 4.05 3rd Sep1st
Rigid Rock (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 6.55 2nd Sep1st
Ring Of Truth (GB)Bath Wed, 3.50 2nd Sep4th
Ripinto (IRE)Epsom Tue, 3.35 1st Sep4th
Ripped (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 6.25 2nd Sepn.r.
Rizal Park (IRE)Haydock Thu, 3.35 3rd Sep10th
Roadie Joe (IRE)Worcester Wed, 6.40 2nd Sep1st
Robanne (GB)Salisbury Thu, 2.40 3rd Sep1st
Rock N'Stones (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 5.30 3rd Sep6th
Rock On Bach (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 6.00 3rd Sep2nd
Rocket Ronnie (IRE)Haydock Thu, 3.35 3rd Sep6th
Rockley (USA)Chelmsford City Thu, 5.45 3rd Sep6th
Rocky Two (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 2.50 3rd Sep2nd
Romancingthestone (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 5.45 3rd Sep7th
Ron Waverly (IRE)Epsom Tue, 4.40 1st Sep3rd
Rose Angel (IRE)Gowran Park Wed, 4.25 2nd Sep11th
Rosy Ryan (IRE)Hamilton Tue, 2.50 1st Sep5th
Roxie Lot (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.45 3rd Sep1st
Royal Caper (GB)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.45 3rd Sep2nd
Royal Reef (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 5.00 2nd Sep10th
Royal Sea (IRE)Haydock Thu, 5.10 3rd Sep10th
Royal Supreme (IRE)Haydock Thu, 2.00 3rd Sep6th
Rumble of Thunder (IRE)Southwell Wed, 4.10 2nd Sep3rd
Russian Breeze (IRE)Haydock Thu, 2.00 3rd Sep9th
Ruzeiz (USA)Goodwood Tue, 5.25 1st Sep4th
Ryan Style (IRE)Chelmsford City Thu, 8.15 3rd Sep2nd
Ryan The Giant (GB)Epsom Tue, 2.30 1st Sep4th