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Horse Race Result
Sabre Rock (GB)Kempton Wed, 4.55 29th Oct3rd
Sacred Square (GER)Taunton Wed, 2.40 29th Oct2nd
Sagarmatha Vale (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 9.10 31st Oct10th
Sakhees Jack (GB)Dundalk Fri, 5.40 31st Oct5th
Sakuramachi (GB)Kempton Thu, 7.30 30th Oct10th
Salacious Sally (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.55 30th Oct6th
Salient (GB)Windsor Tue, 4.30 28th Oct2nd
Sallabeh (GB)Windsor Tue, 3.00 28th Oct4th
Sam Lord (GB)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Oct5th
Samanntom (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 2.40 31st Oct4th
San Quentin (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 5.25 31st Octn.r.
Sandwith (GB)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct14th
Sandy Beach (GB)Ffos Las Tue, 4.10 28th Oct8th
Santefisio (GB)Kempton Thu, 6.30 30th Oct11th
Santo Romano (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 6.40 31st Oct7th
Sar Oiche (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 31st Oct9th
Sarah Battle (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 2.40 31st Oct7th
Sarah Is A Lady (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.25 30th Octp.u.
Sassanova (FR)Uttoxeter Fri, 1.20 31st Oct12th
Sassy But Classy (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 5.40 31st Octn.r.
Satchville Flyer (GB)Kempton Thu, 8.00 30th Oct4th
Saucy Minx (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 2.50 30th Oct8th
Saver (GB)Stratford Thu, 1.40 30th Oct4th
Scariff Hornet (IRE)Windsor Tue, 4.00 28th Oct12th
Scarlet Sash (GB)Kempton Wed, 5.55 29th Oct7th
Scary Movie (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct13th
Scommettitrice (IRE)Kempton Thu, 7.00 30th Oct7th
Scoreline (GB)Nottingham Wed, 1.30 29th Oct7th
Scorpion Star (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 1.05 31st Oct8th
Scotswell (GB)Sedgefield Thu, 3.00 30th Octp.u.
Scrutinise (GB)Windsor Tue, 1.30 28th Oct5th
Sea Coast (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct2nd
Sea Current (IRE)Uttoxeter Fri, 2.25 31st Oct4th
Sean Airgead (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Octp.u.
Searching (IRE)Windsor Tue, 1.30 28th Oct4th
Seb's Choice (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 9.10 31st Oct13th
Secondo (FR)Kempton Thu, 5.30 30th Oct3rd
Semblance (GB)Kempton Wed, 5.55 29th Oct6th
Sendiym (FR)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Oct4th
Senora Lobo (IRE)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct11th
Set The Trend (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.25 29th Oct2nd
Wolverhampton Fri, 4.25 31st Oct5th
Sexy Secret (GB)Kempton Wed, 5.25 29th Oct3rd
Sgt Reckless (GB)Uttoxeter Fri, 2.25 31st Oct1st
Shabra Emperor (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct5th
Shadows Lengthen (GB)Wetherby Fri, 2.15 31st Oct1st
Shady Mccoy (USA)Catterick Tue, 1.50 28th Oct11th
Shalambar (IRE)Kempton Wed, 7.55 29th Oct1st
Shanahan's Turn (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 3.05 29th Oct1st
Shane Billy (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 2.35 29th Oct6th
Shanooan (USA)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct8th
Shantou Bob (IRE)Ffos Las Tue, 1.10 28th Oct1st
Shantou Flyer (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 2.25 30th Oct2nd
Sharjah (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 31st Oct1st
Sharp Rise (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 1.30 30th Oct1st
Sharqeyih (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.20 30th Oct2nd
Shaunas Spirit (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.55 29th Oct9th
Shawkantango (GB)Nottingham Wed, 1.30 29th Oct15th
Sheikh The Reins (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.55 29th Oct10th
Shershewill (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 3.15 31st Oct4th
Shimmering Silver (IRE)Kempton Wed, 6.25 29th Oct11th
Shinahwil (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 2.40 31st Octn.r.
Shine In Time (IRE)Stratford Thu, 1.40 30th Octp.u.
Shirley's Pride (GB)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct8th
Shirocco Passion (GB)Wolverhampton Tue, 6.10 28th Octn.r.
