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Last Winner   Taquin Du Seuil (FR)
5/1, L P Aspell
Warwick Sat, 13th Feb, 16
Runs Since Last Winner   1
Days Since Last Winner   1
Last Runner   Lithic (IRE)
5th, 8/1, Joshua Moore
Newbury Sat, 13th Feb, 16

Jonjo O'Neill
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Date CourseConditionsRace ResultJockeyORClass
13Feb16New16H4-6y 11-3[8/1]Lithic 5th of 7, 33.00L behind BallyandyJoshua Moore1
13Feb16War20S5y+ 11-12[5/1]Taquin Du Seuil 1st of 7, 3.75L to NiceonefrankieL P Aspell1522
13Feb16New16H4y+ 10-13[20/1]Mad Jack Mytton 17th of 22, 100.38L behind AgrapartJoshua Moore1401
13Feb16New16H4y+ 10-9[25/1]Matorico 15th of 22, 69.38L behind AgrapartR P McLernon1361
13Feb16New16H4y+ 10-2[33/1]Champagne At Tara 8th of 22, 17.88L behind AgrapartAidan Coleman1291
12Feb16Kem16S4-6y 11-4[3/1]Onthewesternfront 2nd of 15, 1.5L behind Stowaway MagicR Johnson5
12Feb16Kem21S4y+ 11-4[50/1]Celldomfed 10th of 13, 21.00L behind BallyhenryN D Fehily4
12Feb16Kem16S4y+ 11-3[25/1]She's Late 8th of 13, 15.31L behind TaweylaPatrick Cowley1144
11Feb16Don17GS5y+ 10-12[12/1]Celtic Tune 4th of 8, 33.00L behind Winter EscapeR P McLernon4
11Feb16Don20GS4-7y 11-2[66/1]Easy Street 6th of 11, 82.13L behind Rock On OscarR P McLernon4
06Feb16San23S4y+ 10-5[9/1]Join The Clan 2nd of 9, 0.75L behind Saddlers EncorePatrick Cowley1361
06Feb16Wet21H5y+ 10-12[3/1]Bronco Billy 3rd of 5, 34.00L behind TomngerryN D Fehily4
05Feb16Cat19GS5y+ 11-11[14/1]Strongly Suggested 6th of 8, 47.75L behind RaktimanR P McLernon1243
05Feb16Cat19GS4-7y 11-2[12/1]Beggars Cross fell in race won by Wade HarperW Kennedy4
05Feb16Che16H5y+ 10-12[7/2]Lockstockandbarrel 3rd of 5, 18.25L behind Oscar SunsetR Johnson4
04Feb16Tow16S4y+ 11-10[5/4F]Suit Yourself 3rd of 8, 10.25L behind FlashjackB J Geraghty4
04Feb16Tow19S4y+ 11-0[50/1]Princess Tiana 5th of 13, 60.50L behind Caitys JoyR P McLernon4
03Feb16Lud24S5y+ 11-4[3/1F]Another Hero 1st of 8, 4.5L to Still BelievingR Johnson1313
03Feb16Lud24S5y+ 10-6[16/1]Ivy Gate unseated rider in race won by Another HeroR P McLernon1193
03Feb16Lud16S4y+ 11-5[9/1]Set In My Ways 2nd of 8, 2.25L behind Britanio BelloR Johnson5
03Feb16Lud16S4y+ 10-12[6/1]Rose Revived pulled up in race won by Divine SpearR Johnson5
30Jan16Che17H4y+ 10-2[6/1]Champagne At Tara 5th of 9, 6.81L behind Solstice StarR P McLernon1292
30Jan16Don24G5y+ 11-12[8/1]Holywell pulled up in race won by Ziga BoyW Kennedy1591
30Jan16Che21H5y+ 11-6[10/1]Johns Spirit 4th of 9, 33.25L behind AnnacottyJoshua Moore1481
30Jan16Che21H5y+ 11-0[28/1]Lost Legend 3rd of 9, 32.25L behind AnnacottyR P McLernon1421
30Jan16Che21H5y+ 10-8[22/1]Rezorbi fell in race won by King's OdysseyJoshua Moore1382
