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b g 2006 Key Of Luck (USA) - Pure Folly (IRE) (Machiavellian (USA))

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Owner Tom Tuohy & Tony Jafrate
Trainer David O'Meara
Last Win   Chester Sat, 8th Jun, 13 8/1, D Nolan
Days Since Last Win   1148
Last Run   Ayr Tue, 1st Oct, 13  8th, 11/1, D Tudhope
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Lifetime (Flat)6581212.31%€70198.20€0.00
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Date Course Conditions Race Result Jockey OR Class
01Oct13 Ayr 5G 3y+ Hcap(12K) 9-1[11/1] 8th of 12, 5.16L behind Equitania D Tudhope 86 3
10Sep13 Bev 5GF 3y+ Hcap(12K) 9-6[25/1] 7th of 8, 3.75L behind Hadaj D Nolan 88 3
06Aug13 Rip 5G 3y+ Hcap(12K) 9-6[20/1] 7th of 15, 2.29L behind Cheviot D Tudhope 89 3
28Jul13 Pon 6GS 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-12[11/1] 8th of 9, 22.38L behind Colonel Mak K Fallon 89 3
28Jun13 New 5GS 3y+ Hcap(20K) 8-13[14/1] 8th of 14, 6.13L behind Magical Macey A Mullen 89 2
08Jun13 Che 6G 4y+ Hcap(10K) 9-7[8/1] 1st of 15, 0.75L to Chooseday D Nolan 85 4
31May13 Cat 6GS 4y+ Hcap(10K) 9-8[8/1] 5th of 12, 2.78L behind Meandmyshadow D Nolan 79 4
24May13 Cat 5GS 3y+ Hcap(10K) 9-11[17/2] 1st of 10, 0.5L to Lost In Paris D Nolan 79 4
30Oct12 Cat 7S 3y+ Hcap(7K) 9-2[22/1] 6th of 10, 11.25L behind Conry D Tudhope 80 4
11Oct12 Ayr 6H 3y+ Hcap(6K) non-runner 80 4
29Sep12 Hay 6H 3y+ Hcap(13K) 8-7[10/1] 11th of 14, 10.34L behind Take Cover David Bergin 81 3
07Sep12 Hay 6GF 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-3[8/1] 11th of 13, 6.69L behind Trade Secret D Tudhope 81 4
04Aug12 Thi 6G 3y+ Hcap(8K) 9-3[13/2] 1st of 19, 1.25L to Sound Amigo D Tudhope 76 4
27Jul12 Yor 6GF 4y+ Hcap(8K) 9-5[14/1] 6th of 19, 3.15L behind Julius Geezer D Tudhope 78 4
29Jun12 Che 7G 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-2[10/1] 10th of 12, 14.50L behind King Of Eden D Nolan 79 4
16Jun12 Yor 6S 3y+ Hcap(11K) 9-6[14/1] 6th of 15, 6.56L behind Klynch D Nolan 79 4
08Jun12 Cat 6S 4y+ Hcap(6K) 9-2[7/2] 4th of 8, 1.44L behind Solar Spirit D Tudhope 80 4
25May12 Cat 5GF 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-12[4/1] 5th of 11, 3.50L behind Nomoreblondes D Tudhope 80 4
19Apr12 Rip 6S 4y+ Hcap(6K) 9-4[9/4F] 7th of 14, 7.25L behind Fast Shot S De Sousa 82 4
04Nov11 Ffo 6S 3y+ Hcap(7K) 9-6[14/1] 7th of 13, 5.88L behind Colour Of Love James P Sullivan 84 4
25Oct11 Cat 7S 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-7[16/1] 12th of 15, 16.50L behind Clockmaker James P Sullivan 85 4
17Oct11 Pon 5G 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-7[6/1F] 10th of 17, 6.16L behind Doc Hay S De Sousa 85 4
15Oct11 Cat 5S 3y+ Hcap(14K) 8-11[9/1] 5th of 12, 3.50L behind Verinco P McDonald 85 3
10Sep11 Che 5G 3y+ Hcap(7K) 9-5[6/1] 2nd of 8, 0.5L behind Bertoliver James P Sullivan 4
02Sep11 Hay 6G 3y+ Hcap(7K) 9-6[12/1] 6th of 12, 4.50L behind Fabreze James P Sullivan 4
17Aug11 Car 5GS 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-10[12/1] 2nd of 9, 5L behind Verinco James P Sullivan 4
12Aug11 New 7H 3y+ Hcap(5K) 9-12[14/1] 5th of 8, 14.25L behind Coolminx James P Sullivan 4
02Jul11 Hay 6GF 3y+ Hcap(13K) 9-0[25/1] 11th of 15, 10.63L behind Piazza San Pietro Catherine Gannon 3
25Jun11 Che 5S 3y+ Hcap(13K) 9-8[18/1] 9th of 11, 5.03L behind Duchess Dora P Donaghy 3
