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Last Winner   Our Channel (USA)
14/1, W J Haggas
Epsom Wed, 23rd Apr, 14
Runs Since Last Winner   0
Days Since Last Winner   2
Last Runner   After The Goldrush (GB)
3rd, 9/2,
Epsom Wed, 23rd Apr, 14

19-6-08. ROYAL ASCOT. A relieved RYAN MOORE after he rode his 1st Royal Ascot winner on COLONY. Photo HEALY RACING.
StatisticsRunsWinsPlacesWin %€Earnings€1 Level Stk
Last 14 Days (Flat)4681017.39%€410014.60€-5.87
Date Course Conditions Race Result Trainer OR
23Apr14 Eps 9GS 3y Hcap(10K) Black Caesar non-runner Richard Hannon 80 4
23Apr14 Eps 9GS 3-4y Mdn(7K) 8-11[9/2] After The Goldrush 3rd of 5, 6.00L behind Ravenous Richard Hannon 71 4
23Apr14 Eps 10GS 4y+ Hcap(50K) Rock Choir non-runner W J Haggas 94 2
23Apr14 Eps 10GS 3y F(50K) 8-13[14/1] Our Channel 1st of 9, hd to Marzocco W J Haggas 85 2
23Apr14 Eps 12GS 4y+ Hcap(22K) 8-10[4/1] Red Runaway 4th of 10, 8.75L behind Beacon Lady E A L Dunlop 81 3
22Apr14 Yar 8G 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-7[5/2F] Dream Walker 2nd of 7, 0.75L behind Sir Mike B Ellison 84 4
22Apr14 Yar 10G 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-6[9/1] Uphold 2nd of 11, 1.75L behind Red Warrior Miss G Kelleway 79 4
22Apr14 Yar 10G 3y Hcap(4K) 9-2[5/2F] Mairise 4th of 11, 1.01L behind Thurayaat Sir M Stoute 70 5
19Apr14 Kem 16A 4y+ Hcap(20K) 9-7[5/2F] White Nile 6th of 7, 5.75L behind Seaside Sizzler E A L Dunlop 92 2
19Apr14 Kem 8A 3y F(20K) 9-0[4/1] Championship 6th of 6, 28.81L behind Zampa Manos Richard Hannon 89 2
19Apr14 Kem 8A 3y F(20K) 9-0[11/10F] Queen Of Ice 1st of 4, 1.75L to Midnite Angel W J Haggas 82 2
19Apr14 Kem 8A 4y+ Hcap(20K) 8-12[5/1] Sea Shanty 1st of 11, 0.75L to Tigers Tale Richard Hannon 91 2
19Apr14 Kem 8A 4y+ F(37K) 9-3[10/11F] Zurigha 1st of 7, 1.25L to Ribbons Richard Hannon 109 1
19Apr14 Kem 5A 2y Mdn(6K) 9-5[7/4F] Be Bold 2nd of 7, 2.75L behind Escalating Richard Hannon 4
18Apr14 Lin 10A 4y+ F(200K) 9-5[6/4F] Grandeur 1st of 12, hd to Dick Doughtywylie J Noseda 115 2
18Apr14 Lin 8A 4y+ F(150K) 9-5[5/2F] Grey Mirage 4th of 12, 3.25L behind Captain Cat M Botti 103 2
18Apr14 Lin 6A 4y+ F(150K) 9-5[3/1F] Valbchek 10th of 12, 10.51L behind Alben Star J Noseda 104 2
18Apr14 Lin 7A 3y F(150K) 9-5[7/1] Sir Robert Cheval 5th of 14, 6.03L behind Ertijaal M Botti 95 2
18Apr14 Lin 7A 4y+ F(150K) 9-0[3/1JF] High Time Too 2nd of 14, 3.5L behind Living The Life H Palmer 77 2
17Apr14 New 10G 3y Hcap(15K) 9-2[5/1] Top Tug 6th of 8, 10.78L behind Cloudscape Sir M Stoute 85 3
17Apr14 New 7G 3y Mdn(8K) 9-0[16/1] Executrix 14th of 19, 16.68L behind Hadaatha Sir M Stoute 4
17Apr14 New 9G 4y+ F(65K) 8-13[11/1] Gospel Choir 4th of 9, 2.31L behind Mull Of Killough Sir M Stoute 104 1