30Jan16Don20G4y+ 11-2[25/1]She's Late 10th of 18, 30.78L behind Mccabe CreekPatrick Cowley1174
29Jan16Don17GS4y+ 11-2[7/1]Ultimate Dream 6th of 15, 26.00L behind Quill ArtJoshua Moore875
29Jan16Hun21GS4y+ 11-5[16/1]Kamool 4th of 14, 13.25L behind Abricot De L'oasisN D Fehily1134
29Jan16Don24GS4y+ 11-8[14/1]Sebastian Beach 3rd of 16, 15.00L behind Night In MilanR Johnson1164
29Jan16Hun20GS5y+ 11-7[9/1]Mountain Tunes pulled up in race won by CadoudoffR P McLernon1223
29Jan16Don17GS4y+ 11-4[25/1]Sarazen Bridge 15th of 18, 62.75L behind Cyrius MoriviereB J Geraghty4
28Jan16War26S4y+ 11-9[10/1]Auvergnat pulled up in race won by The Boss's DreamR Johnson1273
28Jan16War16S4y 10-5[25/1]Mister Dick 5th of 8, 56.00L behind Fixe Le KapPatrick Cowley4
09Jan16Che29H5y+ 10-13[10/1]Upswing pulled up in race won by MountainousB J Geraghty1391
02Jan16San16H4y+ 10-0[13/2]See The Rock 9th of 11, 29.01L behind Rayvin BlackR Johnson1222
02Jan16Ayr24H5y+ 11-12[15/8F]Capard King 5th of 6, 16.75L behind PresentedR P McLernon1393
02Jan16San20H5y+ 11-3[16/1]Ivy Gate 6th of 9, 24.75L behind Bishops RoadW Kennedy1213
02Jan16San16H4y 11-8[6/5]Pillard 2nd of 4, 5L behind Sneaking BudgeR Johnson1293
01Jan16Che24H4y+ 10-12[8/1]Monbeg Gold 8th of 16, 36.13L behind SinglefarmpaymentJoshua Moore1302
01Jan16Exe19H5y+ 10-12[7/1]Easy Street 5th of 7, 99.75L behind Vieux LilleR P McLernon4
01Jan16Che21H5y+ 11-3[11/1]Johns Spirit 6th of 11, 23.38L behind Village VicJoshua Moore1511
01Jan16Che21H5y+ 10-3[33/1]Lost Legend 4th of 11, 22.75L behind Village VicPatrick Cowley1441
01Jan16Che21H5y+ 11-0[10/1]Minella Rocco 6th of 7, 75.00L behind SeeyouatmidnightB J Geraghty1
01Jan16Exe17H4y+ 11-5[18/1]Smart Thinking 10th of 18, 87.75L behind Emerging TalentR P McLernon5
01Jan16Che26H5y+ 11-6[5/1]Beg To Differ 2nd of 8, 8L behind Perfect CandidateR Johnson1332
30Dec15Tau23S4y+ 11-12[12/1]Dreamsoftheatre pulled up in race won by Kings ApolloR P McLernon1303
30Dec15Hay19H4-7y 10-12[10/1]Goldboy 5th of 7, 101.50L behind Its'afreebeeJoshua Moore4
30Dec15Hay16H4-6y 10-12[25/1]Sarazen Bridge 9th of 10, 46.31L behind BigmartreJoshua Moore4
29Dec15Don24GS4y+ 10-12[15/2]American Legend unseated rider in race won by Ziga BoyR Johnson1193
29Dec15Don24GS4y+ 11-12[12/1]Goodwood Mirage 7th of 11, 16.50L behind ZeroeshadesofgreyR Johnson1383
29Dec15New26S4y+ 11-12[13/2]Cloudy Copper 5th of 8, 35.00L behind SilvergroveJoshua Moore1293
29Dec15New22S4y+ 11-8[16/1]Mountain Tunes 6th of 14, 42.25L behind Imagine The ChatJoshua Moore1253
29Dec15Don20GS4y+ 10-12[8/1]Beggars Cross 11th of 17, 52.75L behind Wade HarperW Kennedy4
29Dec15Don20GS4y+ 10-12[33/1]Set In My Ways 7th of 17, 36.50L behind Wade HarperT Scudamore4
