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Horse Race Result
Racy (GB)York Wed, 1.55 20th Aug12th
Rahmah (IRE)Newmarket Sat, 2.10 23rd Aug3rd
Raifteiri (IRE)Cartmel Sat, 3.05 23rd Aug1st
Raise A Billion (GB)Hamilton Fri, 6.05 22nd Aug5th
Rajeh (IRE)Lingfield Wed, 4.40 20th Aug2nd
Ralphy Boy (IRE)Hamilton Fri, 6.35 22nd Aug7th
Ramshackle (GB)Ffos Las Fri, 2.55 22nd Aug3rd
Rangali (GB)York Fri, 3.40 22nd Aug7th
Rasaman (IRE)Hamilton Fri, 6.35 22nd Aug3rd
Rathlin Rose (IRE)Newton Abbot Thu, 8.00 21st Augn.r.
Rayna (IRE)Killarney Thu, 6.10 21st Aug4th
Real Tigress (IRE)Newcastle Fri, 5.55 22nd Aug4th
Realdealholyfield (IRE)Kilbeggan Fri, 4.45 22nd Aug5th
Realize (GB)Goodwood Fri, 7.50 22nd Aug3rd
Realta Na Maidine (IRE)Killarney Thu, 8.10 21st Aug6th
Realtra (IRE)York Thu, 2.30 21st Aug4th
Reaping The Reward (IRE)Cartmel Sat, 3.40 23rd Aug1st
Recently Acquired (GB)Newmarket Fri, 3.20 22nd Aug6th
Reckless Abandon (GB)Newmarket Sat, 3.55 23rd Aug3rd
Red Avenger (USA)York Thu, 3.05 21st Aug6th
Red Cobra (IRE)Southwell Wed, 8.00 20th Aug4th
Red Galileo (GB)York Wed, 3.05 20th Aug8th
Red Haired Mary (IRE)Killarney Fri, 5.00 22nd Aug7th
Red Or White (GB)Kilbeggan Fri, 7.25 22nd Aug4th
Red Pike (IRE)Hamilton Fri, 6.35 22nd Aug1st
Red Primo (IRE)Wolverhampton Thu, 7.50 21st Aug8th
Red Rocks Point (IRE)Killarney Wed, 8.10 20th Aug1st
Redera (IRE)Killarney Fri, 7.45 22nd Aug11th
Redvers (IRE)Goodwood Sat, 2.55 23rd Aug6th
Regal Dan (IRE)Newmarket Fri, 5.35 22nd Aug3rd
Regiment (GB)York Fri, 4.55 22nd Aug7th
Rekdhat (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 6.45 22nd Aug4th
Related (GB)Goodwood Sat, 2.55 23rd Aug11th
Rene Mathis (GER)Goodwood Sat, 2.55 23rd Aug2nd
Repeater (GB)York Sat, 3.50 23rd Aug11th
Rerouted (USA)York Fri, 3.05 22nd Aug11th
Res Ipsa Loquitur (IRE)Kilbeggan Fri, 5.50 22nd Aug3rd
Rest And Be (IRE)Newton Abbot Thu, 5.25 21st Augn.r.
Retirement Plan (GB)York Sat, 3.50 23rd Aug5th
Riddle Me This (GB)Newton Abbot Thu, 8.00 21st Aug5th
Ridestan (IRE)Killarney Wed, 7.40 20th Aug5th
Rifleman (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 3.55 21st Augp.u.
Rightville Boy (IRE)Killarney Sat, 4.00 23rd Aug4th
Ring Ben (IRE)Killarney Sat, 3.25 23rd Aug6th
Ringside Humour (IRE)Curragh Sat, 2.35 23rd Aug12th
Rita's Boy (IRE)Southwell Wed, 5.30 20th Aug1st
Rivellino (GB)Newmarket Sat, 3.55 23rd Augn.r.
River Dancing (IRE)Ffos Las Fri, 5.45 22nd Aug3rd
Roadtotheisland (IRE)Kilbeggan Fri, 6.20 22nd Aug3rd
Robbian (GB)Southwell Wed, 8.00 20th Aug9th
Robbie McMahon (IRE)Killarney Sat, 4.00 23rd Aug5th
Robertstown (IRE)Killarney Wed, 5.10 20th Aug5th
Robot Boy (IRE)York Wed, 1.55 20th Aug4th
Rock Canyon (IRE)Hamilton Fri, 8.10 22nd Aug4th
Rock Kristal (IRE)Kempton Wed, 7.20 20th Aug2nd
Rock Of Leon (GB)Lingfield Wed, 4.40 20th Aug4th
Rocket Ship (GB)York Sat, 2.40 23rd Aug11th
Rockinit (IRE)Ffos Las Thu, 2.10 21st Aug6th
Rocksee (IRE)Southwell Wed, 7.30 20th Aug7th
Rocky Two (IRE)Musselburgh Wed, 5.35 20th Aug7th
Rolling Dice (GB)Lingfield Wed, 4.05 20th Aug10th
Roman Flight (IRE)Newton Abbot Thu, 6.30 21st Aug6th
Roman General (IRE)Killarney Fri, 7.45 22nd Aug13th
Romiac (IRE)Curragh Sat, 2.35 23rd Aug9th
Rookery (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 7.20 22nd Aug8th
Roossey (IRE)York Wed, 4.55 20th Aug4th
Rory's Brother (IRE)Killarney Thu, 7.40 21st Augu.r.
Rosie Crowe (IRE)Southwell Wed, 5.30 20th Aug3rd
Rosie Hall (IRE)Newcastle Fri, 4.50 22nd Aug7th
Rosie Royale (IRE)Goodwood Fri, 6.15 22nd Aug6th
Ross Na Righ (IRE)Kilbeggan Fri, 7.25 22nd Augp.u.
Rosygo (IRE)Killarney Thu, 8.10 21st Aug7th
Rothesay Chancer (GB)Musselburgh Wed, 3.20 20th Augn.r.
Roudee (GB)York Thu, 1.55 21st Aug10th
Rowlestone Lass (GB)Bath Thu, 4.40 21st Augn.r.
Royal Defence (IRE)Cartmel Sat, 3.05 23rd Augp.u.
Royal Etiquette (IRE)Musselburgh Wed, 5.35 20th Aug5th
Royal Flag (GB)Newmarket Fri, 4.30 22nd Aug2nd
Royal Flight (IRE)Killarney Thu, 6.40 21st Aug1st
Royal Holiday (IRE)Southwell Wed, 6.30 20th Aug2nd
Royal Marskell (GB)Southwell Wed, 7.00 20th Aug2nd
Royal Mizar (SPA)Bath Thu, 4.05 21st Aug2nd
Royal Rascal (GB)York Thu, 4.55 21st Aug15th
Royal Straight (GB)Newcastle Fri, 6.25 22nd Aug8th
Rule The Waves (USA)Killarney Fri, 5.00 22nd Aug1st
Ruler Of France (GB)Killarney Fri, 5.35 22nd Aug2nd
Run With The Wind (IRE)Killarney Fri, 7.45 22nd Aug10th
Runner Runner (IRE)Wolverhampton Thu, 8.20 21st Aug1st
Russian Gleam (GB)Curragh Sat, 2.35 23rd Aug7th
Russian Realm (GB)York Thu, 3.05 21st Aug7th
Russian Soul (IRE)Curragh Sat, 3.10 23rd Aug6th
Ruwaiyan (USA)Newmarket Sat, 3.55 23rd Aug10th