17Apr14 New 8G 3y F(65K) 9-3[1/1F] Toormore 1st of 6, 2L to The Grey Gatsby Richard Hannon 122 1
17Apr14 New 6G 3y+ F(65K) 9-6[12/1] Heaven's Guest 6th of 8, 4.81L behind Hamza R A Fahey 104 1
17Apr14 New 10G 3y F(200K) 9-0[66/1] Cadeaux Power 8th of 14, 10.63L behind Sudden Wonder C E Brittain 2
17Apr14 New 8G 3y F(10K) 9-5[11/1] Tercel 9th of 15, 7.75L behind Basem Sir M Stoute 4
17Apr14 New 5G 2y Mdn(8K) 9-0[9/4F] Lacing 8th of 16, 3.32L behind Spirit Of Xian R A Fahey 4
16Apr14 New 6G 3y Hcap(20K) 9-7[7/1] Expert 2nd of 12, 3L behind Danzeno Richard Hannon 99 2
16Apr14 New 10G 3y Mdn(8K) 9-5[6/1] Venezia 2nd of 13, 0.5L behind Munjaz M Meade 4
16Apr14 New 9G 3y F(37K) 9-0[13/2] Barley Mow 4th of 10, 13.25L behind True Story Richard Hannon 110 1
16Apr14 New 7G 3y F(65K) 9-0[20/1] Along Again 15th of 15, 20.09L behind Sandiva Sir M Stoute 99 1
16Apr14 New 7G 3y Hcap(37K) 9-1[13/8F] Shifting Power 1st of 6, hd to Mushir Richard Hannon 105 1
16Apr14 New 6G 3y F(100K) 9-5[6/1] Bon Voyage 7th of 13, 10.50L behind Magnus Maximus Richard Hannon 95 2
16Apr14 New 5G 2y F(12K) 9-1[5/2JF] Fly ball 4th of 8, 6.75L behind Mind Of Madness Richard Hannon 3
14Apr14 Win 12G 4y+ Hcap(7K) 8-13[6/4F] Jupiter Storm 6th of 9, 11.75L behind Christopher Wren G L Moore 77 4
14Apr14 Win 6G 4y+ Hcap(12K) 8-13[16/1] Freddy With A Y 14th of 16, 17.01L behind Huntsmans Close G L Moore 82 3
14Apr14 Win 5G 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-2[5/1] Marmalady 3rd of 10, 1.88L behind Breccbennach G L Moore 80 4
12Apr14 New 10G 4y+ Hcap(8K) 9-0[7/1] Top Diktat 1st of 14, 0.75L to Gone Dutch G L Moore 78 4
12Apr14 New 11G 3y Mdn(10K) 9-5[8/1] Sayed Youmzain 4th of 13, 6.75L behind Eagle Top M Botti 4
12Apr14 New 8G 4y+ Hcap(50K) 8-10[8/1CF] Brownsea Brink 3rd of 23, 2.25L behind Gabrial's Kaka Richard Hannon 93 2
12Apr14 New 7G 3y F(60K) 9-0[11/4] Night Of Thunder 2nd of 10, 4.5L behind Kingman Richard Hannon 109 1
12Apr14 New 7G 3y F(60K) 9-0[8/1] Dutch Courage 6th of 11, 5.13L behind J Wonder R A Fahey 93 1
12Apr14 New 12G 4y+ F(60K) 8-10[9/2] Astonishing 4th of 9, 3.00L behind Cubanita Sir M Stoute 109 1
12Apr14 New 8G 3y Mdn(8K) 9-5[6/1] Dursey Island 14th of 15, 34.44L behind Matalleb Richard Hannon 4
11Apr14 New 10GS 3y Mdn(7K) 9-0[7/2F] Approaching Star 7th of 11, 6.25L behind Inchila W J Haggas 4
11Apr14 New 5GS 4y+ Hcap(19K) 9-7[11/4F] Dutch Masterpiece 8th of 8, 9.78L behind Lucky Beggar G L Moore 110 2
11Apr14 New 7GS 3y Hcap(19K) 8-10[20/1] Showpiece 4th of 10, 4.75L behind Muwaary Richard Hannon 84 2
11Apr14 New 16GS 4y+ Hcap(7K) 9-8[11/4F] Leo Luna 10th of 14, 27.00L behind Bob's World G L Moore 76 4
11Apr14 New 5GS 2y Mdn(10K) Crafty Choice non-runner Richard Hannon 4