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Horse Race Result
Taifbalady (IRE)Newcastle Tue, 7.45 20th Mar2nd
Tailor Tom (IRE)Haydock Wed, 4.55 21st Mar4th
Take Em Out (IRE)Chepstow Wed, 4.30 21st Marp.u.
Tavener (GB)Lingfield Mon, 4.25 19th Marn.r.
Tee It Up Tommo (IRE)Kempton Wed, 5.45 21st Mar8th
Ten Times Better (IRE)Chepstow Wed, 4.30 21st Mar13th
The Ballyboys (IRE)Limerick Wed, 3.45 21st Mar6th
The Bay Birch (IRE)Chepstow Wed, 4.00 21st Mar2nd
The Big Galloper (IRE)Limerick Mon, 4.50 19th Mar2nd
The Conditional (IRE)Clonmel Tue, 3.50 20th Mar4th
The Dawn Bandit (IRE)Kelso Mon, 2.10 19th Mar0th
The Day Is Done (IRE)Limerick Wed, 4.50 21st Mar6th
The Granson (IRE)Limerick Mon, 3.15 19th Mar1st
The Grey Guy (IRE)Limerick Mon, 4.20 19th Mar7th
The Last Armada (IRE)Limerick Mon, 2.15 19th Mar3rd
The Last Day (IRE)Chepstow Wed, 2.50 21st Mar1st
The Lock Master (IRE)Southwell Wed, 2.30 21st Mar3rd
The Pounds (IRE)Limerick Wed, 3.45 21st Mar8th
The Secret One (GB)Limerick Mon, 5.20 19th Mar7th
The Secrets Out (GB)Lingfield Mon, 5.25 19th Mar5th
The White Volcano (IRE)Down Royal Mon, 2.25 19th Mar4th
Theatre Run (IRE)Limerick Wed, 4.50 21st Mar5th
Theydon Boxer (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.15 21st Mar7th
Theydon Spirit (GB)Kempton Wed, 6.45 21st Mar7th
Think Ahead (GB)Haydock Wed, 2.10 21st Mar2nd
Thisonesformary (IRE)Limerick Mon, 2.15 19th Mar10th
Three Colours Red (IRE)Kempton Wed, 9.15 21st Mar7th
Threediamondrings (GB)Lingfield Mon, 5.25 19th Mar6th
Tibbie Tamson (GB)Kelso Mon, 2.10 19th Mar0th
Tiger Time (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 5.15 20th Mar6th
Time To Reason (IRE)Lingfield Mon, 4.25 19th Mar7th
Timetoget (IRE)Down Royal Mon, 5.35 19th Mar4th
Timmie Roe (IRE)Clonmel Tue, 3.15 20th Mar2nd
Tina Marie (IRE)Down Royal Mon, 2.25 19th Mar11th
Tintangle (IRE)Down Royal Mon, 5.35 19th Mar1st
Tintown Rose (IRE)Clonmel Tue, 2.40 20th Mar6th
Tommy G (GB)Newcastle Tue, 8.45 20th Mar3rd
Tomngerry (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 3.40 20th Marn.r.
Top Cat Henry (IRE)Wetherby Tue, 4.10 20th Marn.r.
Haydock Wed, 4.20 21st Marp.u.
Tor (GB)Lingfield Mon, 3.25 19th Marn.r.
Toriano (GB)Lingfield Mon, 4.25 19th Mar11th
Torquay (GB)Limerick Mon, 2.15 19th Mar4th
Touch Of Velvett (GB)Haydock Wed, 2.40 21st Mar5th
Treaty Of Rome (USA)Southwell Wed, 3.05 21st Mar5th
Triolet (IRE)Down Royal Mon, 3.30 19th Marfell
Tundra (GB)Kempton Wed, 8.15 21st Mar10th
Turanga Lilly (IRE)Limerick Mon, 2.15 19th Mar5th