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Horse Race Result
Racy (GB)Newmarket Thu, 3.30 17th Apr8th
Rafafie (GB)Exeter Tue, 3.35 15th Aprn.r.
Ralph Mctell (GB)Newmarket Wed, 2.20 16th Apr8th
Ramshackle (GB)Newmarket Thu, 5.10 17th Apr5th
Randwick (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 2.20 17th Apr8th
Raven Ridge (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 5.40 17th Apr4th
Ray of Joy (GB)Southwell Tue, 5.00 15th Apr2nd
Real Milan (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.50 16th Apr3rd
Real Tigress (IRE)Beverley Wed, 5.25 16th Apr1st
Realize (GB)Southwell Tue, 4.30 15th Apr1st
Realtra (IRE)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr2nd
Reassert (GB)Ripon Thu, 1.55 17th Apr5th
Rebeccas Choice (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 2.40 16th Apr1st
Rebel Island (IRE)Exeter Tue, 5.45 15th Apr7th
Rebellious Guest (GB)Lingfield Fri, 5.20 18th Apr7th
Reblis (FR)Cheltenham Wed, 2.40 16th Apr5th
Red Baron (IRE)Musselburgh Fri, 4.55 18th Apr2nd
Red Connect (GB)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr3rd
Red Not Blue (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 4.25 17th Apr11th
Red Refraction (IRE)Ripon Thu, 3.05 17th Apr2nd
Red Velour (GB)Newmarket Thu, 5.10 17th Apr7th
Refer (GB)Cheltenham Wed, 5.30 16th Apr2nd
Regal Presence (IRE)Exeter Tue, 3.00 15th Aprp.u.
Resolute (GB)Musselburgh Fri, 3.50 18th Apr11th
Revani (GB)Exeter Tue, 3.35 15th Apr1st
Rich Buddy (GB)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Apr8th
Ridestan (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 6.35 17th Apr8th
Right Touch (GB)Ripon Thu, 2.30 17th Apr2nd
Riguez Dancer (GB)Sedgefield Wed, 5.50 16th Apr8th
Rise Up Lotus (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 1.45 17th Apr6th
Rivellino (GB)Lingfield Fri, 4.05 18th Apr3rd
Roachdale House (IRE)Musselburgh Fri, 3.50 18th Apr7th
Rob Conti (FR)Kempton Tue, 5.20 15th Apr7th
Robin Hoods Bay (GB)Lingfield Fri, 5.20 18th Apr3rd
Robin Will (FR)Exeter Tue, 3.00 15th Aprp.u.
Robin's Command (IRE)Sedgefield Wed, 5.15 16th Apr2nd
Rock 'n' Roll Star (GB)Newmarket Wed, 4.40 16th Apr8th
Rock Critic (IRE)Tipperary Thu, 4.35 17th Aprn.r.
Rock Of Dreams (IRE)Beverley Wed, 3.40 16th Apr4th
Rocky Bleier (GB)Dundalk Wed, 9.15 16th Apr1st
Rocky Elsom (USA)Exeter Tue, 3.35 15th Aprn.r.
Roheryn (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.45 16th Apr6th
Roja Dove (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 2.05 17th Apr8th
Rosehill Artist (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 5.40 17th Apr7th
Roskilly (IRE)Newmarket Thu, 2.55 17th Apr11th
Rothesay Chancer (GB)Musselburgh Fri, 4.55 18th Aprn.r.
Roudee (GB)Ripon Thu, 1.55 17th Apr1st
Royal Bajan (USA)Musselburgh Fri, 5.30 18th Apr8th
Royal Focus (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 6.15 16th Apr6th
Royal Holiday (IRE)Southwell Tue, 4.30 15th Apr2nd
Royal Player (GB)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Apr4th
Royal Regatta (IRE)Cheltenham Wed, 3.15 16th Aprp.u.
Royal Roman (GB)Beverley Wed, 1.55 16th Apr10th
Ruaraidh Hugh (IRE)Southwell Wed, 7.35 16th Apr6th
Ruby Ray (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 9.15 16th Apr8th
Ruby Tuesday (IRE)Dundalk Wed, 8.45 16th Apr10th
Ruby's Day (GB)Ripon Thu, 4.50 17th Apr1st
Rudi Five One (FR)Newmarket Thu, 5.40 17th Apr5th
Rugged Jack (FR)Exeter Tue, 3.35 15th Apr7th
Run Along Boy (GB)Kempton Tue, 5.20 15th Aprp.u.
Run Ructions Run (IRE)Cheltenham Thu, 2.05 17th Apr5th
Running Wolf (IRE)Beverley Wed, 4.15 16th Apr5th
Rydon Pynes (GB)Exeter Tue, 2.30 15th Apr3rd