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Fennis Court Bagnelstown Co Carlow

Runs Since Last Winner
Days Since Last Winner
13Aug22 Tra G 3y F (11K)
Gate Speed 8-12[80/1]6th of 6, 14.75L behind Butterfly Garden
M P Sheehy
Rated 57
12Aug22 Tra G 4y+ NHF (10K)
Knockwilliambridge 11-7[50/1]cp26th of 10, 19.75L behind Space Tourist
Mr C J Byrne
12Aug22 Tra G 5y+ MdnHdl (10K)
The Hogan Stand non-runner (reserve)
Reserve 3
11Aug22 Leo G 3y+ Hcap (12K)
Diliymi 9-3[66/1]hd113th of 13, 15.00L behind Giladah
J Coen
Rated 72
11Aug22 Tra GF 4y+ HcapHdl (10K)
Camilla's Choice 11-10[50/1]9th of 15, 19.63L behind He's Leading Me On
J S McGarvey
Rated 88
11Aug22 Tra GF 4y+ NovCh (11K)
Brown Monday 11-5[10/1]brought down in race won by Elegant Lass
J C Gainford
10Aug22 Gow G 2y Mdn (25K)
Claycastle non-runner (in season)
G M Ryan
06Aug22 Kil G 4y+ NHF (10K)
Knockwilliambridge 11-7[66/1]cp15th of 14, 15.25L behind Hermine
Mr C J Byrne
06Aug22 Kil G 4y+ HcapCh (11K)
Dalileo 10-13[7/1]cp+fell in race won by Pairc Na Ngael
J C Gainford
Rated 93
05Aug22 Wex G 4y+ HcapHdl (10K)
Dicebox 11-12[12/1]cp75th of 14, 3.38L behind Battle Of Benburb
J C Gainford
Rated 93
05Aug22 Wex G 4y+ HcapHdl (10K)
Mutual Respect 11-5[9/1]sr13th of 13, 51.00L behind Watch The Weather
J S McGarvey
Rated 93
02Aug22 Ros S 4y+ HcapHdl (12K)
Dicebox cp7non-runner (Reserve)
Rated 93
02Aug22 Ros S 4y+ HcapHdl (12K)
Mutual Respect non-runner (Reserve)
Rated 93
02Aug22 Ros S 5y+ HcapCh (10K)
Crobally Boy 11-3[20/1]2nd of 12, hd behind Four Country Roads
J S McGarvey
Rated 84
02Aug22 Ros S 5y+ HcapCh (10K)
Dalileo cp+non-runner (change in going)
Rated 93
02Aug22 Ros S 4y+ S (11K)
Brown Monday 11-12[50/1]2nd of 10, 9L behind Homme D'un Soir
J C Gainford
01Aug22 Cor GY 4y+ HcapHdl (10K)
Sulafaat 10-13[33/1]14th of 20, 39.38L behind Battle Away
J S McGarvey
Rated 80
01Aug22 Cor GY 4y+ MdnHdl (14K)
The Hogan Stand 11-8[150/1]7th of 19, 19.75L behind Dorans Boy
Shane Fenelon
01Aug22 Cor GY 4y+ MdnHdl (12K)
Ayda 11-7[150/1]srfell in race won by Sheishybrid
J S McGarvey
31Jul22 Gal S 3y Hcap (17K)
Way To Win 9-9[16/1]12th of 12, 31.50L behind Joe Masseria
C D Hayes
Rated 75
31Jul22 Gal S 4y+ HcapHdl (17K)
Balinaboola Steel 11-1[16/1]cp+12th of 16, 128.88L behind Nathaniel's Dream
J S McGarvey
Rated 112
31Jul22 Gal S 4y+ HcapHdl (17K)
A Mere Bagatelle 10-3[4/1]3rd of 8, 9.50L behind Teed Up
P J O'Hanlon
Rated 91
31Jul22 Gal S 4y+ HcapHdl (17K)
Blowing Dixie non-runner (change in going)
Rated 94
30Jul22 Gal S 4y+ HcapHdl (110K)
Hallowed Star 10-11[8/1]1st of 20, 17L to Happy Jacky
Rachael Blackmore
Rated 128
30Jul22 Gal S 4y+ MdnHdl (17K)
Ace Aussie non-runner (change in going)
29Jul22 Gal GY 3y Hcap (17K)
Grizabella 9-9[9/1]5th of 18, 5.13L behind Flame Of Eire
C T Keane
Rated 65
29Jul22 Gal GY 3y+ Hcap (110K)
Fascinating Shadow non-runner (Reserve)
Rated 81
27Jul22 Gal G 3y+ Mdn (17K)
Hallowed Star 11-12[3/1]5th of 18, 2.78L behind Dads Lad
Mr P W Mullins
Rated 82
27Jul22 Gal G 4y+ HcapCh (270K)
Hewick 11-7[16/1]cp+1st of 21, 0.5L to Darasso
J C Gainford
Rated 155
27Jul22 Gal G 5y+ MdnHdl (17K)
Who's Houdini 11-12[80/1]11th of 17, 84.63L behind Champ Kiely
J S McGarvey
25Jul22 Gal Y 4y NHF (17K)
Brissle Boy 11-7[80/1]12th of 15, 22.25L behind This Songisforyou
Mr T Hamilton
25Jul22 Gal Y 4y H (21K)
Mr Sundancer 11-0[80/1]6th of 9, 15.88L behind Royal Eagle
J S McGarvey