Shutthebackdoor (IRE)Uttoxeter Fri, 12.50 31st Oct8th
Shy John (GB)Stratford Thu, 3.10 30th Oct3rd
Sicilian Bay (IRE)Wetherby Fri, 2.50 31st Oct5th
Significant Move (GB)Taunton Wed, 2.40 29th Oct4th
Silent Knight (IRE)Worcester Wed, 1.20 29th Octp.u.
Silken Waters (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 5.25 31st Oct7th
Silvee (GB)Kempton Thu, 7.00 30th Oct2nd
Silver Dixie (USA)Lingfield Thu, 2.20 30th Oct4th
Silver Gent (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 1.30 30th Oct6th
Silver Roque (FR)Wetherby Fri, 2.15 31st Oct7th
Silver Vogue (GB)Wetherby Fri, 4.00 31st Oct2nd
Silverheels (IRE)Kempton Thu, 6.30 30th Oct7th
Simone On Time (IRE)Kempton Thu, 6.00 30th Oct6th
Simply Shining (IRE)Wolverhampton Fri, 7.55 31st Oct8th
Simply Wings (IRE)Stratford Thu, 3.40 30th Octp.u.
Sioux Chieftain (IRE)Catterick Tue, 1.20 28th Oct2nd
Sir Abbot (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.55 30th Oct1st
Sir Geoffrey (IRE)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct10th
Sir Henry Raeburn (IRE)Newmarket Fri, 12.30 31st Oct3rd
Sir Posealot (GB)Wetherby Fri, 1.10 31st Octp.u.
Sister Slew (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct8th
Sizing Solution (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 3.50 31st Oct1st
Skimp (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.50 30th Oct10th
Skint (GB)Taunton Wed, 3.10 29th Octn.r.
Sky Rose (GB)Windsor Tue, 1.30 28th Octn.r.
Skyfire (GB)Wetherby Fri, 1.40 31st Oct10th
Sleep In First (FR)Wetherby Fri, 1.40 31st Oct7th
Sleeping Apache (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 1.30 29th Oct4th
Slipper Orchid (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct3rd
Smiles For Miles (IRE)Worcester Wed, 1.20 29th Oct6th
Smoke Show (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct9th
Smokethatthunders (IRE)Wolverhampton Tue, 5.40 28th Oct5th
Smooth Stepper (GB)Sedgefield Thu, 4.00 30th Oct3rd
Snooker (GER)Sedgefield Thu, 1.00 30th Oct7th
Snow Conditions (GB)Kempton Wed, 4.55 29th Oct4th
Snow Falcon (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 4.20 31st Oct2nd
Snowed In (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Oct3rd
Snowy Dawn (GB)Newmarket Fri, 3.45 31st Oct3rd
So Noble (GB)Windsor Tue, 2.30 28th Oct5th
So Rustic (GB)Down Royal Fri, 1.05 31st Oct14th
Softly She Treads (IRE)Windsor Tue, 4.00 28th Oct5th
Sohar (GB)Newmarket Fri, 3.45 31st Oct2nd
Solaras Exhibition (IRE)Taunton Wed, 3.10 29th Octfell
Soldier Sam (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 2.30 29th Oct4th
Solo Hunter (GB)Windsor Tue, 2.00 28th Oct6th
Solveig's Song (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.20 30th Oct10th
Some Spirit (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct4th
Somedaysrdiamonds (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 5.55 31st Oct4th
Song And Dance Man (GB)Windsor Tue, 3.30 28th Oct11th
Sooqaan (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 5.25 31st Oct3rd
Sound Advice (GB)Kempton Thu, 6.30 30th Oct13th
Southern Cross (GB)Windsor Tue, 4.00 28th Oct14th
Space Walker (IRE)Windsor Tue, 3.30 28th Oct4th
Spacelab (GB)Lingfield Thu, 3.20 30th Oct8th
Spanish Fork (IRE)Taunton Wed, 1.40 29th Oct3rd
Special Miss (GB)Newmarket Fri, 4.15 31st Oct7th
Speckled (USA)Lingfield Thu, 3.20 30th Oct5th
Speculator (GB)Kempton Thu, 5.00 30th Oct6th
Speed Check (IRE)Stratford Thu, 4.10 30th Oct3rd
Speed Master (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 3.00 30th Octp.u.