29Dec15Don20GS4y+ 10-12[100/1]Wild Ginger 8th of 17, 40.25L behind Wade HarperR P McLernon4
28Dec15Lei16H3y+ 10-13[15/2]Blackfire 9th of 11, 98.50L behind Tara FlowR Johnson1253
28Dec15Cat25S4y+ 10-7[11/1]Mission Complete 4th of 9, 46.25L behind ValleyofmilanJack Savage994
28Dec15Lei20H4y+ 11-0[4/1]Join The Clan 3rd of 3, 8.25L behind Bristol De MaiR Johnson1363
28Dec15Cat16S4y+ 10-1[17/2]Oficial Ben 2nd of 7, 10L behind Nautical TwilightPatrick Cowley1064
28Dec15Lei20H4y+ 10-12[15/8F]Bronco Billy 7th of 14, 79.75L behind Hit The HighwayR Johnson4
28Dec15Cat16S3y+ 11-6[8/1]Will Take Charge 7th of 12, 58.00L behind Always ResoluteR P McLernon4
28Dec15Cat16S3y+ 11-6[4/1]Champagne At Tara 1st of 13, 1.75L to TippmanboyR P McLernon1274
27Dec15Kem16GS3y+ 10-13[14/1]I'dliketheoption 10th of 13, 33.00L behind Zulu OscarR P McLernon1253
27Dec15Kem16GS4y+ 10-11[12/1]The Saint James 5th of 5, 25.75L behind Ar MadR Johnson1441
26Dec15Kem21GS3y+ 11-10[9/1]Matorico 4th of 14, 3.25L behind Baron AlcoB J Geraghty1333
26Dec15Kem20GS4y+ 10-13[16/1]Rock N Rhythm 4th of 9, 41.75L behind Full ShiftR P McLernon1313
26Dec15Hun20S4y+ 10-12[7/2]The Tailgater 5th of 16, 19.50L behind ExpediteR Johnson4
19Dec15Hay23H4y+ 11-9[20/1]Listen And Learn pulled up in race won by Isaacstown LadJoshua Moore1263
19Dec15Hay23H4y+ 11-9[5/1JF]Spookydooky 2nd of 10, 7L behind Seventh SkyJoshua Moore1422
19Dec15Hay19H3y+ 11-10[9/2]Montdragon 1st of 7, 2.25L to Baby BachJoshua Moore1282
19Dec15Hay16H4y+ 11-5[25/1]Strongly Suggested 5th of 7, 93.00L behind Arthur's OakR P McLernon1273
19Dec15Asc24GS4y+ 11-8[12/1]Wait A Second pulled up in race won by Amiral CollongesB J Geraghty1164
18Dec15Asc22S4y+ 10-8[8/1]Sebastian Beach 11th of 13, 33.25L behind MasterplanPatrick Cowley1183
17Dec15Tow16S4y+ 11-0[100/1]Ultimate Dream 10th of 14, 24.75L behind Que SeraJoshua Moore5
17Dec15Tow21S4y+ 10-12[5/1]Celldomfed pulled up in race won by Brod Na HeireannJoshua Moore4
16Dec15New16S4y+ 11-11[3/1]Allow Dallow 5th of 7, 26.75L behind Exmoor MistJoshua Moore1194
14Dec15Ffo25H4y+ 11-9[4/1]Cloudy Copper 2nd of 7, 11L behind Bob FordR Johnson1303
13Dec15Sou20H4y+ 11-0[20/1]Goldboy 5th of 7, 48.50L behind Robin Of LocksleyJoshua Moore5
13Dec15Car19H4y+ 10-12[15/8]Bronco Billy 2nd of 5, 1.5L behind Western RulesR Johnson4
13Dec15Sou26H4y+ 11-0[7/1]Mission Complete 4th of 8, 16.00L behind KilcascanJack Savage945
13Dec15Car17H4y+ 10-12[10/3]Suit Yourself 1st of 9, 3L to Berkshire DownsR Johnson4
12Dec15Lin16H3y 11-0[4/1]Quarenta 2nd of 9, nose behind The Blue BomberJoshua Moore6
12Dec15Che21S4y+ 11-5[12/1]Johns Spirit 9th of 14, 27.06L behind Village VicN D Fehily1551
12Dec15Che16S4y+ 11-5[8/1]Eastlake pulled up in race won by Pearls LegendB J Geraghty1452