14May11 Thi 5G 4y+ Hcap(15K) 8-8[12/1] 8th of 11, 5.75L behind Singeur James P Sullivan 2
06May11 Che 8GF 4y+ Hcap(25K) 8-8[8/1] 5th of 14, 3.63L behind Kyllachy Star R L Moore 2
07Apr11 Rip 6G 4y+ Hcap(6K) 9-7[7/1] 1st of 11, 0.5L to Medici Time J P Spencer 4
25Sep10 Hay 5S 3y+ Hcap(25K) 8-10[20/1] 7th of 16, 3.93L behind Cheveton James P Sullivan 2
18Sep10 Ayr 6G 3y+ Hcap(50K) non-runner 2
14Sep10 Hay 6S 3y+ F(14K) 8-13[14/1] 4th of 6, 4.31L behind Horseradish F Norton 3
04Sep10 Hay 5GF 3y+ Hcap(25K) 8-12[8/1] 11th of 12, 6.59L behind Confessional J P Spencer 2
21Aug10 Che 8GS 3y+ Hcap(35K) 8-11[33/1] 5th of 13, 6.75L behind Side Glance F Norton 2
03Aug10 Sou 5A 3y+ Hcap(11K) 9-4[14/1] 7th of 10, 6.01L behind Luscivious James P Sullivan 3
21Jul10 Cat 5GS 3y+ Hcap(6K) 9-6[7/2JF] 1st of 10, 0.75L to Mey Blossom James P Sullivan 4
16Jul10 Pon 5GF 3y+ Hcap(15K) 9-10[17/2] 2nd of 12, 1.75L behind Kingdom Of Light J P Spencer 3
26Jun10 Don 6GF 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-7[13/2] 5th of 10, 4.25L behind Red Cape S De Sousa 4
10Jun10 Hay 5G 3y+ Hcap(9K) 9-9[4/1F] 1st of 12, 1.75L to Lesley's Choice James P Sullivan 4
22May10 Hay 6GF 4y+ Hcap(8K) 9-1[9/1] 9th of 13, 11.94L behind Novellen Lad P Mulrennan
07May10 Che 7GS 4y+ Hcap(11K) 9-1[9/2] 3rd of 12, 2.00L behind Dance And Dance R L Moore
01May10 Don 6G 4y+ Hcap(10K) 8-10[14/1] 3rd of 15, 1.50L behind Tabaret P Mulrennan 3
17Apr10 Thi 7GF 4y+ Hcap(12K) 8-11[9/1] 7th of 11, 4.76L behind Snow Bay S De Sousa 3
04Apr10 Mus 5GS 4y+ Hcap(10K) 9-7[12/1] 6th of 12, 5.56L behind Luscivious S De Sousa 4
15Sep09 Hay 6GF 3y+ F(16K) 8-11[13/2] 5th of 8, 11.50L behind Dark Mischief S De Sousa 3
31Aug09 Rip 6G 3y Hcap(7K) 9-7[12/1] 3rd of 15, 1.75L behind Medicean Man S De Sousa 4
20Aug09 Yor 5GF 3y Hcap(25K) 8-7[14/1] 6th of 15, 3.76L behind Noble Storm S De Sousa 2
10Aug09 Thi 5G 3y Hcap(8K) non-runner 4
08Aug09 Ayr 6GF 3y Hcap(7K) 9-6[3/1] 2nd of 5, nk behind Blown It S De Sousa 4
26Jul09 Asc 6GF 3y Hcap(11K) 9-7[13/2] 7th of 11, 8.88L behind Rapid Water F Norton 4
17Jul09 Hay 6S 3y Hcap(8K) 9-6[9/2] 2nd of 10, nk behind Klynch S De Sousa 4
04Jul09 Hay 6G 3y Hcap(20K) 8-5[14/1] 6th of 11, 5.25L behind Enderby Spirit S De Sousa 2
27Jun09 Che 7GF 3y Hcap(14K) 9-4[8/1] 7th of 7, 16.56L behind Brae Hill Catherine Gannon 3
17Jun09 Rip 6G 3y Hcap(14K) non-runner 3
13Jun09 Yor 6G 3y Hcap(100K) 8-11[40/1] 6th of 20, 5.56L behind Swiss Diva P Mulrennan 2
08May09 Che 5GF 3y Hcap(22K) 9-1[8/1] 8th of 10, 10.00L behind Doctor Parkes J F Egan 2
07May09 Che 6GF 3y Hcap(16K) 9-2[4/1] 2nd of 11, 2.5L behind Invincible Heart J F Egan 3
25Apr09 Rip 6GF 3y Hcap(15K) non-runner 3
18Apr09 Don 6GF 3y Hcap(12K) 8-6[15/2] 2nd of 12, hd behind Proclaim Andrea Atzeni 3
16Apr09 Rip 6GF 3y Hcap(7K) 9-2[16/1] 5th of 7, 10.75L behind Mister Laurel P Mulrennan 4
08Nov08 Don 6S 2y Hcap(10K) 9-3[8/1] 3rd of 15, 2.75L behind Harry Patch R L Moore
04Nov08 Cat 6H 2y Hcap(6K) 8-13[17/2] 1st of 4, 0.75L to Joe Caster P Mulrennan
27Sep08 Che 5GF 2y Hcap(10K) 8-8[22/1] 10th of 13, 8.25L behind Aldermoor S Donohoe
30Aug08 Che 6GF 2y F(15K) non-runner
11Aug08 Thi 5S 2y Mdn(6K) 9-3[11/1] 1st of 11, nk to Captain Scooby P Mulrennan
04Aug08 Car 5G 2y Mdn(4K) 8-7[7/2] 3rd of 6, 2.00L behind Zelos Girl R Kennemore
12Jul08 Che 5G 2y Mdn(6K) 8-6[18/1] 4th of 9, 5.00L behind Red Baron Dancer R Kennemore
04Jul08 Hay 6G 2y Mdn(5K) 8-4[20/1] 9th of 13, 15.00L behind Pure Poetry M Coumbe