Speedfit Rules (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 2.30 29th Oct5th
Spieta (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Oct8th
Spinning Cobblers (GB)Kempton Thu, 7.30 30th Oct1st
Spirit Rapping (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 3.00 29th Oct8th
Spiritoftheunion (GB)Newmarket Fri, 3.10 31st Oct13th
Spiritual Star (IRE)Kempton Thu, 6.30 30th Oct8th
Spitz (FR)Sedgefield Thu, 2.00 30th Oct2nd
Sporting Bob (GB)Newmarket Fri, 12.30 31st Oct9th
Sporting Boy (IRE)Taunton Wed, 3.10 29th Oct4th
Spot The Pro (IRE)Wetherby Fri, 1.40 31st Oct5th
Spring Dixie (IRE)Kempton Thu, 6.00 30th Oct7th
Spring Wolf (GB)Uttoxeter Fri, 4.10 31st Oct3rd
Springinherstep (IRE)Taunton Wed, 3.10 29th Oct5th
Squadron (GB)Ffos Las Tue, 2.40 28th Octp.u.
St Georges Rock (IRE)Windsor Tue, 1.30 28th Oct3rd
St Paul De Vence (IRE)Wolverhampton Tue, 6.10 28th Oct4th
Stand Aside (IRE)Uttoxeter Fri, 4.10 31st Oct6th
Star Of Mayfair (USA)Wolverhampton Tue, 7.10 28th Oct8th
Starfield (GB)Lingfield Thu, 2.20 30th Oct6th
Starlit Cantata (GB)Lingfield Thu, 2.20 30th Oct7th
Stars And Stripes (GB)Newmarket Fri, 1.00 31st Oct2nd
Stars So Bright (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct14th
State Department (GB)Taunton Wed, 1.40 29th Oct4th
Stay Tuned (IRE)Stratford Thu, 1.40 30th Octn.r.
Steel Gold (IRE)Stratford Thu, 1.10 30th Oct9th
Steel Rain (GB)Nottingham Wed, 1.30 29th Oct10th
Steel Stockholder (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 4.25 31st Oct9th
Steelriver (IRE)Kempton Thu, 5.30 30th Oct1st
Stellarta (GB)Nottingham Wed, 2.00 29th Oct4th
Stereo Love (FR)Dundalk Fri, 7.10 31st Oct6th
Steventon Star (GB)Kempton Thu, 5.30 30th Oct12th
Stoichkhov (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct7th
Stonefield Flyer (GB)Wolverhampton Tue, 5.40 28th Oct4th
Stop Road Lad (IRE)Punchestown Wed, 2.05 29th Oct1st
Storm Knight (IRE)Down Royal Fri, 4.20 31st Oct7th
Storm The Stars (USA)Nottingham Wed, 3.00 29th Oct2nd
Stow (GB)Ffos Las Tue, 2.40 28th Oct7th
Straight Gin (GB)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct7th
Street Entertainer (IRE)Stratford Thu, 1.40 30th Oct1st
Stynes (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.40 31st Oct4th
Sublimation (IRE)Nottingham Wed, 3.30 29th Oct15th
Suddyan (IRE)Newmarket Fri, 1.00 31st Oct1st
Summer Storm (GB)Stratford Thu, 2.40 30th Oct2nd
Sun Cloud (IRE)Sedgefield Thu, 3.00 30th Oct4th
Sun Quest (GB)Stratford Thu, 4.10 30th Oct6th
Suni Dancer (GB)Wolverhampton Fri, 5.25 31st Oct10th
Sunlit Rome (IRE)Dundalk Fri, 8.10 31st Oct12th
Sunrise Dance (GB)Catterick Tue, 4.20 28th Oct5th
Supapowers (IRE)Worcester Wed, 3.20 29th Oct4th
Superior Duchess (GB)Kempton Thu, 7.00 30th Oct12th
Supreme Benefit (IRE)Clonmel Thu, 1.25 30th Oct6th
Supreme Present (GB)Taunton Wed, 2.40 29th Oct1st
Sur Empire (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.20 30th Oct3rd
Surprise Us (GB)Ffos Las Tue, 2.10 28th Oct6th
Sweet Dancer (IRE)Lingfield Thu, 1.50 30th Octn.r.
Sweet Martoni (GB)Newmarket Fri, 4.15 31st Oct12th
Sweet Persuasion (GB)Lingfield Thu, 12.50 30th Octn.r.
Swift Act (GB)Ffos Las Tue, 1.10 28th Oct10th
Swiss Cross (GB)Lingfield Thu, 3.50 30th Oct10th
Swot (GB)Lingfield Thu, 1.50 30th Oct6th
Sykes (IRE)Worcester Wed, 4.20 29th Oct1st