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b g 1998 Good Thyne (USA)-Wigwam Mam (IRE)(Commanche Run)

Novices Syndicate
D W Macauley
Days Since Last Win
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30Apr09 Pun 24f Soft to Heavy 4y+ H(200K)
11-10[11/1]9th of 10, 0 behind Fiveforthree
A P McCoy
Rated 158
10Mar09 Che 16f Good to Soft 4y+ H(370K)
11-10[25/1]18th of 23, 57.63L behind Punjabi
D Elsworth
25Jan09 Leo 16f Heavy 4y+ H(100K)
11-10[11/4]1st of 9, 0.75L to Muirhead
R Walsh
Rated 160
29Dec08 Leo 16f Yielding 4y+ H(90K)
11-10[9/2]3rd of 9, 5.00L behind Sublimity
R Walsh
Rated 162
30Nov08 Fai 20f Soft 4y+ H(90K)
11-10[12/1]2nd of 8, 1.5L behind Catch Me
D N Russell
26Apr07 Pun 24f Good 4y+ H(200K)
11-12[3/1]6th of 9, 19.00L behind Refinement
R Walsh
Rated 166
13Mar07 Che 16f Good 4y+ H(356K)
11-10[11/2]2nd of 10, 3L behind Sublimity
R Walsh
28Jan07 Leo 16f Soft 4y+ H(150K)
11-10[11/8F]bf2nd of 8, 3L behind Hardy Eustace
A P McCoy
Rated 167
29Dec06 Leo 16f Heavy 4y+ H(100K)
11-12[6/4]1st of 4, 1.25L to Iktitaf
R Walsh
Rated 167
06Dec06 Fai 20f Heavy 4y+ H(100K)
11-12[10/3]1st of 5, 0.75L to Rosaker
A P McCoy
Rated 167
19Nov06 Pun 16f Soft 4y+ H(100K)
11-10[7/4]3rd of 4, 8.25L behind Iktitaf
B J Geraghty
Rated 167
28Apr06 Pun 16f Good 5y+ H(200K)
11-12[4/5F]bf2nd of 4, 4L behind Macs Joy
A P McCoy
Rated 167
14Mar06 Che 16f Good 6y+ H(340K)
11-10[7/4F]1st of 18, 1L to Macs Joy
A P McCoy
29Jan06 Leo 16f Yielding to Soft 4y+ H(150K)
11-10[6/5F]1st of 7, 1L to Macs Joy
A P McCoy
Rated 166
29Dec05 Leo 16f Soft 4y+ H(90K)
11-12[9/4]1st of 5, 3L to Harchibald
A P McCoy
Rated 166
04Dec05 Fai 20f Soft to Heavy 4y+ H(90K)
11-12[11/8F]bf3rd of 5, 1.50L behind Solerina
A P McCoy
Rated 166
20Nov05 Pun 16f Soft 4y+ H(70K)
11-12[11/4]1st of 5, 0.5L to Essex
A P McCoy
Rated 166
29Apr05 Pun 16f Soft 5y+ H(160K)
11-12[2/1]1st of 5, hd to Harchibald
A P McCoy
Rated 165
09Apr05 Ain 20f Good 4y+ H(150K)
11-7[2/1F]bffell in race won by Al Eile
B M Cash
15Mar05 Che 16f Good 4y+ H(300K)
11-10[10/1]3rd of 14, 0.50L behind Hardy Eustace
B M Cash
23Jan05 Leo 16f Heavy 4y+ H(135K)
11-10[7/2]2nd of 6, shd behind Macs Joy
B M Cash
Rated 152
29Dec04 Leo 16f Soft 4y+ H(80K)
11-12[13/2]2nd of 6, 3L behind Macs Joy
B M Cash
Rated 150
28Nov04 Fai 20f Soft 4y+ H(90K)
11-12[7/4]2nd of 5, 6L behind Solerina
B M Cash
Rated 148
05Nov04 Dow 16f Soft 5y+ H(30K)
11-12[2/1]2nd of 5, 1L behind Macs Joy
B M Cash
Rated 147
27Apr04 Pun 16f Good to Yielding 5y+ H(85K)
11-12[2/1F]1st of 13, shd to Royal Shakespeare
B M Cash
Rated 146
17Mar04 Che 21f Good 4y+ H(100K)
16Mar04 Che 16f Good 4y+ H(100K)
11-7[7/2F]1st of 19, nk to War Of Attrition
B M Cash
08Feb04 Leo 18f Soft 5y+ H(80K)
11-10[13/2]1st of 7, 0.75L to Newmill
B M Cash
Rated 120
14Dec03 Nav 16f Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(22K)
10-3[5/4F]1st of 15, 4L to Georges Girl
B M Cash
Rated 105
30Nov03 Fai 20f Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(14K)
11-2[6/4F]1st of 24, 4L to Honest Yer Honour
B M Cash
Rated 93
30Apr03 Pun 16f Good 4y+ NHF(30K)
non-runner (Reserve)
22Mar03 Nav 16f Good to Yielding 4y+ NHF(11K)
11-11[3/1F]1st of 24, 7L to Doors To Manual
Mr P J Colville
01Mar03 Fai 16f Heavy 5-7y NHF(13K)
11-4[25/1]1st of 17, 20L to Mitchelstown
Mr P J Colville
12Dec02 Gow 16f Soft to Heavy 4y+ HcapHdl(11K)
10-9[20/1]14th of 16, 34.00L behind Colnel Rayburn
B M Cash
Rated 81
23Nov02 Naa 16f Soft 4y H(17K)
11-2[33/1]8th of 25, 37.25L behind Kicking King
B M Cash
18Mar02 Wex 16f Soft 4y MdnHdl(9K)
11-2[20/1]7th of 16, 30.50L behind Kono
K P Gaule
09Mar02 Nav 16f Heavy 4y MdnHdl(11K)
11-7[20/1]10th of 17, 59.00L behind Starry Lady
K P Gaule

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.