12Dec15Che21S4y+ 11-8[1/3F]More Of That 1st of 3, 13L to SametegalB J Geraghty2
11Dec15Che24S4y+ 10-11[9/2]Monbeg Gold 8th of 13, 8.75L behind So FineR Johnson1302
11Dec15Ban24S4y+ 11-4[9/2]Auvergnat 4th of 5, 9.50L behind BallycullaJoshua Moore1243
11Dec15Che17S3y+ 11-12[14/1]Mad Jack Mytton 2nd of 14, 2.5L behind Solstice StarR Johnson1353
11Dec15Don17GS4y+ 11-0[8/1]Top Priority 8th of 17, 14.88L behind UnbuckledR P McLernon5
11Dec15Ban17S4y+ 10-7[2/1]The Saint James 2nd of 4, 0.5L behind Vyta Du RocJoshua Moore1424
11Dec15Don17GS4y+ 11-0[11/4]Call To Order 3rd of 17, 5.25L behind Winter EscapeR P McLernon5
11Dec15Che25S4y+ 11-1[5/2F]Minella Rocco pulled up in race won by BlaklionB J Geraghty2
10Dec15War16S3y 10-5[25/1]Mister Dick 4th of 10, 12.81L behind AshokaPatrick Cowley4
09Dec15Lei20H3y+ 11-10[2/1F]Hedley Lamarr 3rd of 8, 16.00L behind Goodbye DancerR Johnson1283
09Dec15Lei23H4y+ Foundation Man non-runnerR Johnson1124
09Dec15Lei20H4y+ 10-13[66/1]She's Late pulled up in race won by BekkensfirthSean Bowen1114
08Dec15Utt16H4-6y 11-0[1/1F]Utility 1st of 7, 11L to BoatswainR Johnson6
08Dec15Utt20H4y+ 11-7[11/1]Milan Bound 5th of 7, 50.50L behind April DuskR Johnson1313
08Dec15Utt24H4y+ 11-1[15/2]Beg To Differ 3rd of 5, 6.75L behind AubussonR Johnson4
05Dec15Ain20S4y+ 10-12[9/2]Fort Worth 7th of 9, 34.75L behind VirgilioP J Brennan1302
05Dec15Che24H4y+ 11-2[14/1]Sebastian Beach 4th of 9, 12.75L behind Dan EmmettR P McLernon1203
05Dec15Che24H4y+ 11-8[20/1]Dreamsoftheatre 5th of 8, 64.00L behind Kingswell TheatreR P McLernon1323
05Dec15San21GS4y+ 11-1[9/2]Box Office 4th of 10, 1.53L behind Simply A LegendB J Geraghty1332
04Dec15Exe31H4y+ 11-11[7/1]Auvergnat unseated rider in race won by Woodford CountyB J Geraghty1243
04Dec15San16S4y+ 11-12[10/1]Festive Affair 4th of 10, 17.56L behind Vision Des ChampsJoshua Moore1243
03Dec15Lei16H4y+ 11-5[11/8F]See The Rock 4th of 13, 20.00L behind FlashjackW Kennedy4
03Dec15Lei16H4y+ 10-12[100/1]Ultimate Dream 8th of 13, 59.00L behind FlashjackJoshua Moore4
03Dec15Mar24H4y+ 11-1[13/2]Oficial Ben pulled up in race won by Askamore DarsiPatrick Cowley1124
03Dec15Mar19H4y+ 11-5[15/8]Matorico 2nd of 3, 1.25L behind Duke Des ChampsB J Geraghty1374
02Dec15Cat16GS4-6y 11-4[5/1]The Tailgater 1st of 7, 1L to Mo ChailinR Johnson6
02Dec15Cat25GS4y+ 10-10[15/2]Playing The Field pulled up in race won by Cyrien StarJoshua Moore1024
02Dec15Lud26S4y+ 11-11[20/1]Dursey Sound pulled up in race won by Tinker TimeR P McLernon1293
01Dec15Sou16S4-6y 11-0[11/4F]Lithic 1st of 12, 5L to Tommy RapperR Johnson6
01Dec15Sou16S4y+ 11-0[11/2]Walkami 3rd of 14, 7.25L behind All Set To GoR Johnson5
28Nov15New16S4y+ 11-12[16/1]Eastlake 5th of 11, 15.25L behind Grey GoldB J Geraghty1472
