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Horse Race Result
Raajih (GB)Fairyhouse Mon, 6.05 21st Apr3rd
Radebe (USA)Redcar Mon, 4.30 21st Apr6th
Radetsky March (IRE)Chepstow Mon, 5.00 21st Aprp.u.
Radmores Revenge (GB)Chepstow Mon, 3.15 21st Apr3rd
Raduis Bleu (FR)Ludlow Tue, 3.00 22nd Apr3rd
Ralphy Boy (IRE)Redcar Mon, 5.40 21st Apr8th
Raskova (USA)Yarmouth Tue, 5.55 22nd Apr4th
Rattleandrun (IRE)Huntingdon Mon, 2.00 21st Apr5th
Rattlin (GB)Market Rasen Mon, 2.20 21st Apr1st
Ravenous (GB)Epsom Wed, 4.00 23rd Apr1st
Rayadour (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 2.35 22nd Apr1st
Real Man Of War (IRE)Fairyhouse Mon, 6.35 21st Aprn.r.
Rebel Alliance (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 4.35 22nd Apr3rd
Rebel Chief (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 4.35 22nd Aprp.u.
Recway Lass (GB)Plumpton Mon, 4.35 21st Aprn.r.
Red Admirable (IRE)Chepstow Mon, 3.15 21st Apr5th
Red Avenger (USA)Epsom Wed, 3.25 23rd Apr12th
Red Joker (IRE)Catterick Wed, 5.20 23rd Apr12th
Red Legacy (GB)Wetherby Tue, 5.50 22nd Apr13th
Red Runaway (GB)Epsom Wed, 2.20 23rd Apr4th
Red Shuttle (GB)Yarmouth Tue, 5.55 22nd Apr11th
Red Solo Cup (IRE)Cork Mon, 2.55 21st Apr7th
Red Warrior (IRE)Yarmouth Tue, 5.55 22nd Apr1st
Refer (GB)Chepstow Mon, 3.15 21st Aprn.r.
Regal D'estruval (FR)Fakenham Mon, 1.55 21st Aprp.u.
Regal Reform (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 4.35 22nd Aprp.u.
Relight My Fire (GB)Redcar Mon, 5.05 21st Apr8th
Remedio (IRE)Market Rasen Mon, 5.15 21st Apr7th
Resurge (IRE)Epsom Wed, 3.25 23rd Apr10th
Rev Up Ruby (GB)Perth Wed, 2.40 23rd Apr5th
Rhinestone Rebel (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 4.05 22nd Aprp.u.
Rich Revival (IRE)Fairyhouse Mon, 5.00 21st Aprn.r.
Riddleofthesands (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 2.25 22nd Apr6th
Riddlestown (IRE)Southwell Wed, 4.40 23rd Apr2nd
Rio Cobolo (IRE)Catterick Wed, 5.20 23rd Apr7th
Rior (IRE)Plumpton Mon, 3.25 21st Apr4th
Rivage D'Or (FR)Fairyhouse Mon, 6.05 21st Apr14th
River Purple (GB)Wetherby Tue, 4.45 22nd Apr2nd
Robin's Command (IRE)Kelso Tue, 3.55 22nd Apr1st
Roc D'apsis (FR)Perth Wed, 3.50 23rd Apr2nd
Roc De Guye (FR)Market Rasen Mon, 2.55 21st Apr1st
Rock Choir (GB)Epsom Wed, 3.25 23rd Aprn.r.
Rock On Fruity (IRE)Fairyhouse Mon, 4.20 21st Apr3rd
Rock's Field (IRE)Fairyhouse Mon, 3.45 21st Apr7th
Rockweiller (GB)Catterick Wed, 2.30 23rd Apr8th
Rocky Bender (IRE)Southwell Wed, 4.40 23rd Apr5th
Rocky Elsom (USA)Wolverhampton Tue, 6.45 22nd Apr3rd
Rocky Island (IRE)Southwell Wed, 4.40 23rd Apr4th
Rocky Wednesday (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 6.05 22nd Apr5th
Rodeo Rocket (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 5.35 22nd Apr8th
Rodriguez (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 7.05 22nd Apr1st
Roger Beantown (IRE)Plumpton Mon, 2.50 21st Apr5th
Rogue Angel (IRE)Fairyhouse Mon, 5.00 21st Apr16th
Roisin Dubh (IRE)Cork Mon, 2.55 21st Aprn.r.
Rokeby (GB)Redcar Mon, 6.10 21st Aprn.r.
Rolling Dough (IRE)Ludlow Tue, 4.05 22nd Apr3rd
Roman Flight (IRE)Market Rasen Mon, 4.05 21st Apr2nd
Romantic Bliss (IRE)Catterick Wed, 4.15 23rd Apr2nd
Rookery (IRE)Yarmouth Tue, 5.25 22nd Apr10th
Rosie Du Berlais (IRE)Kelso Tue, 5.00 22nd Apr4th
Rossa Parks (IRE)Fakenham Mon, 3.40 21st Apr3rd
Rossetti (GB)Epsom Wed, 2.20 23rd Apr7th
Rossini's Dancer (GB)Perth Wed, 5.00 23rd Apr10th
Rosslyn Castle (GB)Wetherby Tue, 2.05 22nd Apr2nd
Rough Courte (IRE)Yarmouth Mon, 4.10 21st Apr2nd
Royal Roo (GB)Market Rasen Mon, 5.15 21st Apr5th
Royal Vic (IRE)Ballinrobe Tue, 7.05 22nd Aprp.u.
Rozener (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 2.35 22nd Apr15th
Ruby Glow (GB)Chepstow Mon, 2.05 21st Apr3rd
Rudemeister (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 4.15 22nd Aprp.u.
Run On Sterling (GB)Huntingdon Mon, 5.30 21st Apr1st
Rundell (GB)Fairyhouse Mon, 2.45 21st Apr10th
Running Reef (IRE)Redcar Mon, 5.05 21st Apr10th
Russborough (FR)Ludlow Tue, 1.55 22nd Apr5th
Ryton Runner (IRE)Perth Wed, 5.35 23rd Apr9th