HorseTrackerSire - Raven's Pass (USA)

2005 Elusive Quality (USA) - Ascutney (USA)

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18Sep19 Kel 17G 4y+ HcapCh(12K)
Raven's Tower 11-2[7/1] 6th of 8, 35.06L behind Theflyingportrait
Jason Dixon
17Sep19 Che 16G 3y+ Hcap(5K)
Raven's Raft 9-7[33/1] 9th of 11, 11.88L behind Giving Back
R Kingscote
17Sep19 Gal 9SH 2y Mdn(17K)
Dark Voyager 9-5[25/1] 7th of 11, 9.31L behind Persia
Rachael Blackmore
17Sep19 Yar 6G 2y F(10K)
Buhturi 9-8[13/8] 3rd of 8, 1.00L behind Tiger Crusade
Dane O'Neill
16Sep19 Kem 8AA 3-5y Mdn(6K)
Jack D'or 9-5[8/11F] 1st of 12, 0.5L to Characteristic
Oisin Murphy
16Sep19 Kem 6AA 2y F(6K)
Rockin' N Raven 9-3[12/1] 7th of 10, 12.51L behind Progressive Rating
Rob Hornby
15Sep19 Ffo 10G 3y+ Hcap(9K)
Tabassor 9-7[13/2] 6th of 6, 14.50L behind Sarah Jessica
Dane O'Neill
15Sep19 Cur 6GF 3y+ Hcap(150K)
Venturous 8-10[14/1] 7th of 24, 5.06L behind Buffer Zone
R P Downey
14Sep19 Leo 8G 3y+ F(200K)
Matterhorn 9-8[7/2] 2nd of 9, nk behind Space Traveller
Oisin Murphy
14Sep19 Che 7A 3y+ Hcap(60K)
Lake Volta 9-2[20/1] 10th of 13, 4.28L behind Lethal Lunch
Andrew Breslin
14Sep19 Leo 7G 2y F(100K)
Raven's Cry 9-0[3/1F] 7th of 9, 5.28L behind Blissful
W J Lee
13Sep19 Don 7GF 2y Mdn(15K)
Raaeb 9-5[11/10F] 1st of 5, 1.25L to Arabian Moon
Jim Crowley
13Sep19 Sal 8G 2y F(6K)
Her Indoors 8-11[8/1] 9th of 9, 9.06L behind Oleksander
Hector Crouch
13Sep19 San 5G 2y Mdn(7K)
Brenner Pass 9-5[66/1] 6th of 10, 5.25L behind Sand Diego
A Kirby
12Sep19 Lis 8YS 3y+ Hcap(13K)
Passing Trade 9-12[11/1] 3rd of 15, 3.50L behind Franklyn
G F Carroll
12Sep19 Eps 9G 4y+ Hcap(8K)
Bombastic 9-2[11/1] 2nd of 10, nk behind Kingston Kurrajong
P Cosgrave
09Sep19 Wol 6A 2y Mdn(5K)
Cadeo 8-12[25/1] 9th of 11, 10.75L behind Desert Safari
Stefano Cherchi
09Sep19 Wol 6A 2y Hcap(7K)
Fair Pass 9-0[4/1F] 4th of 12, 2.06L behind My Motivate Girl
Stefano Cherchi
09Sep19 Lis 9S 3y+ F(50K)
Riven Light 9-9[3/1] 5th of 14, 7.25L behind Lancaster House
K J Manning
07Sep19 Thi 8G 3y Hcap(20K)
Boston George non-runner
S A Gray
07Sep19 Asc 7GF 3y+ Hcap(80K)
Ventura Ocean 8-4[14/1] 14th of 16, 6.10L behind Salute The Soldier
K T O'Neill
07Sep19 Hay 8S 3y+ F(63K)
Matterhorn 9-3[9/2] 2nd of 6, 3.75L behind Great Scot
F Norton
06Sep19 Asc 6GF 2y F(10K)
Paycheck 9-0[25/1] 8th of 16, 4.44L behind Cosmic Power
P Cosgrave
06Sep19 Asc 6GF 2y F(10K)
Visibility 9-5[12/1] 14th of 16, 12.94L behind Cosmic Power
Rob Hornby