28Nov15Ban20H4y+ 10-12[2/1]Goldboy 5th of 6, 37.50L behind Arctic GoldJoshua Moore4
28Nov15Ban23H4y+ 11-5[9/4F]Mr Shantu 5th of 6, 24.50L behind Top BillingPatrick Cowley1353
28Nov15Don19G4y+ 11-1Mont Royale fell in race won by Wings AttractA Tinkler1283
28Nov15Don17G4y+ 11-4[10/1]I'dliketheoption 1st of 6, 12L to Double W'sR P McLernon1203
28Nov15Don24G4y+ 11-0[11/4F]Mission Complete fell in race won by XenophonJack Savage945
27Nov15Don17G4-6y 11-4[13/2]Walk Waterford 8th of 9, 17.25L behind Meribel MillieMr Derek O'Connor6
27Nov15Don24G4y+ 11-3[14/1]Magheral Express pulled up in race won by Wild BillW Kennedy1154
27Nov15New20S4y+ 11-4[14/1]Lost Legend 4th of 12, 22.75L behind Little JonB J Geraghty1452
27Nov15New24S4y+ 11-2[14/1]Forthefunofit 4th of 12, 17.75L behind Missed ApproachB J Geraghty1323
27Nov15Don19G4y+ 11-3[40/1]Strongly Suggested 6th of 10, 34.75L behind Voix D'eauW Kennedy1303
26Nov15New16S4-6y 11-0[3/1]Onthewesternfront 4th of 13, 14.13L behind Fly Du CharmilR Johnson6
26Nov15New22S4y+ 11-7[9/1]Spookydooky 1st of 12, hd to Warriors TaleR Johnson1343
23Nov15Kem24GS4y+ 11-8[6/1]Presence Felt 2nd of 12, 6L behind Lady Of LongstoneW Kennedy1164
23Nov15Lud16GS4y+ 11-11[8/1]Rock N Rhythm 6th of 9, 41.75L behind Jayo TimeR Johnson1343
21Nov15Hay24S5y+ 11-7[16/1]Holywell 4th of 5, 33.00L behind Cue CardR P McLernon1621
21Nov15Hun20GS4y+ 11-0[9/2]Foundation Man 6th of 9, 30.25L behind Milgen BayPatrick Cowley1154
21Nov15Asc24GS4y+ 11-3[9/2]Another Hero 1st of 6, 1.5L to Delgany DemonB J Geraghty1253
21Nov15Hun16GS4y+ 11-5[6/1]Allow Dallow 1st of 7, 2.5L to Trojan StarJoshua Moore1104
20Nov15Hay19S4-7y 10-12[10/1]Celldomfed 3rd of 8, 36.00L behind Vintage CloudsB J Geraghty3
20Nov15Hay22S4y+ 11-2[4/6F]Minella Rocco 3rd of 3, 2.03L behind SilsolB J Geraghty2
20Nov15Hay23S4y+ 11-10[8/1]Listen And Learn 10th of 11, 59.50L behind Island HeightsB J Geraghty1273
20Nov15Hay23S4y+ 11-1[11/4F]Optimistic Bias 7th of 11, 12.50L behind Island HeightsPatrick Cowley1253
19Nov15Mar21S3y+ 11-12[17/2]Kamool 5th of 10, 16.75L behind Calin Du BrizaisR Johnson1144
19Nov15Mar21S4y+ 11-0[66/1]She's Late 9th of 10, 63.25L behind Dartford WarblerW Kennedy1133
18Nov15War16GS4y+ 10-12[33/1]Ultimate Dream 9th of 13, 62.50L behind YanworthW Kennedy4
18Nov15Che16H4y+ 10-12[8/11F]Champagne At Tara 2nd of 10, nk behind MaxanisiR Johnson1274
17Nov15Sou16S4y+ 10-12[25/1]Princess Tiana 6th of 9, 48.75L behind Yes I DidR Johnson4
17Nov15Sou24S4y+ 11-5[6/4]Mustmeetalady 4th of 8, 27.88L behind CrossparkR Johnson1304
17Nov15Sou24S4y+ 11-8[5/2JF]Capard King 1st of 5, nk to Seldom InnR Johnson1353
17Nov15Sou26S4y+ Mission Complete non-runnerJack Savage1005