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Tote spokesman Rob Hartnett has given the strongest indication yet that Saturday's Scoop6 bonus race will be the Tote Warwick National Chase.

And Hartnett is also hoping that the seven-man syndicate hoping to land the £1,084,422 bonus prize will be present at the Midlands course.

Hartnett said: "We're happy with the level of entries in the Tote Scoop6 Warwick National.

"It looks like a good competitive race but we will wait and see what the week brings before making a final decision on Friday."

David Conolly-Smith, the Racing Post's correspondent in Germany who placed the bet that scooped £917,021 on Saturday, had indicated that the syndicate would be at Ascot on Saturday.

That would cause a problem for the Tote as the races that make up the Scoop6 are usually the ones covered by Channel 4 who are at Warwick and Newcastle.

However, Hartnett said: "There is someone from Tote Direct who is working with them at the moment.

"Obviously we would be very keen for them to come along to Warwick, it's just a question of getting the logistics right

"They want to fly over in the morning and they want to have a nice night out in London and I think it's just a case of getting them to Warwick in the afternoon.

"Obviously I think it would be better from our point of view but also for them as well so they are not just watching it on a small screen TV.

"Naturally we want them to enjoy the day but obviously we would want them to enjoy it at Warwick.

"We've worked very well with Channel 4 over the last couple of months and all things being equal, unless there was some issue with the weather, the race will be at Warwick."

Meanwhile, Tote Direct managing director Lee Richardson has today said that they will never know exactly how much a telecommunications failure depleted Saturday's Scoop6 pool.

The network operated by Vodafone failed leading to some punters being unable to place their bets through Tote Direct.

However, Richardson stressed: "We had a record day's trading on Saturday.

"We did actually take more bets after the start of the Vodafone communications failure which we started to see at 1.20pm than we had in the first few hours.

"The Vodafone network which other retailers use experienced a nationwide failure and wasn't back up until around 5pm.

"In reality, if you ask how much we lost we will never know. The system will count successful transactions and you will therefore know how much that transaction is. For the transactions which did not get through you simply don't know if that was a £2 bet or a £200 bet.

"All we know is that not all people got on their Scoop6 bets in time but we did take a record number of bets, something like 640,000 individual bets."

Richardson is waiting to hear from Vodafone before safeguards to prevent a repeat of the problem can be put in place.

"We need to understand what Vodafone's exact reason for the failure of their system is and once we get their conclusions then we can start evaluating what steps they will be taking," Richardson added.